How to Check Zong Number Details in 2023

In the rapidly growing era of 2023, where everything is just a tap away, and so is how to check Zong number details, is easier than ever. As a Zong user, having your sim number information easily available ensures you can stay connected and enjoy every service with ease. 

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In this article, we’ll give you some simple methods to check your Zong number details.

How to Check Zong Number Details

In order to check the details associated with your sim number, you can opt in for any one of the methods presented below for our reader’s ease.

Method 1 – USSD Code 

Checking your Zong number details with the sim number check code is very easy. Follow the steps below to find out your Zong sim details.

How to Check Zong Number Details code

  • Open your mobile dialer, and enter the USSD code *123# on your phone.
  • On pressing the call button, a menu will pop up on your screen with various options. 
  • Go for selecting the option that corresponds to checking your number details.
  • You will receive a message instantly with all the essential information you need. 

This method is particularly handy when you need quick details without an internet connection. 

You must also dial another USSD code, i.e. Zong balance save code, to save your balance from losing.

Method 2 – Online Account 

Creating an online account with Zong gives you a personalized dashboard that puts all your number details in one place. Setting up your account is as simple as visiting Zong’s official website and following a few easy steps:

  • Open your browser and Visit the Zong Official Website. You can use your computer or phone for this account set up.
  • Find the “Sign-Up” or “Register” option on the website’s homepage. 
  • Clicking on the sign-up option will take you to a registration form. There you need to fill in your phone number and some other personal details such as your name, email address, and date of birth. Provide accurate information there.
  • After filling in the details, you need to create a strong password. A strong password is one that combines letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Depending on the Zong website’s requirements, you may receive a verification code via SMS or email. Enter this code in the appeared section to verify your account.
  • Once your account gets verified, you can log into it by using the mobile number and the password you have created.
  • After logging in, you will be welcomed by your personal Zong hub. This dashboard will display essential information, such as account balance, active packages, and your call and SMS history.

Using this method, you can conveniently manage your Zong number details from the comfort of your home or office.  

Method 3 – Zong Mobile App 

Zong Mobile App is an all-in-one solution in your hands. The app has a very easy interface that gives information about the sim balance, activated packages, and usage history. It also has some added features for customer service, such as the bill payment section and quick customer support. 

Here are the steps to use this mobile app:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for the “Zong app” in the search bar.
  • Download and install the app on your device and open it.
  • Log in using the account credentials or create a new account if you don’t have it.
  • In the app, you will find various sections for different aspects of your Zong number. 
  • Now you can easily view your remaining balance to make the most of it. You can keep track of your activated and current packages to increase your experience. You can also review your call and SMS logs there and conveniently pay your bills directly through the app.
  • If you encounter any issues, you may go for quick customer support.
  • Not only this, but you will also be well-informed and in control of your number details

Method 4 – Zong Helpline

In addition to the previously mentioned methods, Zong’s helpline provides a direct and personalized way to access your number details. Whether you’re facing technical difficulties or prefer speaking to a representative, the Zong helpline is ready to assist. Here’s how to get assistance from it:

How to Check Zong Number Details by Zong Helpline

  • Dial Zong helpline number 310 from your Zong sim card. 
  • After dialing the helpline, you will hear a series of options. Listen carefully to the options and select the one that matches your query.
  • Once connected to the representative, you are asked to provide your Zong mobile number, your name, or other account-related information for verification purposes.
  • The customer service representative will provide you with the details you’re looking for. This information includes your account balance, package information, and more.

You can dial Zong free minutes code to get daily, monthly, and weekly unlimited minutes to enjoy unlimited talks with your friends and family.


We have covered the authentic ways to take control of your Zong number details with simplicity. Whether you prefer the USSD codes, online accounts, mobile app, or the Zong helpline, you can effortlessly access your Zong number details whenever you need them. 

But what if you have even forgotten your sim number?

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How can I check Zong SIM details?

One can easily check his Zong SIM details using various methods. Either use USSD code *123# or create an online account on Zong's official website. Zong mobile app, or calling a representative via helpline 310, are also good options to access sim details.

How do I check Zon SIM number?

To check your Zong SIM number, you can dial *2# or *8# on your phone and press the call button. Your Zong SIM number will be displayed on your screen.


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