Jazz Call Forwarding Service Code (2023) – Jazz Call Divert Code

Jazz Call Forwarding Service Code: Jazz is a brand that gives value to its customers and here it came up with a solution to your incoming calls problem. If you are busy, annoyed, or don’t want to answer any call, then Jazz gives you an amazing opportunity to divert the call. Jazz provides you with a call forwarding service code that you can use very easily to divert any incoming call to your voicemail or to another Jazz number. This offer can be availed by all Jazz prepaid users throughout Pakistan and it is totally free.

Another benefit of using this call forwarding service is that you can divert any incoming call from your one Jazz number to a newer one or another one.

A detailed step-by-step guide is provided here to get rid of annoying calls by using the call divert code.

How to Activate Jazz Call Divert Offer

Jazz Call Divert Code

Jazz Call Divert Offer Jazz Call Divert Offer
  • Dial *21*mobile number#


  • Dial *21*0300786#
Until Unsubscription

If one code doesn’t work, then go for the second one and you’ll subscribe to this offer.

jazz call forwarding service

How to Deactivate Jazz Call Divert Offer

To deactivate this call forwarding service, go for any one of the two codes given below:

  • Dial ##21#
  • Dial ##002#

Any of the above codes can be used to unsubscribe from the call divert offer.

Call Forwarding in Mobile Settings- Manual Call Forwarding Settings

All mobile phones have their internal settings of call forwarding or call diverting services which can be activated or deactivated through manual customization of general “Phone settings”

Here are the step-by-step details to activate them via phone settings:

  • Go to mobile “phone settings”.
  • Click on “call settings”.
  • Activate the “call forward” option.
  • Add the number that you want to divert. 
  • Save new settings.

You can use any of the above methods to activate the offer to ignore the annoying calls.

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