Jazz Full Balance Offer (Updated 2024) – How to Get Full Balance on Jazz

Full Recharge with no tax deductions! How?

Jazz always tried to maintain its position in the services provision area and this time it came up with an exciting offer of full recharge. Jazz 4G offers an attractive feature by providing a full balance on recharge of Rs.100 or more without a single rupee deduction. Although tax is a Govt authority, for some time Jazz has been paying tax on behalf of its customers and providing the full balance to them on every recharge of Rs.100 or above.

We discuss next the details of this Jazz Full Balance Offer with its activation code and subscription criteria. Further, you can verify your balance through Jazz Balance Check by applying the given code.

Jazz Balance Offer Details

Whether you recharge your sim by load or scratch card, you can easily avail of this full balance offer of Jazz by dialing the code before making any balance recharge. One thing to keep in mind is that only prepaid customers are eligible for this full recharge offer. 

The details are:

Jazz Full Balance Jazz Full Balance
  • Get Full Balance without Tax Deduction
  • Dial *408#
  • Validity 30 Days
  • Dial *408*2#

Note: One must recharge at least a 100 rupees load or more to avail of this offer. This offer is only valid for 1 month.

Full Balance Offer Code

  • To activate the offer, dial the full balance offer code *408# before recharging your account anytime to avail full balance.
  • To check the offer’s status, dial *408*2#.

How to Get Full Recharge – Steps

Either you recharge your sim via load or a card, you will follow the same simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Buy your card and scratch it to get the 14-digit PIN number.
  • Dial the code on your mobile pads as *123*(14-digit PIN number)# and press the call button. For example, if the scratched PIN number is 333 444 555 666 77, then you type this as *123*33344455566677# followed by the call button.
  • The company will send confirmation to you ensuring that you have successfully loaded your card.
  • Recharge your sim from any retailer, and you are ready for the offer.
  • Just make sure1 thing that you have already dialed the offer subscription code *408# before making any recharge to avail of this full balance offer.

Updated Offer

Jazz has offered a new deal in 2023 in which the network is providing a 15% extra balance on the recharge of Rs.200.

Jazz Full Balance updated Offer

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers receive their full amount without tax deductions on every recharge of Rs.100 and above. For instance, consumers will receive Rs. 100 in the balance after making a recharge of Rs.100; currently, they are receiving Rs. 88.89.
  • Any customer who recharges for Rs.100 or more will receive their full amount without tax deductions by dialing *408#.
  • The entire balance will follow the exact mechanism as the normal balance.
  • You must make a minimum recharge of Rs.100 in a single transaction to qualify for the reward.
  • The offer is only valid for national recharge.
  • Only prepaid customers can avail themselves of this offer.
  • The company holds the right to change this offer at any time.


Take full benefit from this full balance offer of Jazz because it is a limited-time offer, and the company has the right to terminate it anytime. So, dial the activation code and avail 100 pe 100 ka chakka (سو پے سو کا چھکا آفر).

If you are successful in getting full balance, then you must be interested in helping your loved ones by sharing balance with them. To share jazz balance, check Jazz balance share krny ka tareeqa.

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