How to Unsubscribe Ufone Packages (Updated 2024) – Ufone All Packages Unsubscribe Code

Have you ever felt the frustration of losing balance to packages that no longer align with your communication needs?

It’s a common story in the world of mobile telecommunication. Sometimes the convenience of package activation can lead to extra deductions from your balance. These situations caused us to know how to unsubscribe from Ufone packages to control our mobile expenses. 

First of all, you need to dial the Ufone balance save service code to save your balance while using the internet.

Ufone internet packages offer heaps of data, minutes, and messages, but changing circumstances change our needs. We may all wish to know the Ufone All Packages Unsubscribe Code at some point. This is where learning the knowledge of unsubscribing from a Ufone package becomes crucial.

Ufone is a prominent name in the Pakistan telecom market that offers valuable services to its customers. Your interests may change over time and the offers once useful for you may not suit you anymore. 

At this time, our bonus comes in for you! 

We have compiled a list of Ufone packages unsubscribe codes that will prove to be handy for you in case of the need to secure your balance. So, manage your packages with the right tools to manage your expenses and recharge efficiently. 

How to Unsubscribe Ufone Packages - Ufone all packages unsubscribe code

How to Unsubscribe Ufone Packages

Subscribing to packages that suit you is as important as knowing how to unsubscribe from those that you no longer require. Either dial specific codes or send an SMS, you will be able to end those subscriptions that no longer align with your needs. In this article, we will unveil some of the ways and codes to unsubscribe from Ufone packages easily.

Ufone All Packages Unsubscribe Code

Ufone has given a simple way to seamlessly deactivate any subscribed offer via a single dialing of a mere code. All Ufone offers can be treated using All Packages UNSUB Code *7701#.

Moreover, there are certain codes mentioned below to deactivate SMS, calls, internet packages, and other UServices offered by the operator. 

How to Unsubscribe from Ufone SMS Packages

Here is the way to unsubscribe from those daily, weekly, or yearly SMS packages that you are not finding useful anymore. Here are the codes to deactivate various SMS packages:

Daily Bucket Daily Bucket Send “UNSUB” to 506
Daily SMS Package Daily SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 605
On-Net SMS Package On-Net SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 8611
Weekly SMS Package Weekly SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 8066
Yearly SMS Package Yearly SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 8601
Night SMS Package Night SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 8609
Uth FNF SMS Package Uth FNF SMS Package Send “UNSUB” to 8604

How to Unsubscribe Ufone Call Packages

Saying Goodbye to Call Packages with One Code!

We are sure that you enjoyed various Ufone call packages previously. As your interests have changed, it’s our duty to provide you now with a simplified process to deactivate them. To unsubscribe from all Ufone Call Packages and Call Waiting Services at once, dial *43# from your mobile dialer.

Daily Pakistan Offer Daily Pakistan Offer Dial *8880#

Deactivating Ufone Internet Packages 

Ufone usually offers non-recursive internet bundles, so in most cases, there is no unsub code required. But there are various internet packages that have specific unsub codes and if you don’t find them, then you can deactivate any subscribed internet package by using the Ufone app.

Below, we have mentioned the code as well as the other procedure to unsub the internet bundles.

Through Code

Daily Light Daily Light Dial *2257#

This code applies only to this specific offer only. 

Through My Ufone App

If you’re ready to let go of your internet packages, then My Ufone app is your go-to solution. Follow these steps to ensure your unsubscription:

  • Download and install the My Ufone app.
  • Register it with your Ufone number. (If you have forgotten your sim number, then dial the Ufone sim number check code to get your sim number.)
  • Go to Settings.
  • Deactivate the internet packages that you no longer need.

Ufone Services Unsub Code

Some offers are subscribed without the consent of the users. So, you can check out your activated UService and deactivate it instantly to secure balance deductions. 

Following are the codes to deactivate various services:

Ufone Number Blocking Service Ufone Number Blocking Service Send “UNSUB” to 420
Utune Service Package Utune Service Package Send “UNSUB” to 666
Call Waiting Service Call Waiting Service Dial *43#
All Offers Unsub All Offers Unsub Call to 333
Ufone Power Hour Ufone Power Hour Dial *5443#
Ufone Jokes Unsub Ufone Jokes Unsub Call to 333
Notify Me Service Notify Me Service Send “UNSUB” to 3030
Ufone Ladies Lounge Ufone Ladies Lounge Send “UNSUB” to 2525
Auto Balance Alert Unsub Auto Balance Alert Unsub Dial *127*2#

Call 127 and then press 2

Ufone Advance Balance Ufone Advance Balance Call to 333
Ufone RBT Service Ufone RBT Service Send “UNSUB” to 666
Collect Call Service Collect Call Service Send “UNSUB” to 902
Kan Hai Ufone service Kan Hai Ufone service Dial *406# and then press 2

Send “UNSUB” to 3404

Ufone UMonitor Service Ufone UMonitor Service Send “UNSUB” to 6464
My Status Ufone My Status Ufone Send “UNSUB” to 6525
Missed Call Alert Notification Missed Call Alert Notification Send “UNSUB” to 180

Ufone Helpline – A Helping Hand

If you find yourself in trouble due to a number of codes or are unable to locate the right one, then this is a worthy method for you. You can simply call Ufone’s helpline at 333 or 033-11-333-100 and request their help in deactivating your currently subscribed packages.

After using these methods and ways to deactivate the non-needed packages, now check out your Ufone sim balance whether it is still deducting or not.


This way, Ufone empowers you to customize your experience according to your preference. It has provided simple and accessible methods to unsubscribe from packages for the ease of its customers. Now you will be able to secure and save your balance.

You can also enjoy various packages, such as the Social Hero offer, Weekly Social offer, and Social Champion offer.  


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