How to Unsubscribe Tapmad TV – Ways to Deactivate Tapmad TV Subscription

If you are no more interested in subscriptions to Tapmad TV due to monthly deductions from your sim balance and want to deactivate this offer then we have provided you here with three different and 100% working ways of unsubscribing to the offer.  

To know the unsubscription method for Tapmad TV, firstly you have to determine which subscription method you have used. Whether the subscription was via Tapmad TV’s official website or through the mobile account or by any third-party service provider such as telecommunication networks.

Unsubscribing Through Tapmad’s TV Website

If you have subscribed to Tapmad TV via their official website then follow the steps below to unsubscribe it.

  • Open your “Tapmad TV account” and log in to your account (via the website).
  • Under your name, click “Account”.
  • After that, select “edit” next to “Billing Information” for your subscription.
  • To cancel or stop your Tapmad subscription, select the “cancel” option.

Unsubscribing Through Mobile App

If you are availing of their mobile app downloaded from the Play store or Apple store then the unsubscribing method used follows the following steps:

  • Log in to your “Tapmad TV account”.
  • Click on “User Profile” under your name after clicking on the three lines.
  • Navigate the “Subscriptions” option from the User Profile.
  • Click on the “Unsubscribe” button and select “Yes” from the options to cancel your Tapmad subscription.

Unsubscribing Through Their Helpline

tapmad tv unsubscription

If you have subscribed to Tapmad TV through any telecom network then you can call their helplines to deactivate the Tapmad TV subscription from your subscribed offers. The helpline details for telecom networks operating in Pakistan are:

  • Jazz: 111
  • Jazz cash: 4444
  • Ufone: 333
  • Telenor: 1700
  • Zong: 310
  • Easypaisa: 3737

You can also unsubscribe to Tapmad TV by calling their helpline at 021-35155511 and asking them to deactivate their subscription.

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