How to Get Loan From Easypaisa App (Updated 2023) – Easypaisa Loan Code

Easypaisa is a digital platform providing many financial services, including bill payment, easy load, and loans. Telenor Micro Finance Bank has launched a Digital Loan service specific to South Asia. Clients of Easypaisa and Telenor can now apply for rapid loans online from the ease of their mobile devices. One can get a loan up to Rs.10,000/- by Easypaisa without lengthy paperwork, long wait, and guarantee.

This article pays close attention to all the details about how to get a loan from Easypaisa app along with its code and charges. 

How to Lend Loan by Easypaisa App

Following a few easy steps, you can borrow an Easypaisa loan. 

The guidelines are:

  • Install the “Easypaisa app” from the Play store or App store.
  • Create the account by providing your required personal details.
  • Go to the “Easy Loan” option on the home page and fill out the loan application.
  • Carefully fill in the details and the payment period (as the service charges according to it will apply).
  • After submitting the application, wait for the response.
  • If your application gets approved, the text message you will receive will include details about the loan amount, service charges, due date, late payment costs, interest fees, and total repayment amount.
  • After receiving the confirmation message, you must call the Easypaisa helpline on 3737 so the customer service agent can transfer the funds to your mobile account.
  • It will deposit the loan amount right into your account.
  • They approved applications for loans in line with a set of requirements based on a 90-day account history.

The steps above are used to apply for a loan through the Easypaisa app; however, if you prefer a code, see it below.

Loan Code

Millions of unbanked people in Pakistan are receiving assistance from Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank through the Easypaisa project to achieve financial inclusion. Easypaisa has introduced a Digital Loan Service.

  • To get a loan of up to 10,000 rupees, dial the Easypaisa Loan Code *786*7# and reply with 1 to get a loan of your requirement from Telenor Microfinance bank.

Easypaisa loan code

Loan Charges

The return duration option and account determine the interest rate for loans. The return rates are:

  • They will take a service fee of 10% to 25% for the next 7 days.
  • While it will charge them 14% to 35% after 14 days.

On the due date, they will automatically make a deduction equal to the loan balance plus the service charge from the account. To establish a solid credit history and a reliable customer, try to repay the loan as early as you can.

Loan Repayment Code

  • To repay the loan along with its service charges, only Telenor users can dial the repayment code *786*7*2#
  • If the lender is another network user, then he/she will open the Easypaisa app to pay the loan.

Easypaisa loan repayment

Eligibility Criteria

They do not give a loan to everyone who applies for it. Only those clients who have often utilized their EasyPaisa mobile accounts or Telenor credit (minutes, data, or SMS) within the past 90 days have their applications approved by Easypaisa.

What service frequency Telenor prefers to receive an eligibility badge hasn’t been made clear. So, it’s a secret standard.

Terms and Conditions

  • This Easypaisa loan service is currently available only for Easypaisa account holders having Telenor Sim. 
  • The lender must be a CNIC-holding Pakistani citizen who is at least 18 years old.
  • The loan amount and eligibility will depend on the type of Easypaisa account you have.
  • The minimum loan that one can have is Rs. 850, while the maximum amount of borrowing from the Easypaisa App is Rs. 10,000
  • If a person doesn’t pay on time, he/she will be charged a 5% late fee.


One can get a loan very easily with the Easypaisa app in case of dire urgency. Without going through a lengthy procedure, a loan can be lent and returned by dialing its code or using the app. But one just needs to keep in mind its eligibility criteria depending on the account type and service charges based on return duration.

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