How to Change PTCL Wi-Fi Password (2023) – Step-by-step Guide

In this era of social life advancements, everyone needs data services to keep himself up-to-date on world scenarios. For this, they need uninterrupted, and speedy internet services at affordable prices. So, PTCL, being Pakistan’s No.1 Telecommunication service provider and the backbone of the country’s telecommunication infrastructure, is providing its services of smart tv, phones, and internet services nationwide at affordable prices.

Here we are providing you some guidelines about how to change the PTCL Wi-Fi password and name on mobile phones, laptops, PC, android, and iPhone as well. The steps followed will be the same for every gadget.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password

If you have forgotten your current password or want to change it for some other reason, then follow these easy steps to change your Wi-Fi password:

  • Open your browser, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, and type “IP Address” on the search bar.
  • Here, you’ll get your IP address (for most PTCL subscribers it is
  • After you enter this IP address in your browser’s Search bar, they’ll ask you for your name and password (Mostly the username and password is admin, If this is not working then check it at the back side of the router/modem). Enter these details here.

change wifi password

  • The official site of PTCL will get opened and show you some details there.
  • Select the “Wireless” option on the left-hand side of this page.
  • Then select the “Security” options from the drop-down menu, scroll, and select “Manual Setup AP” on the right side of the page.

ptcl wifi password change

  • You’ll find WAP or WAPI pass-phrase, enter your new password here and click save.
  • Your Wi-Fi password is changed and saved.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi device again. Now the Wi-Fi will work with an updated password.

Note: Don’t forget to change the password on your other connections as the old password will not work afterward.

How to Change PTCL Wi-Fi Name

To change the name of your Wi-Fi follow the guidelines stated below:

  • Follow the above-mentioned 5 steps exactly the same.
  • Select “Basic” under the wireless option.
  • Find “SSID” here and change the name in this section (this will be your required name for the Wi-Fi)
  • Click on the “Apply/Save” button.
  • Your Wi-Fi name is changed.

change wifi ptcl name

How to Change PTCL Router Password

If you wish to change your Modem/Router password, then the steps are:

  • Type this IP address ( on your browser Here, you’ll get your IP address (for most PTCL subscribers it is
  • Enter the username and password (provided on the back of your Router/Modem). 
  • The official site of PTCL will get opened and show you some details there.
  • Go to the “Management> Access control> Passwords” option.
  • Enter the old and new passwords and click the “Apply/Save” button.
  • Your Router/Modem password is changed.

change ptcl router password

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