How to Unsubscribe All Zong Packages (Updated 2024) – Zong All Packages Unsubscribe Codes

Zong offers an enormous demand for the internet, calls, and SMS bundles for its users. People enjoy the packages at a low cost as these are very budget-friendly. Some of them are very budget and consumer-friendly packages that include: 

You can subscribe to any one of your required packages by checking the activation code at our site.

Zong also provides Call Forwarding Services to its customers so that no important call gets missed or no irrelevant call can tease you.

But if you do not want to remain subscribed to any offer and deactivate the offer to prevent further balance deductions, then check out the ways how to unsubscribe All Zong Packages in this article.

We have covered all the ways and codes through which one can deactivate the subscribed packages.

Unsubscribe From All Zong Packages

Zong customers can unsubscribe from an activated package by manually dialing the specific unsubscription code. But if you are facing any problem related to package deactivation, then you can follow any of the below-mentioned methods to deactivate the calls, SMS, or Internet packages.

Zong SMS Package Unsubscription Code

  • Send “UNSUB” to 700 to unsubscribe SMS package
  • Send “UNSUB” to 909 to unsubscribe Daily Internet package

Zong Internet & Call Deactivation Code

To unsubscribe from internet and call packages, check out the code below:

Zong All Data Packages Zong All Data Packages
  • Dial


Zong All Call Packages Zong All Call Packages
  • Dial


Zong All SMS Packages Zong All SMS Packages
  • Send

        “UNSUB” to 704 or 700

Deactivation Codes of Zong Offers

We have provided the deactivation codes for some offers. You can check out your package and dial the relevant unsub code to deactivate the package.

Zong all packages deactivation codesThe packages and codes details are:

Call Forwarding (Call Divert) Call Forwarding (Call Divert)
  • Dial


Monthly Missed Call Alert Monthly Missed Call Alert
  • Send 

“UNSUB” to 6229

Zong Google DUO Zong Google DUO
  • Dial


Cricket Alerts Service Cricket Alerts Service
  • Send 

           “UNSUB” to 6660

Game Space Service Game Space Service
  • Send

             “UNSUB” to 5455

Namaz Alert (Islamic Alert) Namaz Alert (Islamic Alert)
  • Send 

            “UNSUB” to 7867

Weekly Missed Call Alert Weekly Missed Call Alert
  • Send 

              “UNSUB” to 6226

Caller Tune Unsub Caller Tune Unsub
  • Send 

              “UNSUB” to 2300

News Service (Info Service) News Service (Info Service)
  • Send 

              “UNSUB” to 7070

Doosra Number (Double Number) Doosra Number (Double Number)
  • Send 

              “UNSUB” to 4600

Advance Balance (Loan) Advance Balance (Loan)
  • Dial


Zong My Status Service (MNP) Zong My Status Service (MNP)
  • Send 

              “UNSUB” to 6009

GNO offer by Zong GNO offer by Zong
  • Send 

               “UNSUB GNO” to 6464

Gameloft Unsub SMS Gameloft Unsub SMS
  • Send

      “Stop” to 88000

  • Send

“Stop” to 84149

  • Send an SMS

           “UNSUB IMO” to 6464

All Packages Deactivation via Helpline

In case you are facing a problem with any of the above codes or methods, then call Zong Helpline at 3737 and ask them to deactivate any activated package on your sim.


We have discussed all the codes and details regarding the unsubscription of activated offers on your Zong sim in the above article. Now, you just need to dial the code to deactivate the package and prevent any further balance deductions.

If you are a Wi-Fi user and want to protect your internet from stealing, then Enable MAC Filtration on your router by following the guidelines mentioned in our article.


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