How to Block Ufone Sim (Updated 2024) – Ways to Block Ufone Sim

Blocking a Ufone SIM that is lost, stolen, or not in use is crucial to avoid any potential trouble. 

Losing or misplacing a sim card can be a serious problem sometimes. You may or may not be aware of the potential risks of identity theft and unauthorized access to personal information. 

If you find yourself in this situation as a Ufone subscriber, it’s important to act quickly at that time to protect your privacy and data from any theft, illegal work, or misuse. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of “How to block Ufone Sim”, to make your sim, and of course you, safe and secure.  

Why Block Ufone SIM?

Before discussing the actual methods and ways to block a Ufone sim, let us first understand why blocking a Ufone SIM is essential

A SIM card, short for “Subscriber Identity Module”, is actually a person’s identity at this time. If your sim card is stolen or you have lost it yourself, you may have a risk of identity theft as it has contact details, and text messages, and is linked with your different online accounts. 

Established in 2001, Ufone has grown very much as it is offering not only the best call, SMS, and affordable Ufone internet packages but also efficient ways to block stolen or lost sim cards for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Methods to Block Ufone SIM

So now, let’s get into the details of these methods one by one, so that you can choose the most appropriate one for you.

Method 1 – Visit Ufone Franchise

If you’ve lost your sim card, Ufone franchises are there to help you in this high hour.

  • Simply visit a Ufone franchise near your house.
  • You can discuss the matter with them and ask them to purchase a new sim. They will issue you a new sim with the same phone number by deactivating the lost one. 
  • And if you only want to block your sim card, they can help you with that too.

Method 2 – Call Ufone Helpline

If you are the one who prefers an easier approach instead of visiting a Ufone franchise, you have another option of calling a Ufone helpline

  • Dial the Ufone helpline number 333 to connect with Ufone’s customer care.
  • Follow the instructions as it will guide you through the process of blocking your sim.

Method 3 – Block Ufone SIM Online

In addition to the above methods, you can also block your Ufone sim online through the official website. There are two methods of blocking your Ufone sim online in the comfort of your house. The details of which are:

Method 3.1 – Block Ufone Sim Through Ufone Official Website

Blocking your sim from the official website of the telecom operator is another straightforward method of blocking your sim.

Here is the step-by-step guide about it:

  • Visit the Ufone website by searching
  • Now access the main menu, click on “Support”, and then select “Ufone Whatsapp Self-Service”.
  • Once you get there, describe the reason for blocking your Ufone sim, submit your request, and your sim will be blocked within 24 hours.

Method 3.2 – Block Ufone SIM Through My Ufone App

If you are a dedicated Ufone user, then you must have downloaded its mobile app on your phone. You can also block your sim through it. 

Here is how:

  • Download and install the “My Ufone” app from the Play Store.
  • If you haven’t registered, create your account. Otherwise, log in to your existing account.

How to Block Ufone Sim - Ways to Block Ufone Sim - Ufone app

  • Click on the three lines at the top left corner, and open the “Manage Account” settings.

How to Block Ufone Sim - Ways to Block Ufone Sim - manage account

  • Within the settings, you’ll find the option to either restore or block. Choose “Block Number”.

How to Block Ufone Sim - Ways to Block Ufone Sim - block sim

  • Enter your Ufone number, verify ownership, and click the submit button.

How to Block Ufone Sim - Ways to Block Ufone Sim - enter number

  • After a few hours, your Ufone prepaid number will be automatically blocked by network officials.

You can also learn about How to Check Ufone balance to check your balance before taking any step.


We have outlined different methods of blocking your Ufone sim in this article. Now it’s up to you to choose the appropriate approach for you.

You can also check the details of your Ufone sim by using the Ufone number check code.

What is the helpline number of Ufone?

The helpline number for Ufone is 33-11-333-100.

How can I register my complaint in Ufone?

To register a complaint, dial 333 from your Ufone number or call 033 11 333 100 from any other number. You can also email your complaint to [email protected].

How can I change my Ufone 3G SIM to 4G?

To upgrade your Ufone sim from 3G to 4G, visit your nearest Retailer, Customer Service Center, Franchise, or Ushop. They will replace your old sim with a 4G sim.

How to activate international roaming on Ufone?

For Prepaid number International Roaming is already activated on all Ufone Prepaid Sims. For Postpay number Activate International Roaming on Ufone by visiting your nearest customer service center/franchise or by calling 333.

How can I talk to a Ufone customer care representative online?

You can talk to a Ufone customer care by calling at 333, or email [email protected].

Is blocking Ufone SIM through a Franchise free?

No, if you choose to block your Ufone sim at a franchise, a small fee may be charged for the deactivation process.

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