How to use Telegram in Pakistan 2024

The government of Pakistan has lifted the ban on Telegram in 2021, but Pakistanis still face problems to access it. So let’s talk about how to use Telegram in Pakistan in 2024 and more specifically how to use Telegram in Pakistan without VPN.

In a country like Pakistan, we often face several problems when it comes to digital communication. Sometimes it’s YouTube, sometimes Facebook, and sometimes it’s WhatsApp.

Similarly, the Telegram App is used widely throughout the world, but the government of Pakistan had to ban it due to some sensitive issues. However, this ban was lifted in 2021. Although there are not any more restrictions on using Telegram in Pakistan, most Pakistanis still find it hard to access it.

In this article, I will give you a comprehensive solution to use Telegram in Pakistan and how to use Telegram in Pakistan with proxy. After 2021, there is no need to use a VPN for Telegram, but if you are facing a problem, I will tell you about the Telegram proxy in Pakistan. There is a built-in system in the Telegram app to connect to the proxy, and this feature of Telegram is very useful for people in Pakistan who are facing issues.

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What Is The Telegram App?

Telegram is a messaging app that is cloud-based. This Telegram app is available for Android, windows, and Apple users. It is just like WhatsApp but with better security and speed features.

You can make audio calls, video calls, messages and share files on Telegram. Telegram was created in 2013 by the Telegram company. Telegram has gained huge popularity in the last few years.

How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN

Now let’s talk about how to use Telegram in Pakistan without a VPN or how to use Telegram in Pakistan with a proxy. The Telegram app is available for both Android and Mac users.

If you are using an iPhone, then let’s talk about how to use Telegram in Pakistan on iPhone.

  • Open the Play Store on your Android phone or iPhone. Install the Telegram application and click to open it.

Install Telegram app

  • Create an account on the Telegram app using your mobile number and select the country Pakistan. Enter the code for verification.

Log in to Telegram app

  • In the top left corner, click on the menu and then go to settings.

Open settings in the menu

  • In the settings section, you will see Data and Storage. Click to open it.

open data and storage


  • In the data and storage, you will see proxy settings. Tap to open proxy settings.

Go to proxy settings

  • In the proxy settings, you will see “Add Proxy” under Connections. Click on it.
  • In the proxy details, you will see SOCKS5 Proxy and MTProto Proxy. Select MTProto Proxy. Enter the Server, port, and secret given below.

Add server, port and secret in MTProto proxy

  • Click on the tick mark to save the settings. After a while, the proxy will be connected.

Proxy 1






In case Proxy 1 is not working for you, you can use any of the proxies listed below:

Proxy 2






Proxy 3






Proxy 4






Proxy 5






Proxy 6






Threats Associated With Free Telegram Proxy

Using a free proxy is never a safe mode. There are always threats and security risks associated with them. However, when it comes to Telegram, it has the amazing feature of a built-in proxy.

There are no such harmful threats in using a free Telegram proxy. But it is crucial to bear in mind that using free stuff, especially free proxy, is not that safe. You should use a proxy only when using the Telegram app, other than that do not use it on your mobile phone. Moreover, always use the most reliable and authentic proxy servers.

Why Telegram Is Not Working In Pakistan?

Telegram is currently working in Pakistan. However, in 2017, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) blocked it due to some critical problems. Many people throughout Pakistan started using VPNs to access Telegram. In 2021, the PTA lifted the ban on Telegram in Pakistan. Now, Telegram is accessible throughout Pakistan. However, some people still have issues while accessing in Pakistan. That’s why a Telegram proxy is required.


If you are also facing issues in using Telegram in Pakistan, you can use the above guide to access Telegram through a proxy. However, if the above-mentioned proxy is not working for you, let me know.


Is Telegram accessible in Pakistan?

Yes, after 2021, telegram is accessible in Pakistan. Previously it was blocked by the telecommunication authority, but not anymore.

How can I log in to Telegram in Pakistan?

  • You can log in to your Telegram account simply by signing in through your mobile number.
  • Select the country Pakistan and then add your mobile number.
  • You will receive a code through SMS. Enter that code and you are logged into your account.
  • After that, select your proxy settings and you are all set.

Which is the best VPN to use for telegram in Pakistan?

Although there is not any need to use a VPN for telegram in Pakistan if you want to use it, NordVPN is the best option.

What is meant by Telegram proxy or proxy setting in Telegram?

Telegram has this amazing feature of built-in free proxy service. It supports two proxy servers, MTProto and SOCKS5. The purpose of the proxy is to enhance the security of the users when using the app.

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