How to Recover Pi Account Without Password & Email 2024

If you have lost your Pi account and do not remember your email and password, do not worry. I am here to tell you how to recover Pi account without password and email.

You just need to follow a few simple steps and your Pi account will be recovered.

The Pi network is a famous digital currency website that allows people to mine Pi using their mobile phones. Pi is a kind of cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin. Chengdiao Fan and Nicolas Kokkalis are the founders of the Pi network. The goal behind this initiative was to remove the hurdles of customary cryptocurrency. The purpose of Pi cryptocurrency is to make it accessible to everybody.

Pi cryptocurrency has a user-friendly interface and solid customer support. That’s why it has become an important digital currency throughout the world.

Sometimes, due to various factors, we forget the usernames, emails and passwords of our important accounts. For example, you may delete your app by mistake. You may change your mobile phone or mobile number. You can forget the password of your email address. To deal with all these situations, I am going to teach you a method that you can use to recover your Pi account.

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How To Recover Pi Account Without Password?

Follow the steps given below if you want to recover your Pi account without a password:

  • Open the application of Pi Network on your phone, select your country code, and then enter your mobile number.
  • Since you do not know your password, click on the ‘forgot your password’ option.

forgot your password

  • A new tab will open, click on the Recover account.

click on the Recover account

  • After that, choose your country and then enter your mobile number.

choose your country

  • After that, send a text message to the Pi verification service. For this purpose, click on the Open SMS button.

Open SMS button

  • Send the code as a text message to the Pi network verification service. After that, go to the Pi network application and enter a new strong password.

Send the code

Recover Pi Network Account Without A Phone Number

If you have lost your account on the Pi network and your mobile number has also been changed, then do not stress out. I am going to teach you how to recover a Pi network account without a phone number. For this purpose, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Try to log into your Pi network account with your username and password if you remember. After logging in, you can edit your mobile number.
  • If you are unable to log in to your Pi network account, you must contact the customer support service of Pi network using its app or website. The customer support of the Pi network team will help you recover your account after verifying its ownership.
  • You need to provide all the information to the customer support team of Pi network such as name, sign-up email, contact number, picture and CNIC.


It is quite stressful when you lose your official account, such as your Pi account. However, there are always ways to deal with such problems. In the above method, I taught you how to recover your Pi account without a password and email or mobile number.


How do you recover your lost Pi account?

  • If you want to recover your lost Pi account, you must send a text message to a Foreign contact.
  • This foreign contact is the official Pi network contact for the phone number and account verification process.

How to log in to my PI account on another smartphone?

  • Log out of your Pi account from your old smartphone.
  • Download and open the app on your new smartphone.
  • Now login to your previous Pi account using your username and password.
  • Verify your account using either your email address or mobile number.

What is the password of your pi account?

  • If you have forgotten your password for your Pi account, tap on the ‘forgot password’ option.
  • Enter your email address and then click submit. You will receive an email with the login link.
  • Open this link and reset your password.

How to change the password of my Pi account?

  • Tap on the user icon in the top navigation bar.
  • Choose the option of 'manage account security'.
  • Enter the new password for your account.

How to recover my old Pi wallet?

To recover your old Pi wallet, you must restore it from the backup or by using the recovery phrase in the initial setup.

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