How to Lock Facebook Profile in Pakistan 2024

After viewing locked profiles on Facebook, you must be wondering how to lock Facebook profiles in Pakistan.

Have you ever come across a Facebook account whose profile picture has this blue shield with a keyhole icon on it? If you click on that profile picture, Facebook will tell you that the profile is locked. Ever wondered what it is, and how they do that?

This is the profile lock feature provided by Facebook. This feature allows you to restrict your photos and other content that you share with your friends only. If someone else, other than your friends, visits your profile, they won’t be able to access your profile picture, your content, and your photos.

Countries Where Facebook Lock Feature Is Available

Although the Facebook lock feature is available in just a few countries, you do not need to worry about it since Pakistan is one of them. The other countries where the Facebook Profile Lock feature is available are:

  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Egypt
  • Morocco

Facebook Profile Lock In Pakistan

Facebook has recently launched this amazing profile lock feature in several countries. The purpose of this feature is to give extra privacy and security to its users. Although this profile lock feature of Facebook was previously available in the premium version, Facebook has made it free in some countries.

Previously people were using VPNs to access this profile lock feature of Facebook since it was available in beta mode only. However, after this feature has been made free, you do not need to use VPNs anymore.

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How To Lock Facebook Profile In Pakistan?

There is more than one method to lock a Facebook profile in Pakistan. The mobile and desktop versions of Facebook are a little different from each other. Therefore, the methods to lock Facebook profiles are a bit different on mobile and PC.

Let’s discuss these methods, one by one.

How To Lock Facebook Profile On Mobile Phone

If you want to lock your Facebook profile from your mobile phone, you should follow the following method:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone and log in to your account.

open facebook on phone

  • Tap the three lines you see in the top right corner of your screen. Then tap on settings and privacy.

Go to settings of your facebook

  • In the settings, you will see profile locking under the Audience and Visibility section.

Select profile locking in settings & privacy

  • Click on the profile locking, you will see a new tab that shows that you locked your profile.

Select Lock Profile

  • Click on see your profile, and you will see the locked version of your profile. Thus, your Facebook profile is locked successfully.

How To Lock Facebook Profile On PC/ Laptop

If you want to lock your Facebook Profile from your PC, desktop computer, or laptop, you must do the following steps:

  • Open the browser on your computer and go to Type in your email and password and log in to your profile.
  • After that go to the profile page of your Facebook account.

Go to the profile page

  • In the top right corner, click on the hamburger menu.
  • From the settings, select Lock Profile.

Select Lock Profile

  • In the new window, tap on “Lock your Profile”.

Tap on Lock your profile

After that, your Facebook account is locked successfully and now no one can see your photos and the content you share on Facebook except your friends.

How To Lock FB Profile In Pakistan On Mobile/PC

This method is the simplest of all, and it works both for smartphones and computers.

  • Open Facebook on your mobile or PC and log into your account.

Log into facebook

  • After logging in, open any Facebook profile that is already locked.
  • Below the name of that person, you will see the option to learn more. Tap on it.

open an already locked account

  • A new window will appear where Facebook will ask you if you want to lock your profile.

Tap on lock your profile

  • Tap on the blue bar saying “Lock your Profile”. Your profile will be locked automatically.

Your profile is locked

What Happens After Your Profile Is Locked On Facebook?

The profile lock feature is a very beneficial feature provided by Facebook to its users. Sometimes, you do not want strangers to visit your profile and go through your profile picture and other photos. Moreover, this profile lock feature of Facebook also limits the stalking on Facebook.

People other than friends cannot see your activity on Facebook, your photos, and the content that you share with your friends. If someone is bothering you on Facebook, that person cannot see your pictures on Facebook anymore.


People who are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to lock your profile in Pakistan can take advantage of this article. I explained an in-depth guide of all three methods that are used to lock Facebook profiles in Pakistan. If you’re still finding any issues regarding Facebook profile lock, let me know.


Is the Facebook profile lock feature available in Pakistan?

Yes, the profile lock feature is accessible in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, and Myanmar. However, it is not available in America, Canada, and other countries.

Why am I unable to see the profile lock feature on my Facebook?

The profile lock feature of Facebook is not available in most countries, including America and Canada. This feature is only available in certain countries including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, and Myanmar.

Can I lock my profile on Facebook?

Yes, Facebook provides this amazing feature of profile lock in some countries. If you reside in Pakistan, India, Sudan, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkey, or Morocco, then you can lock your Facebook profile in Pakistan.

What is the procedure to make my Facebook profile private?

  • Open the Facebook application on your phone.
  • Click on the three bars in the top right corner of your mobile screen.
  • Move down and click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Then click on the Settings.
  • You will see Profile locking in the Audience and Visibility section.
  • Tap on Lock your profile, and you are all set.

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