How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Any App 2024

Do you like the WhatsApp statuses of your friends and want to download them? If yes, then let’s talk about how to download WhatsApp status without any app.

Quite often, our friends and family members post amazing content, stories, or videos on their WhatsApp status, and we just fell in love with it. But we have no idea how to download their status on our phones. If they have shared pictures, we can take their screenshots. But if they have shared videos on their status that we like, we do not know what to do. Sometimes, we ask them to share it with us by sending us an inbox.

What if I tell you that you do not need to ask anyone to send you their WhatsApp stories, you can simply download them to your phone without the help of any third-party app. Sounds ridiculous, right? But it’s True!!

WhatsApp is the most commonly used social media app that is an instant messaging app. Due to its high-quality voice calls, video calls, voice messages, text messages, pictures, videos, audio and location-sharing features, it is used all over the world by millions of people.

A few years ago, WhatsApp launched this amazing new feature of WhatsApp status, where you can share your contact information with your friends. Your status will disappear automatically after 24 hours. On the internet, you can find several websites that provide you with the best content and ideas to share on your status.

People search for quotes, videos and photos on Google to share them on their WhatsApp stories. There are thousands of searches on Google every day for the best WhatsApp status, the best status, and status quotes.

Some people take screenshots of people’s statuses when they like it, but if that’s a video, you have to do screen recording if that function is available on your phone. But there is no need to take screenshots or do screen recordings. I am going to share with you a very simple method that you can apply with any smartphone to download the status of your friends.

When you watch the WhatsApp status of someone, that status automatically gets stored in the internal storage of your mobile phone. So, in other words, we are trying to download something that is already saved on our smartphones. I am going to share its details with you in this article.

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How To Download WhatsApp Status Without Any App

If you want to know how to download WhatsApp status without any app, let’s discuss the step-by-step guide:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone and view the status of your friends or family members that you want to save on your phone.
  • Now open the file manager on your smartphone.

open file manager

  • In your file manager, click the three horizontal bars and choose Internal Storage.

Go to internal storage

  • Then select the WhatsApp folder in the Internal Storage.

open whatsapp folder

  • Click on the three vertical dots and then select settings.
  • Choose the option of Folder and then enable the option of Show hidden files.

Select show hidden files

  • Click on the Media folder present under the WhatsApp folder. Click on the Statuses folder to open it.

Choose media and then statuses

  • Here you will see all statuses (both images and videos) that you have viewed in your WhatsApp app.

Now you can save any status from here that you want in your gallery. Moreover, you can also post any status directly from your WhatsApp account that you like through this method.


In this article, I provided you with the simplest method that you can use to download WhatsApp statuses on your smartphone without any other application. I hope after reading this article, you can easily download any WhatsApp status on your phone that you like.

If you face any problems following this method, let me know.


How to download WhatsApp status without any app?

To download WhatsApp status some of the methods are:
  • Download it from the Internal storage in the File Manager of your smartphone.
  • Capture a screenshot of the status.
  • You can do the screen recording.
  • Use another app to download the status.

How to view WhatsApp status without them knowing?

If you want to view the status of your friends and family members without them finding out, disable the read receipts in the privacy settings of your WhatsApp account.

How do I save the WhatsApp status automatically in the gallery?

To save WhatsApp media directly in your gallery, go to settings. Then open storage and data. After that, choose media auto-download. Allow All media.

How to download WhatsApp videos in gallery without any app?

  To download WhatsApp videos in the gallery automatically, go to settings. Then open storage and data in settings. Go to media auto-download settings. Allow all files or videos to save WhatsApp videos in your gallery.  

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