How to Check Jazz Minutes (Updated 2024) – Jazz Minutes Check Code

Do you wonder how many minutes you are left with on your Jazz package? 

We know that keeping track of your remaining minutes is important to monitor your usage and plan your subscription schedule accordingly. Luckily, checking your Jazz minutes became easier than ever with the Jazz Minutes check code

In this article, we will take you through the different methods and their simple steps about “How to check Jazz minutes”.

How to Check Jazz Minutes and MBs

If you are a Jazz user in Pakistan, then check out the details of the convenient methods of checking your remaining minutes easily with our guide. 

Let’s get into the details without any further due.

Jazz Minutes Check Code 

Jazz provides simple dial codes that allow you to check your remaining minutes with ease. You can check the remaining minutes of your package by dialing the Jazz minutes check code *110#, and instantly you will get the complete details of your package. 

Jazz Minutes Check Code

Here are some handy codes you can use:

  • Super Card Minutes: Dial *601*2# to check the remaining minutes included in your Jazz Super Card package.
  • SIM Lagao Free Minutes: For users availing of the SIM Lagao offer, dial *553*2# to check your remaining free minutes.
  • Jazz Cash Free Minutes: If you’ve received free minutes through the Jazz Cash App, dial *177*88*2# to check your remaining balance.

If you are interested in checking the Jazz remaining MBs, then get the complete details of your usage using the Jazz MB check code.

Jazz World App

The Jazz World app serves as a convenient solution for managing your Jazz account. 

  • To check your remaining minutes, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to the “Usage” or “Remaining Balance” section. Mostly, the details appear on the homepage.

How to Check Jazz Minutes - Jazz world app

  • Here, you’ll find detailed information about your remaining minutes, as well as other usage details such as data and SMS.

Jazz Website

If you are a tech-loving person and prefer using your web browser, then no problem.

Follow the steps below to check the remaining minutes of the package:

  • Simply visit the website:
  • Sign in to your Jazz account.
  • Go to the “Usage” or “Remaining Balance” section. 
  • Here, you will discover a comprehensive breakdown of your remaining minutes and other usage details.

Jazz Helpline

For users who prefer personal assistance, they should always reach out to the Jazz helpline for their queries. 

This is how you can check Jazz remaining package.

  • Dial the Jazz helpline 111 from your Jazz number.

How to Check Jazz Minutes- jazz helpline

  • Follow the instructions of the voice representative of the operator to connect with a Jazz representative.
  • Once connected, inquire about your remaining minutes. 
  • The representative will provide you with up-to-date information about your Jazz remaining package.


We have covered the detailed steps of each method of checking your remaining minutes. With these convenient methods at your hand, checking your Jazz minutes is quick, and simple. So enjoy your Jazz packages without worrying anymore. 

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How can I check my Jazz sim minutes?

To check your prepaid account balance on your Jazz SIM, you have multiple options:
  • Dial *111# or *444*6*2#.
  • Send "Hi" on Jazz's WhatsApp self-service number [03003008000] and follow the prompts by sending "4".
  • Open the Jazz World App's homepage to view balance details on the main dashboard.

How can I check my Jazz remaining package?

If you're subscribed to the Jazz Monthly Premium internet package, you can easily check your remaining MBs by dialing *117*30*2#.

How can I check my Jazz package duration?

You can check the duration of your Jazz package validity by dialing specific codes:
  • For daily validity, dial *303*1#.
  • For weekly validity, dial *303*7#.
  • For monthly validity, dial *303*30#. 
These codes will provide you with the remaining incentive duration for your subscribed package.

How can I check my Jazz new sim free minutes?

If you've recently bought a Jazz SIM, you can avail of free incentives by dialing *191# within 180 days of purchase or port-in. These free incentives can be availed only once and will automatically expire after a specified duration following the activation of the offer.

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