Nearly Half of the Earth’s Population Doesn’t Possess Smartphones

You will be surprised to know that about half of the Earth’s population doesn’t possess smartphones!!

The Mobile Internet Connectivity transcript published by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) in 2023 reveals that about 4.3 billion people make the 55% of the world population own smartphones.

If we talk about internet usage through mobile phones, about 4 billion people use their smartphones to access internet services. The report published by GSM in 2023 highlights an obvious distinction in mobile internet availability in various areas, particularly in North America, East Asia, and in Pacific areas.

55% people own smartphones

Around 69% of mobile phone users use 4G technology on their devices, however a noteworthy percentage of consumers in non-Mediterranean African countries, in the Middle East and in North Africa, still depend on 3G internet technology. Every 3rd mobile customer chooses a 3G internet connection in these countries.

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Why do People Not Use Smartphones?

why people do not have smartphones

Although numerous aspects impact why individuals don’t possess or utilize smartphones, a few crucial ones are explained below:

  • People who do not use smartphones say they cannot afford the expense of keeping and using them.
  • The non-users of smartphones say they cannot afford to buy smartphones for them.
  • Individuals who do not possess smartphones think that smartphones do not add any value to their everyday lives.
  • Language problems and lack of technical knowledge also influence the non-users of smartphones to some extent.
  • The non-users of smartphones are also worried about the safety of smartphones and the personal data in them.

Progress Is Slow

Although more and more people are using smartphones with the passage of time, progress is still slow.  In the year 2022, the growth in smartphone users was just 200 million, whereas in 2021 and 2020, the increase in smartphone users was about 300 million.

This slow growth is shocking given the massive unused prospect for progress, mainly in small and mid-income states.

The fast extension of smartphone use is not a huge astonishment, but it is vital to consider that about 3.4 billion individuals still do not possess smartphones.

According to the report published by GSM, about 38% of the international population lives in regions where internet mobile networks are available. But still, they do not prefer to use them.


This huge global mobile network breach is mainly noticeable in non-Mediterranean African countries and in the South Asian region. In these areas, about 59% and 52% of the total population do not use smartphones.

Another important discovery from the GSM published report emphasizes that about 600 million persons, use the internet on their feature phones. These 600 million people make up approximately 8% of the globe’s inhabitants.

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Moreover, several other obstructions, comprising

  • Inadequate digital expertise,
  • Lack of knowledge,
  • Security issues
  • And the lack of appropriate content prevents the complete employment of mobile internet through smartphones amongst consumers.

Internationally, about 95% of users employ smartphones to use mobile connectivity. But still, a shocking population of 3.4 billion individuals choose to remain offline.

The Director General of GSM Mats Granryd highlighted that the lack of mobile internet robs billions of people of vital availability to necessary facilities and prospects for making money. This influence is mainly noticeable amongst the financially deprived, lack of knowledge, countryside, and female consumers.


We live in a world where living costs are rising day by day and the global climate is becoming more and more unpredictable. Thus, there is an urgent need to eliminate obstacles and speed up the digital presence.

There should be equal digital facilities for everyone around the globe. And this is not possible unless the 3.4 billion remaining people start using mobile internet and smartphones.


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