How to Find Nearby WhatsApp Users in 2024

Sometimes we want to know who are the WhatsApp users in nearby areas around us. If you are also wondering how to find nearby WhatsApp users, let’s find that out today!

When we talk about WhatsApp, there is hardly any person who does not use WhatsApp. If your phone has an internet connection, WhatsApp offers free calls, messages, file sharing, location sharing and much more. So what’s the harm in not using WhatsApp?

Today, we see people of all ages including kids, young people, and elders. WhatsApp allows you to connect with your family and friends no matter where you are. You can voice call, video call, send text messages, audio messages, share videos, photos, documents and even share your live location.

If you want to use other social media apps, use can also use Telegram in Pakistan.

WhatsApp has amazing features for its users, but you cannot find nearby WhatsApp users using your WhatsApp official application. However, today, I am going to solve this problem for you. I am going to share a method with you through which you can find nearby WhatsApp users. I will tell you the step-by-step guide to finding WhatsApp users near you with the help of another application.

You might be thinking why someone needs to find WhatsApp users around them. Well, there are plenty of reasons behind it, but I will share the most common reasons. For example, socializing, networking, communication and safety reasons.


Some people want to socialize with people around them. They want to enhance their circle of friends, and that’s why they are looking for WhatsApp users near them.


Some people want to socialize, while others want to create a network with people who have similar interests or have the same jobs or skills. People search for nearby WhatsApp users to grow their professional network.

Information source

When you move to a new area, sometimes getting in touch with your neighbors can give you a lot of information about your surroundings. People search for nearby WhatsApp users or WhatsApp groups to find information about their surroundings.


To communicate with the people around you, finding nearby WhatsApp users is a great source.

Security Reasons

When you travel to a new place, to become familiar with and to feel safe in the new area, it is advised to get connected with the locals in your new area.


If you are running a local business, finding clients through WhatsApp is the easiest and most economical way.

It is not possible to find WhatsApp users around you through the official WhatsApp app, but we can use an app named ‘Whats Tracker’ that will help us to track the nearby users of WhatsApp. Let’s discuss the method in complete steps to find out more.

How To Find Nearby WhatsApp Users

If you want to find WhatsApp users near you, follow the given steps:

  • Open Play Store on your mobile phone, write Whats Tracker in the search bar and download it.

Install whats tracker

  • Open the application after downloading it and fill out your personal information including your name, country, gender and phone number.
  • After filling out the personal data, you will see the main page of the application. On this main page, you will see two red dots. These two red dots are the location icon. Click on this location icon.

main page of the app

  • When you click on this location icon, the app will start searching for WhatsApp users around you.

start tracking

After a while, the app will show you the results of all the WhatsApp users near you. You can select any user that you want and start the conversation with him.


In this blog post, I assisted you with the query of how to find nearby WhatsApp users. I hope after reading this article, you can easily find out nearby users on WhatsApp.

If you have any problems when using this method, let me know.


How to find out nearby WhatsApp groups?

  • To find the nearby groups on WhatsApp, use the app ‘Groups for WhatsApp’.
  • Open the Play Store on your phone and install the app ‘Groups for WhatsApp’.
  • Open the application and link your WhatsApp account to it.
  • After that, search for groups that you want to join.
  • Press the join button to join the groups.

How can I find other WhatsApp users?

  • To find other users, open chats in your WhatsApp app.
  • Tap on the new message option to open your contacts
  • WhatsApp will open all the contacts that are using WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the person’s name with whom you want to start the conversation.

How can you find someone on WhatsApp without their contacts?

If you want to contact someone without their contact, tap on the new message option. Then write the mobile number in the search bar. If that person is not using WhatsApp, tap on the share invite link and invite the other person to WhatsApp.

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