How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently 2024

Are you ready to part ways with Midjourney, the AI image-generator? 

Deleting your Midjourney account might seem complex, but with our step-by-step guide, you’ll master this process swiftly.

Midjourney is a powerful AI platform that grants users the ability to craft images with just a prompt. Comparable to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, its image-generating capabilities are awe-inspiring. However, it’s only natural that not everyone finds this platform suitable for their needs.

Whether you’ve explored the depths of Midjourney and decided it’s not the right fit for your projects, or you simply wish to part ways for other reasons, deleting your Midjourney account is a straightforward solution. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the process on how to delete Midjourney account permanently from your mobile phone, laptop, or PC.

But before we dive into the step-by-step instructions, it’s crucial to note that if you’ve subscribed to Midjourney, you should cancel your subscription before closing your account. This will ensure your money security and you will not face any unexpected charges.

So, if you’re ready to explore the process of bidding farewell to Midjourney and securing your digital privacy, let’s start this journey together.

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently

In this article, we will provide you with various methods on how to delete your Midjourney account permanently.

Method 1 – Contacting Midjourney Support Team

Compose an Email

  • Open your preferred email client and click on the “Compose” button to create a new email.

Subject Line

  • Make the subject of the email concise and straightforward, such as “Request to Delete Midjourney Account”.

Write Your Email

  • In the body of the email, be clear and concise about your intention to delete your Midjourney account. Remember to provide your account details and the reason for the account deletion.

Sending Your Request

  • Once you’ve completed the email, send it to the Midjourney Support Team. Typically, their response time ranges from 24 to 72 hours, during which they’ll inform you about the progress of your request.

Midjourney Support Team Email: [email protected] 

Method 2 – Using Gmail to Send a Request Email

Log in to Gmail

  • Open Gmail and log in with your credentials.

Compose an Email

  • Click the “Compose” button, setting the subject as “Request to Delete Midjourney Account”.

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently - compose email

Email Content

  • In the body of the email, add details about your Midjourney account and mention why you want to delete it.

Send to Midjourney Support

  • Once the email is ready, forward it to the support team ([email protected]). Expect a response within 24 to 72 hours.

Method 3 – Visiting Midjourney’s Account Page

Log in to Midjourney

Access Your Settings

  • Once you’re logged in, proceed to the settings or account management section.

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently via website

Cancel Your Plan

  • Look for the “Manage Subscription” or “Manage Sub” option and click on it. Select “Cancel Plan” to proceed.

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently - cancel subscrption

Follow the Prompts

  • Obey any supplementary prompts to finalize the cancellation of your account.

You can also explore How to Unsubscribe Tapmad Subscription in case you want to cancel its subscription.

Method 4 – From Midjourney’s Google Form for Billing Issues

If none of the previous methods work, you can fill out a Google Form, which is usually for resolving billing issues with Midjourney. To initiate this process:

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently - google forms

  • Submit the form, and someone from Midjourney will contact you to address your concerns.

Method 5 – Modmail Midjourney’s Reddit Page

  • You also have the option of reaching out to the moderators on Midjourney’s subreddit page for assistance with your subscription cancellation and billing concerns. 
  • Visit their subreddit page, message the moderators, and provide details about your situation. 

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently - reddit accpunt

  • Wait for the moderators to investigate the matter and provide a response.

How to Delete Midjourney Account Permanently - reddit

Method 6 – With Midjourney’s Email Support

  • Users may send emails to [email protected]. However, as of now, Midjourney’s support email remains unattended, and the automated response directs you to its Discord server, where you’ll find the same cancellation methods described above. 
  • The moderators of Midjourney’s Discord server have mentioned that email support will be activated shortly. Until this becomes a reality, the aforementioned methods and Google Forms are the primary means of contacting them.

Is Account Recovery Possible?

The potential for recovering a deleted Midjourney account and its data is not explicitly defined. In the event of accidentally deleting your account and desiring its retrieval, it is strongly recommended to contact the Midjourney support team immediately. Explain the situation and inquire about the possibility of recovery. While account recovery is not guaranteed, you may still have an opportunity to save some data. However, this depends upon the circumstances.

Now that you’re equipped with a detailed guide on how to permanently delete your Midjourney account, feel free to proceed with confidence. If you ever find yourself in a situation requiring account recovery or data retrieval, remember that the Midjourney support team can be your best helping hand.


We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to delete your Midjourney account permanently. Whether you’ve decided to part ways with the service due to changing creative needs or any other reason, you now have a clear understanding of the various methods at your hand. From contacting Midjourney’s support team to utilizing Google Forms and reaching out on their subreddit, these steps have been covered to ensure a smooth account deletion process.

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How do I delete Midjourney?

Deleting your Midjourney account can be done through various methods, including contacting the support team, sending an email with a request to delete your account, or managing your subscription directly through the Midjourney website. It's important to note that once deleted, your personal information and data will be permanently removed from their databases.

How do I permanently delete an online account?

To permanently delete an online account, you can use services like “”. This online directory provides direct links to the account deletion pages of various web services. However, it's crucial to download any personal information or data you want to keep before deleting your account.

Is it possible to delete a ChatGPT account?

Yes, you can delete your ChatGPT account by following these steps:
  • Click on your username in the bottom left of your browser window.
  • In the menu that appears, tap on “Settings”.
  • Head over to the “Data Controls” tab.
  • Here, you will find an option named “Delete account”. Clicking on it will open a pop-up window where you can proceed with the account deletion.

Can everyone see my Midjourney images?

By default, images generated on Midjourney are public, and anyone can view them. Additionally, you can interact with other users' creations by up-scaling images you like or requesting variations. If you wish to keep your images private, you should explore the privacy settings provided by Midjourney.

How do I delete a Midjourney image in Discord?

To delete an image created by Midjourney in Discord, you can follow these two simple steps:
  • Find the chat message from the Midjourney Bot containing the image you want to delete.
  • Add the ❌ emoji as a reaction to the message. The bot will automatically remove the chat and delete the image from your Public Gallery.

Does deactivating an account delete everything?

Deactivating an account typically hides your information, settings, and photos without fully deleting them. The platform retains this data in case you decide to reactivate your account. If you want your data permanently deleted, it's essential to follow the specific account deletion process provided by the platform.

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