Jazz Free 10 SMS Code – Jazz Free SMS Code For One Day

We live in a world where a simple text message can do wonders, as staying connected with our loved ones is more important than ever.

A text message bridges the gap between hearts. Jazz, being the heart of the Pakistan telecom networks, understands this need for connectivity. It has introduced a special gift for its users, i.e., the Jazz Free 10 SMS Code. This code gives you the power to send messages to those who matter the most to you without worrying about your balance.

This Jazz Free SMS Code for One Day makes this possible with just a few taps. Get the right details about the Jazz free SMS package in this article in order to constantly chat and share updates with your friends and family. It is not just about saving money, as it is a road from heart to heart. 

In this article, we will cover the package details, free incentives offered, activation code, validity, and eligibility of the package to enjoy the freedom of sending messages without limitations.

Jazz Free 10 SMS Package Details

Imagine having a friend or family member living far away from you. Although phone calls and video chats are wonderful, there is a unique charm in sending a text message. It’s quick, it’s personal, and it lets you share a piece of your day instantly. 

Now let’s get started with the specific offers and incentives of the package. 

The Jazz Free 10 SMS Package is designed to meet your quick messaging needs. It offers you the option to send up to 10 text messages to your friends, family, or colleagues. You don’t need to worry about the other person’s network as it allows you to send messages regardless of the network. It means you can connect with the people on every single network working in Pakistan right now. 

Jazz Free 10 SMS Code - Jazz Free SMS Code For One Day Resources

To get a monthly call package with this offer, you have the option of a Jazz Monthly Call Package Rs.75.

To get this bundle, all you need to do is dial the Jazz Free 10 SMS Code *838# on your Jazz mobile device. Once the service is activated, you can start sending messages without worrying about balance deductions.

Moreover, dial the Jazz balance save code to get your balance secured while using the internet. 

This bundle comes with a validity period of one day. During this time, one has the choice to use these 10 free SMS for their benefit. 

With the Jazz Free SMS Package for One Day, you will have the perfect solution to make your connections stronger. So, activate it today and experience the ease of written connections at hand without spending a single rupee.

The details of the offer are:

Jazz Free 10 SMS Offer Jazz Free 10 SMS Offer
  • 10 Free SMS on All Networks
  • Dial *838#
  • Validity 1 Day

Offer Charges

  • One of the most beautiful aspects of this package is that there is no extra charge for activating this offer. It means this package is available to all prepaid customers at Rs.0/-. But it can only be activated if the customer has a balance of less than Rs.3/- in the sim account.

You don’t need to dial the Jazz Balance Check Code, Jazz Full Balance Offer Code, or Jazz Double Advance Offer Code, as you don’t need any recharge.


  • The free 10 SMS resources offered in this package are valid for one day only. This means that right from the moment of activation, you have a full day to use these SMS according to your needs. 


  • This fantastic offer is available to all Jazz prepaid customers. Whether you are a long-time Jazz user or recently joined the network, you can activate this offer. 
  • The customers must have a balance of less than Rs.3/- in their Jazz sim account to subscribe to this offer.
  • With this offer, you can send messages to all networks.

If you have forgotten your number, then dial the Jazz Number Check Code to get your sim number at your disposal. 

Activation Code

Activation of this One Day Free SMS Package couldn’t be simpler anymore.

  • To get this offer and start sending free SMS, all you need to do is dial Jazz Free SMS Code For One Day *838# on your Jazz mobile device. Within moments, you will receive a confirmation message, indicating that your 10 free SMS are ready to use. 

Jazz Free 10 SMS Code - Jazz Free SMS Code For One Day

Status Check Code

  • If you want to check how many resources are left with you, then dial the status check code *838*2#, and you’ll receive a usage message.

Deactivation Code

  • The offer will end automatically when the 10 free SMS is used up. But if you wish to deactivate it, then you can dial the Jazz Free SMS Deactivation Code *838*4#


We have written down the details, activation code, several terms and conditions, validity, and eligibility of this package. Now it’s totally up to you to get your hands on this free package to enjoy the subscriber-ship. It is your gateway to cost-free messaging that will connect you with your loved ones without spending balance. 

If you are fed up with receiving incoming calls or want to divert them to other number to never miss them at times of need, then Jazz Call-Forwarding Code, and the Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code is your go-to solution. In order to know Unknown Caller on Jazz, then the operator has the facility of knowing the unknown caller’s name on your prepaid and postpaid sim as well.

How to get free SMS on Jazz?

You can dial the Jazz Free SMS Code *838# on your Jazz prepaid sim. This code will quickly activate the offer, giving you 10 free SMS to send to any network within Pakistan.

How can I get Jazz SMS advance?

Dial *112# to get the Jazz SMS Advance on your prepaid sim.

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