Jazz Daily Mega Offer 2023 (Discontinued) – Jazz *117*4# Daily Offer Details, Charges, and Validity

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Daily Digital Experience with Jazz Daily Mega Offer? 

                                                                     تو پھر ہو جائو تیار

Say hello to unlimited browsing and streaming with this incredible daily data bundle. Jazz, Pakistan’s leading telecom operator, has been at the forefront to empower its millions of users with amazing services, innovative solutions (that you will see in the article), and pocket-friendly internet packages. Keeping up with its commitment to customer satisfaction, it now introduces the Daily Mega offer that is enough for the daily needs of data packages. As you are interested in this fantastic daily deal, don’t forget to explore other daily offerings, such as the Daily Social and Super Ghanta offer.

Avail of some of the most reasonable services of Jazz are the call-diverting offer, balance share service, full balance offer, daily dekho offer, double-advance offer, and 4G device internet packages.

Other than this, call bundles include a monthly call package Rs.75/-, a weekly voice offer, and a voice infinity offer

In this article, we will explore the activation code, charges, details, validity, and terms & conditions of this mega data offer.

Daily Mega Offer Details

Jazz users will definitely immerse themselves in this daily offer after knowing the incentives offered, and the amount charged against that resources. 

In this offer, 1 GB of high-speed internet will be provided for a whole day, which is available at an unbeatable price of just Rs.35/- (including tax). 

Whether you’re browsing your favorite websites, sharing moments on social media, or streaming videos, this Daily Mega offer ensures an uninterrupted experience on the go.

Jazz Daily Mega Offer resource

The details of the offer are:

Daily Mega Offer Daily Mega Offer
  • 1 GB of Data 
  • Dial *117*4#
  • Validity 1 Day

Daily Mega Charges

  • One can get this daily bundle for just Rs.35/- inclusive of taxes. 

To know your balance prior to activating this offer, then dial the balance check code.

Jazz Mega Data Offer Code

  • This one-day offer is all set to go into your mobile phones just by dialing the Jazz Mega Data offer code *117*4#. You will shortly receive a confirmation message for activation of the offer on your mobile phones. Now, explore the internet full day at ease with Jazz 4G. 

Jazz Daily Mega Offer code

You may lose your sim balance while using the data, although you may have subscribed to the offer. To secure your balance, activate the balance save service of the operator.

Status Check Code

  • You will surely be curious about the MBs left to make the most out of the remaining MBs as the offer gives 1000 MBs to its subscribers. 
  • To check out your remaining MBs, dial the status check code *117*4*2#.

Jazz Daily Mega Offer status check code

How to Unsubscribe the Daily Offer

  • One does not need to deactivate the offer, as it is a non-recursive one. But the offer can be very easily unsubscribed by adding *4 in the subscription code, i.e. the unsub code will be *117*4*4#

Jazz Daily Mega Offer unsub code

Otherwise, you can also deactivate the offers by dialing the all package unsubscribe code or the internet packages unsubscribe code to save your balance. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • The offer is available to utilize at any time of the day. 
  • The customers can check the remaining MBs out of these 1000 MBs by dialing *117*4*2# for Rs. 0.12/-.
  • The offer is non-recursive. One needs to redial the offer code to resubscribe to it.
  • The daily mega bundle is available in all 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  • Overage of Rs.2/MB will apply after the consumption of all the resources of this internet bundle.
  • If one uses the offer without subscribing to the offer, then a base rate of Rs.5/MB will be charged with a pulse of 512 KB.
  • This bundle is subject to change at any time.


We have covered all the details regarding the Daily Mega offer so that our readers can enjoy this daily bundle with ease. Just pick up your phone and dial the subscription code *117*4# to get the data at your fingertips. 

Jazz also offers monthly YT and social offer, monthly social plus, and monthly social package for its social customers.


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