Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code 2023 

Are you tired of receiving unwanted calls at inconvenient times? 

Or do you wish there was a way to manage your incoming calls more efficiently? 

Your wish is coming true with “Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code”. In this article, we will explore this fantastic feature offered by the operator that allows you to take control of your incoming calls like never before.

The need for this call forwarding code arises when you are in the middle of an important meeting or a family dinner, and your phone starts ringing with unimportant calls. It is a simple and powerful tool that diverts calls or sets up voicemails for unwanted callers.

In our comprehensive guide, we will show you everything you need to know about this service. 

Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code

This code is your powerful weapon for managing incoming calls. 

But what exactly does it do?

It operates when you are in a meeting, and your phone starts ringing. If you have activated the Jazz Incoming Call Busy Code, then it will automatically divert the call to voicemail or another number of your choice. It is like putting your phone in “do not disturb” mode but in a smarter way.

With this code, you can:

  • Forward calls to voicemail when you are busy or unavailable.
  • Redirect calls to another phone number, ensuring you never miss an important call.
  • Customize your call management settings according to your preferences.

If you have security concerns and want to know who is calling you, then activate the Jazz Caller Name Service for prepaid or postpaid customers with one code. 

How to Activate the Jazz Incoming Call Busy Service

The activation process of this Busy Call Service is simple and user-convenient.

Jazz Incoming Call Busy service Code

The details of this service are:

Jazz Incoming Call Busy Offer Jazz Incoming Call Busy Offer
  • Dial *72*mobile number#
Until Unsubscription

Here is how you can activate this call forwarding feature:

  • To activate the Jazz Incoming Call Busy Service, dial the Incoming Call Busy code *72* followed by the destination number you want to forward calls to. It should look like this: *72*xxxxxxxxxx# (replace “xxxxxxxxxx” with your desired number).
  • After dialing the code, you will be prompted to choose your preferences. You can decide whether you want to divert calls to voicemail or another number from your phonebook.
  • After selecting your preference and entering the correct code, you will receive a confirmation message for activation of this service. 

You can dial Jazz Balance Save code to activate the balance saving service on your sim.

Jazz Call Forwarding Service

The Jazz Call Forwarding Service allows you to divert incoming calls to another number of your choice. If you are concerned about unwanted calls, then this service will definitely help you.

Dial the Jazz Call Forwarding Code *21*Number# on your mobile and enter your desired number where you want to divert the calls. Once activated, any calls you receive will be automatically diverted to the alternate number you have selected. 

Jazz Call forwarding Code

The details of the service are:

Jazz Call Divert Offer Jazz Call Divert Offer
  • Dial *21*mobile number#


  • Dial *21*0300786#
Until Unsubscription

How to Deactivate the Service

The deactivation of this service is as simple as its activation. You just need to dial ##21# or ##002# to unsubscribe from this offer. 

One convenient way is to call on Jazz helpline number 021 111 300 300. Once you have connected to the representative, ask him to deactivate the service. It’s an easy way to have one-to-one meetings with the representative to get any of your queries done.


We have covered the details of this feature so that you may handle and manage all of your incoming calls with just a code. You can get benefits from this service free of cost. So, dial the code and attend your important meetings hassle-free.

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