How to Check Telenor Balance (Updated 2024) – Telenor Balance Check Code *444# and Other Methods

Telenor shines as a familiar name among the currently working telecom operators in Pakistan. It offers many free Telenor internet packages, such as Telenor Free Snapchat offer, to empower its subscriber base. These offers empower us to remain connected to our loved ones and to access information at our fingertips. Although its offers are very affordable but keeping an eye on your balance becomes more than just a necessity today. It is more like taking control of your usage and expenses at this time.

Picture this: 

You are about to share an important message with your colleague and your call got interrupted due to insufficient balance. 

This is where the importance of checking your Telenor balance steps in. You just need to quickly dial the Telenor balance check code *444# to remain knowledgeable about your sim credit. It will charge you some fee so you can go through our article about how to check Telenor balance for other ways as well.  

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Dial the Telenor balance save code to secure your balance from any deductions while using mobile data.

In this article, we will cover the balance checking methods from the balance check code to using the Telenor app and making a call to their helpline. So, if you want to check the Telenor balance in Pakistan and you are a prepaid user, you can go through any of the below-discussed methods. 

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How to Check Telenor Balance in Pakistan

There are many simple ways to check how much credit you are left with. No matter which way you choose, Telenor has made it easy to check your balance in Pakistan. Whether you like typing code, using an app, or making a call, there are numerous options that fit your style. 

Let’s explore them one by one: 

Telenor Balance Check Code

Imagine having a special code that tells you exactly how much credit is left on your Telenor sim. This is what the Telenor balance check code *444# does when you dial it.

Telenor Balance Check code

Go for these simple steps to check your balance via code:

  • Open the keypad on your phone.
  • Now, type in *444# there. 
  • Instantly, a notification will appear that will notify you about your current sim credit.

But there is one thing to remember!

Using this code will cost a small amount of just Rs.0.24 + Tax per inquiry. 

Check Telenor Balance Free – Via Telenor App

If you have the Telenor App on your phone, then you can check your Telenor balance for free.  This app is not just for fun as it will give you complete details about your balance, packages, and consumption.

We have noted down those easy steps covering which you can check your balance for free.

  • Download and install the Telenor App on your phone.
  • If you are using it for the first time, you will need to sign up first by giving your details, like your number and password, etc.
  • Now sign in using these details and go to the main page of the app.
  • Right there, you will see your remaining balance at the top.

The best part is that it will not cost you any single rupee, just connect your mobile to the internet to get the latest updates about your balance.

If you have forgotten your sim number, then go for any of the Telenor sim number check methods to find out your sim number.

Check Balance Through Customer Service – Via Helpline

A friendly and foolproof method to check your balance in a one-to-one conversation is by calling the Telenor helpline. It’s also a super easy way to know how much balance you have left in your account. 

Telenor balance check helpline

Follow these steps to inquire about your balance from the customer service agent. 

  • Pick up your phone and dial the toll-free Telenor Customer Service number, i.e., 345 or 111.
  • You can call them anytime as their helpline is available 24/7.
  • When you call, you will get connected with the representative who will guide you through the balance-checking steps.

But remember, making this call will cost you Rs.2/- plus tax.

How to Check Telenor Balance Online 

Do you know that you can get into Telenor World online?

For this, you just need to log in to the portal where you can do a lot more than just check your balance. You can use your phone, tablet, or even computer to check your balance by using this method.

Here’s how this portal inquiry works:

  • Open the web browser on your computer, tablet, or even your phone.
  • Search for the official Telenor website. There you will see a button with a “login” title.
  • Log in to your online account and you will see various features on the home page.
  • Search for the balance-checking option where you will be able to check your credit.
  • You can also explore other things, like offers, account settings, and many more. 

This method is also free of cost

Telenor Balance Check via Retailer

One other method that you can opt in for is to visit a nearby Telenor retailer to whom you can inquire about your balance. Go to the retailer and ask the retailer to check your balance. This is an easy way, but you need to visit him.

Automatic Balance Inquiry Alerts

Did you know Telenor can actually send you a little message when your balance is running low? 

It is like having a reminder that pops up on your screen whenever you don’t have sufficient credit in your sim. Getting this notification, you will be prompted to recharge it as soon as possible.

Check Balance in Your Handsets

If you have a Telenor phone, you can easily check the sim credit. You don’t need to do anything out of the way. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to check your balance via the handset:

  • Pick up your Telenor phone and turn it on.
  • Find the “Telenor Services” option in your phone’s menu and tap on it.
  • Look for the “Balance” option and tap.
  • Your remaining balance will show up on the screen.

Make Voice Enquiry

Checking your Telenor balance by making a voice inquiry is very easy. Follow the instructions that you will hear during the call, which will eventually lead to your balance. 

Telenor Balance check by call

  • Open your mobile phone dialer to dial the number.
  • Type 555 and press the “Call” button.
  • Pay attention to what the voice on the other end tells you. They will guide you with some simple instructions. All you need to do is press the buttons they mention.
  • After you have followed the steps, the voice will let you know how much balance you are left with.

This voice inquiry is like a quick chat with your phone. Just listen to the voice and tap on the buttons mentioned.

Other Information

  • The balance check facility is available for everyone, whether you are a prepaid or postpaid user. 
  • If you are part of the Djuice or Talkshawk family, then this Telenor balance inquiry code also works for you.
  • Keep in mind that standard taxes will also be added whenever you avail of this facility.
  • Telenor has the right to change the codes and prices at any time, but it will be notified through its website.


And there you have it!

You can opt-in for any of these simple and accessible ways to check your Telenor balance. You can go for dialing the balance check code for your ease. But the most efficient method to follow is to call their helpline, in case no method works for you (that will not be the case, for sure).

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