How to Turn off Friend Suggestions on Facebook in 2024

 If you also find Facebook friend suggestions annoying, then I will tell you how to turn off friend suggestions on the Facebook app and computer.

The friend suggestions feature of Facebook sometimes lets us meet our old friends, but sometimes it is just annoying. However, the good news is that you can turn this feature off in your Facebook settings. I will tell you in detail the process of turning off Facebook friend suggestions.

The friend suggestions feature of Facebook is present ever since Facebook was launched in 2005. In the start, Facebook used it as a tool to see who is interested in making friends through Facebook however, as time passed by people started getting annoyed by the notification of new friend suggestions. Therefore, Facebook has to launch this new setting where you can turn off notifications for friend suggestions and even turn off friend requests.

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How To Turn Off Friend Suggestions On Facebook

Now let’s walk you through a comprehensive guide that you can use to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook. The steps are given below:

  • Open Facebook in your browser and Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Click on the profile icon and select settings and privacy.

click on settings and privacy

  • From settings and privacy, choose the first option of settings.

select settings

  • A new window of Facebook settings will open. Choose the option of notifications from settings.

choose notifications

  • Then tap on People You May Know.

select people you may know

  • In people you may know option, you can disable the option of Facebook friend suggestions.

disable to allow notifications

  • Disable the option to allow notifications for friend suggestions; you will not receive notifications any further.

you will not receive notifications

Turn off People You May Know On Facebook App

If you want to turn off friend suggestions from the Facebook mobile app, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone and then click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

tap on hamburger menu

  • Scroll down and click on settings and privacy.

choose settings and privacy

  • Select settings from the list of options.

select settings

  • From settings, choose notifications.

choose notifications

  • In notifications, choose the option of People you may know.

tap on people you may know


  • After that, disable the option of ‘Allow notifications on Facebook.

disable notifications

After that, you will not receive notifications regarding new friend suggestions on Facebook.

Why Facebook Suggest Friends?

Facebook wants more and more people to join its platform and use it. Therefore, Facebook suggests friends on Facebook so that we start chatting with new friends and spending more time on Facebook. In this way, Facebook will have more user growth.

When Facebook was newly launched, Facebook experts used to monitor the activities of people on Facebook. According to them, people who added 7 friends at minimum in 10 days were the ones who continued using the platform in the long run.

How Does Facebook Suggest Friends?

The friend suggestions feature of Facebook is mainly based on your friends’ list, location, mutual friends, same workplace, residence area or school. If you do not have any mutual friends, Facebook will use other metrics such as your location, education or workplace to suggest you friends. Moreover, if you visit a new place, and add a new interest or new information to your bio, Facebook will also monitor that information to suggest you to friends.


I provided you with a complete guide on how to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook. You can turn off friend suggestions from the Facebook app and Facebook website as well. If you also get irritated by friend suggestions on Facebook, I recommend you turn it off.

If you face any difficulty in turning off the friend suggestions notifications, let me know.


How to turn off the Facebook friend suggestions from my computer?

  • From the menu, select settings and privacy. Then go to settings.
  • Choose notifications from settings. And then people you may know.
  • Disable the option to allow notifications for friend suggestions.

How can I stop myself from showing up as suggested friend on Facebook?

You can stop yourself from showing up as a suggested friend to others by changing your privacy settings. Go to who can see my stuff in settings. Change your settings from friends or public to only me.

Can I turn off Facebook suggestions?

Yes, you can turn off friend suggestions on Facebook. Go to settings, choose notifications and then people you may know. Disable notifications, and you will not receive any further friend suggestions.

Why am I getting so many friend suggestions on Facebook?

Facebook suggests you new friends based on your common friends, area, interests, places, work and education. The reason for friend suggestions is that Facebook wants to increase its user growth.

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