Jazz Balance Share Code (Updated 2024) – How to Share Jazz Balance

Well, it has struck us all in any of these situations when we direly need mobile credit but we are running short of it. As Jazz customers, we have got two awesome ways of sharing our credit with our friends and family by either using the Jazz Balance Share facility or by Jazz World app.

If you are among those who are searching for a Jazz-to-Jazz balance share code 2024 or amount for minimum or maximum jazz balance share, or how to share balance from Jazz-to-Jazz sim, then our article will help you share your balance with your friends in case of need.

How to Share Balance on Jazz-Step by Step Method

To avail Jazz balance share facility, follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Just make sure that you and the other party both have an active prepaid Jazz sim.
  2. Dial Jazz balance share code on your mobile phone’s dial pad as done below for you.
  3. By entering the above code, you’ll see a message box for confirmation of the Jazz transfer.
  • *100* (Enter the number to whom you are sending the balance)*amount#
  • For example: *100* 03205671970*250#
  1. Click 1 to confirm and proceed next, while click 0 to cancel the transaction.
  2. Just remember that the minimum amount shared is Rs.15, and the maximum is Rs. 500. You can type any amount in this range.
  3. And you’re done.

jazz balance share

Save this code in your mobile notes or in contacts for immediate use.

Jazz Balance Share Amount

Jazz allows its prepaid customers to share balances ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.500. This service will always keep you connected with your loved ones’ company, even if you are lacking credit for your sim.

Note: The maximum limit of credit shared by a Jazz customer in one day is Rs. 500.

  • For balance inquiry, dial *111#.

Jazz Balance Share Charges

The charges or tax that you’ll pay for every share are Rs. 4.77+tax/transaction. All terms and conditions are applicable and these taxes and codes are subject to change by the company.

How to Share Balance From the Jazz World App

Mobilink jazz has made it easy to share balance from the Jazz World app with any other Jazz prepaid sim customer on a go. The app lets you send Rs.15 to Rs.750, which is more than the amount that one can share from a Jazz Balance Share. 

Follow these steps to share credit with your friends using Jazz World App:

  1. Open the “Jazz World app” installed on your mobile phone.
  2. Click the “more” options from the menu.
  3. You’ll see the “Balance Share” option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter the recipient and sender’s mobile numbers and enter the amount to be shared.
  5. Click ok and you are done.

jazz balance share

How to Make Jazz Balance Share Request

To request your friends or family to share your credit on your prepaid Jazz sim, then follow these step-by-step guides provided by us.

  1. Dial *107# on your dial pad.
  2. Enter your friend’s MSISDN from whom you want to request the balance.
  3. The balance and the service charges are deducted from the sender’s side.
  4. The sender must be an active prepaid user of Jazz sim. 

This service is free of cost for the requester, so we can call it Jazz Yaari Load.

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