Jazz Balance Check Code (Updated 2024) – How to Check Remaining Balance on Jazz

Jazz is digitizing every area of their client’s lives to ensure optimum availability, from balance inquiries to financial solutions supported by their mobile wallet, making them the chosen network supplier for many Pakistanis. Along with offering different budget-friendly internet bundles, it also provides a free call-diverting service.

Mobilink Jazz balance check code offers you to know about your balance, whether you are a prepaid or postpaid customer of Jazz. So, if you want to know the methods to check the prepaid or post-paid remaining balance on Jazz, then go through our article given below.

How to Check Jazz Balance

Jazz provides you with different ways of checking your sim balance. Here we have tried to cover those easy ways to check your Jazz balance provided you are Jazz prepaid or post-paid customer. 

The step-by-step guide to these balance-checking methods is given below.

1. Jazz Balance Check by Code

  • To check the remaining balance in your Jazz sim, dial USSD *111# on your dial pad if you are a prepaid customer of Jazz.
  • The company will send you the details of your remaining Jazz balance bearing charges of Rs.0.24+tax on every inquiry.

                       Offer: Balance Check

                       Price: Rs. 0.24+tax

                       Code: Dial *111#

  • The second way to check Jazz’s prepaid balance is to simply press the OK button after dialling the code *444*6*2# on your dial page.

2. Jazz Balance Check by Customer Service

  • Dial 111 to check your balance details in the audio form if you are already a Jazz customer.
  • This offer costs you Rs.0.72+tax on every call.
  • If you are a new customer and want to know the information related to network service, then call 111-300-300 and follow the steps guided by the computer operator.

3. Jazz Balance Check by WhatsApp Self-Service Method

Jazz offers WhatsApp self-service for its prepaid customers to check balances and other complete information about packages.

You can also avail of this self-service by following the steps:

  • Add (03003008000) to your mobile directory and open WhatsApp on your phone and refresh it.
  • Send a “Hi” message to this saved number.
  • Type “4” and you’ll get all the details on your mobile screen after sending it.

jazz balance check code

4. Jazz Balance Check by World App Method

Jazz is offering Jazz world app service to its smartphone customers only by downloading this app on their phones.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the Jazz World App on your phone (For iOS and Android).
  • Enter your Jazz sim number to log in to your account in the app.
  • You‘ll be able to see your current balance on the home screen of the app.

5. Jazz Balance Check Code for Postpaid Customers

  • Dial *1111# to check the balance if you are a postpaid customer of Mobilink Jazz.
  • Balance check process via WhatsApp Self-Service Method is the same for both prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • But if you want to listen to the remaining balance details for your postpaid jazz number, then call 777

Jazz Cash Balance Check Code

To check the remaining cash details in your Jazz Cash account, you can go to any of the following methods:

  • You can check your current balance details in “My Account” section of your Jazz Cash App. 
  • Dial 4444 from your Jazz or Warid mobile number.
  • Dial the code *786*6*9# on your dial pad.
  • Dial UAN:051-111-124-444 with your area code from any of your registered mobile number.

jazz balance check code

Jazz Super Card Balance Check

  • For a subscription to Jazz Super Duper Card dial *707# and for an un-subscription dial *707*4#.

If you want to know the details of the status string of the card dial *707*2# and for the information code dial *707*3#.

  • You can check the Jazz Super balance check dial *111# or call 123 to check the remaining balance at the rate of Rs. 0.12 +tax.

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