How to Delete Getcontact Account Permanently 2024

People who are using Getcontact account, may want to delete it. If you are also looking for a method to delete Getcontact account permanently, don’t worry.

Today, I am going to show you how to delete Getcontact account permanently in 2024.

You can use the following method to delete Getcontact account permanently by using your Android phone or iPhone.

GetContact is a great application created to look after customers from annoying messages and calls. It aids in blocking any undesirable communication and regulating your interactions. Getcontact app has an easy interface. Moreover, it provides numerous valuable features, for example, recording of calls and caller ID. The Getcontact application spontaneously recognizes and shuts off undesirable messages and calls, thus saving the trouble of handling them.

Getcontact application also delivers the caller’s information before you answer the call, containing their name and locality. This provides you the authority to choose whether to receive the call or not.

Moreover, GetContact app also provides a block list characteristic, permitting you to physically block particular numbers. If someone wants to control their contacts and look after their privacy, then the Getcontact application is the best option for you.

However, if you do not want to use Getcontact app anymore, you can follow just a few simple steps to delete this app permanently. These steps are explained below:

If you are no longer using your IMO app, you can delete your IMO account permanently.

How to Delete Getcontact Account

To permanently delete your Getcontact account, follow the below steps:

  • Open your smartphone and then open the Getcontact app installed on your phone.

open the Getcontact app

  • Go to the home tab of your Getcontact application and then choose the ‘Settings’ option.

choose the ‘Settings’

  • After that, go to the ‘Account Settings.’

go to the ‘Account Settings'

  • In Account Settings, select the option of ‘Manage Account’.

select the option of ‘Manage Account’

  • In the Manage Account option, select the option of ‘Freeze’.

select the option of ‘Freeze’

  • Select the reason for deleting your Getcontact account and tap the ‘Freeze’ option.

tap the ‘Freeze’ option

  • When you click the Freeze option, a new pop-up will appear on the screen. Click the ok button and thus your Getcontact account will be deleted permanently.

Once your Getcontact account is deleted, all your data will be deleted from the app.


The process to delete your account on Getcontact app is very simple and easy to follow. Just a few steps can be followed to delete your Getcontact account. Follow the steps mentioned above and your Getcontact account will be deleted permanently.

If you face any problems, let me know.


How to delete my GetContact tags permanently?

  • Open the Getcontact app on your phone.
  • Go to the "My Tags" Menu.
  • Tap to Show More Tags.
  • Select the Tag that you want to delete.
  • Swipe Left on the selected Tag.
  • Wait till the delete icon appears.
  • Tap on the delete Icon and choose a reason to delete.
  • Tap on "Report" and then press confirm.

How to delete my number from GetContact app?

GetContact app allows you to take yourself out of the database. For this purpose, go to the Unlist page on their website, enter your mobile number, and then send the request. In 24 hours, the Getcontact app would stop showing you in other people's contacts.

Is it safe to use Get Contact app?

Some people say it is not safe to use the Getcontact app since it displays the identity of unfamiliar callers, which raises safety concerns.

What is meant by tags in Getcontact app?

A tag is the info added on Getcontact app for a user by the other users on Getcontact such as name, nickname etc. These tags are manageable by the user.

Is Getcontact app for real?

Getcontact is a great application that is used to block spam callers and messages. Moreover, this app is used to show IDs of unknown callers. You can see the caller IDs of numbers that are not saved on your phone.

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