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                                                                          جانئے جاز کے بقایا انٹرنیٹ اور سہولیات کی مکمل تفصیلات

DUNIYA KO BTA DO, Jazz is providing 4G coverage all over Pakistan. Affordable daily, 3-day, weekly, and monthly internet packages, 4G Device packages, & call-forwarding services are available on PakTarrif.

Some of the famous offers include:

One of the most amazing and top-of-the-list offers is the Jazz Dekho Daily Offer, a video app service that includes all Pakistani content such as web series, shows, and dramas in categories like action, horror, comedy, etc.

But what if you are not sure about how much of the data you have used and about how much you are left with? To answer this question, we are presenting you with Jazz remaining MBs check code using which you can easily inquire about the leftover incentives’ details of your subscribed package.

So don’t go anywhere and read the article’s further details given below to check Jazz’s remaining MBs. 

Moreover, if you want to unsubscribe from any of the packages, then go through our article Jazz All Packages Unsubscribe Code to get the ways and codes to deactivate the internet as well as other subscribed offers.

How to Check Remaining MBs for Jazz 3G/4G Packages

The procedure for checking the remaining MBs for Jazz 3G or 4G packages is very simple. One can get the details of the remaining incentives of the offer in 2 ways.

These status inquiry ways are:

Status Inquiry via Code

If you are worried about knowing the remaining incentives of your activated internet or any other hybrid or regional bundle, you just do not need to worry as we are here with the solution.

In order to inquire about the status of the remaining MBs via code, just add *2# to the offer’s subscription code for which you want to know the details.

Jazz Remaining MBs Check code

For Example;

If you have subscribed to Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer by dialing the code *430# and they have provided you 12 GB of internet, 3000 Jazz & Warid minutes, and 3000 SMS to all networks, and now you want to know the details of the remaining package, just dial the status inquiry code as *430*2#. The text message that you’ll receive will give you the complete details about your leftover incentives of the offer.

Status Inquiry via App

One easy way to check out the details of the remaining MBs is the Jazz World App. You can download and install the app and enjoy daily free internet. The details of the subscribed and left over package, along with the remaining balance, are listed on the home page of the app.

How to Check Remaining MBs of Warid Network?

After the merger of Mobilink and Warid as Jazz, all the internet packages are available on both networks. If Warid customers want to know the details of their offers, they just need to dial the USSD code *100#, and they will get the complete details.

Check Warid Remaining MBs


All the ways using whom you can check out the bundles’ details are mentioned. You can also check your query in the FAQS below. Besides these ways, one can also avail of Jazz helpline 111 for any query.

To unsubscribe from weekly internet offers of Jazz, a detailed article is present on our site. One can save his balance from any deductions by deactivating the offers.

How to Check Jazz Remaining MBs?

In order to check the remaining MBs of any package you have subscribed to, just add *2# after its subscription code and press the dial button. You’ll receive the status inquiry message. For example, to check the status of the offer have the subscription code *117*14#, just write it as *117*14*2#, and on pressing the dial button you will receive the complete details of your remaining Jazz MBs of the offer.

How to Check Jazz Weekly Internet Package Remaining MBs?

To inquire about the details of the weekly internet packages of Jazz, just dial *117*47*2# to get the complete details of the remaining data MBs.

How to Check Jazz Monthly Internet Package Remaining MBs?

To check the remaining internet MBs of the Jazz Monthly Premium Offer, dial *117*30*2#. The message that you’ll receive after sending this code will provide you with all the details you need to know about your remaining MBs.

How can I check my Jazz internet package?

One can check out the details about the remaining MBs and the validity of the Jazz internet package by dialing *117*4*2# or by visiting the Jazz World app.

How can I check my Jazz MBB remaining balance?

  • In order to check out the remaining MBB data, dial *6363# from your other contact number and then select option 3 i.e., “Check the balance of MY MBB No.” from the appeared menu.
  • The pop-up message that will appear will give you the details about your remaining MBB balance/data. 

How can I check my Jazz Mints and MBs?

One can easily check the free Jazz minutes and MBs by dialing *110#.

How can I check the remaining resources in Jazz Prepaid?

To check out the remaining resources in Jazz prepaid sim, you can go through any of the below-mentioned methods.
  • Dial *111# @ Rs.0.24/- per inquiry.
  • Dial *444*6*2#.
  • Send “4” to Jazz WhatsApp self-service number (03003008000) after sending “Hi”.
  • One can also get the details by the Jazz World App.

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  1. Mehak please
    Can you answer this question
    The remaining call minutes
    Mbs etc
    And other things
    Where they go
    When we pay again for the next month’s package

    • @Mohammad ali. The remaining call minutes, data, and other features typically do not carry over to the next month because these expired at the end of each billing cycle, as termed by different service providers. So, it’s advisable to use them before expiry, and also to check with your specific provider for details on package benefits and any rollover options. The service provider sets these terms and conditions for their packages, and it’s very common for them to offer some specific resources to their customers that are valid for the billing period only.


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