How can I Know My Zong Number in Pakistan 2023

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you need to share your sim number with someone but are unable to recall it?

Nowadays, your phone number is your everything as you need it for connections, conversations, and for your convenience in places. And it is no wonder that sometimes, your Zong number slips out of your mind. But don’t worry, if you are facing this situation, then you can take advantage of this easy and handy crafted guide for you about How can I Know My Zong Number in Pakistan. So, whether you are a Zong user or about to join this network, this is going to be your most fundamental skill.

The operator has provided several easy and free methods to check out the Zong number in Pakistan. If one needs a simple way for this, he may go to dial the USSD code. By dialing *8# on the mobile phone, one can very easily retrieve his sim number. But if one needs direct conversation with a trusted representative, then Zong helpline is a go-to method for him. 

The operator has also shared a Balance Save Code that one will dial to save his/her sim credit while using sim data. Plus, it also offers the facility to check Zong Remaining MBs to know data consumption and remaining availability.

There are several other paid as well as free methods provided by Zong to retrieve a prepaid Zong sim number anywhere in Pakistan. In this article, we will share various easy methods to find out My Zong number in Pakistan.

Methods to Know My Zong Number in Pakistan

We will share several methods in detail one by one throughout this article.

USSD Code Method

When it comes to simplicity and quick response, the USSD code method takes the lead. Just pick up your phone, then go to the dialer, and dial the number check code in Pakistan *8#. Within seconds, your Pakistani Zong sim number will appear on your mobile screen. Plus, it is free of cost method to get the sim number in Pakistan.

How can I Know My Zong Number in Pakistan by code

This code is accessible to all, but due to some geographical reasons, it may fail to work. So, you may try other Zong Number Check Codes to get your desired results. 

Call to Zong Helpline 

Sometimes, a direct approach is the best way to find the answers to your problems. If you prefer a personalized solution to your sim-related issues, then a simple call to the Zong helpline will be your destiny. By dialing Zong helpline number 310, you will get connected to the customer service representative in some time. 

All you need to do is explain your query after connecting, and the representative will guide you further in steps. In minutes, your sim number will be shared with you.

Check on Zong SIM Card Packaging

Sometimes the easiest solutions are right in front of us. 

If you have kept the packaging of your Zong SIM card, then check the packaging for a sticker or label with your Zong number. Maybe it is waiting there for you. It is often ignored but you can find it all in your home peace at with convenience.

Check Your Phone’s Contacts

Sometimes, the answer is even closer than you think. 

When you’re in doubt, simply open your phone’s contacts and search for your own name. Give it a quick browse, as maybe it is saved in your phone book. This is a totally free method and you will get the answer right in your hand. 

Zong App Method

If you have the Zong app installed on your phone, then you are in luck. Open the app, and log in to your account. The sim number will be displayed right there on the home screen. You don’t even need to connect your mobile to the internet because it will be displayed even without the internet.

You can also check your balance, subscribed packages, and consumption with this mobile app. It is like a whole control center in your hand.

Message Method

To avail of this method, you need to type a text message “MNP” and send it to 667. It will cost you some message sending fee and you will receive a quick message in response. It will contain the Zong sim number. 

How can I Know My Zong Number in Pakistan by SMS

But if you remember your sim number and want to know other details about it, then you can go for various methods to Check Zong Sim Number Details.

For New SIM Users

Zong has a special welcome gesture just for you!

If you’re a new SIM user, then the operator gives a warm welcome to you. As soon as you activate your new SIM, you’ll receive a welcome message containing your Zong number. A treat for you is the New Sim offer that offers free resources to avail of. Not only this, the new users will also get Free Minutes and MBs within the next 90 days.

Zong Official Website

For those who have registered on Zong’s official website, they can log in to their account to find their Zong number in Pakistan. 


We have covered paid and free methods to check and know your Zong sim number in Pakistan as it is a must in this digital age. Whether you go for the quick code, a call to the helpline, or the official website account, there is a method that suits everyone. 

So, the next time you need to share your number, remember that Zong has given you multiple ways to access your contact information. 

Moreover, you may also be amazed with brand new Zong Azaadi Offer, and the Monthly Pro Max offer.

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