Online Earning Games in Pakistan 2024

As the trend of online earning has become a stronger concept in Pakistan, more and more people are looking for ways to earn online in Pakistan. Some people are interested in freelancing, some in online business, while others are just looking for games that pay when we play them.

In this article, I will talk about the best online earning games in Pakistan that pay real money when we play them.

Another fun fact about these online earning games is that you do not need any kind of investment. These games are totally free and allow you to earn money, rewards, and game currencies.

After COVID-19, when people became unemployed and lost their jobs, they shifted their interest towards online earning. There are several ways to earn money online and gaming is one of them.

Although, most people especially in Pakistan think that earning through games is just a scam and there is no real money in it. But that’s not true. We will tell you about some legitimate games that people are using to earn real money.

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Check Security Before Playing Games

It is crucial to take security measures before testing a new online game. Although there are verified online authentic games that let people earn a lot of money. But it is also a fact, that there are several scammers out there who are ready to prey newcomers in the world of online gaming.

You must have an antivirus installed on your computer and if you want to download the game from Play Store, read the reviews and ratings of that particular game.

Real Money Earning Games In Pakistan

Now let’s talk about the best online earning games in Pakistan without investment in 2024.

Bitcoin Blocks

  • One of the most authentic online earning games in Pakistan is Bitcoin Blocks by the Bling Developers.
  • Its rating is 4.5/5 and has amazing features.

best online earning games in Pakistan

  • In this game, you have to match the blocks of the same colors and then crash them.
  • To play this game, you need to sign up.
  • Once registered, you can start playing the game and can convert your game points into a bitcoin.
  • However, it takes a long time to earn enough money to withdraw.
  • Most of the people earn even less than a cent. But if you play this game consistently, you can have enough money to withdraw every week.
  • The good thing is there is no transaction fee for this game.

8 Ball Pool

  • 8 Ball Pool is also one of the real earning games in Pakistan in 2024. It has lately attained a reputation as people can earn money online in Pakistan without investment now.
  • It is an online pool game where contestants can participate against each other in actual team contests.
  • The best thing 8 ball pool is that it allows you to earn real money. Participants will earn in-game currency through various tasks, challenges, and by winning games.
  • The earned in-game currency can then be exchanged for real money, or players can use the in-game credit to buy other things in the game’s store.
  • Another feature of this game is that it allows participants to win tickets and passes for real events and matches hosted by the game owners.
  • There are several small games and prizes for the audiences coming to these events. Some prizes can be as big as thousands of dollars.
  • To earn tickets for these games, the players of the 8 ball pool game, must register for the game first, and then they need to complete some extra challenges and tournaments.

Ludo Star

  • Ludo Star is very famous these days and is one of the best online earning games in Pakistan.

online earning games in Pakistan without investment

  • It achieved enormous fame in Pakistan, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic, when several people searched for methods to earn money online from home.
  • Ludo Star is completely a digital version of the traditional Ludo game played on boards, where contestants compete with their match rivals online and earn real money.
  • The digital Ludo Star game has the same rules as in the traditional board Ludo game.
  • There are four contestants in one game and each player has four pieces. Each of these must be moved from the starting point to the finish point using the dice.
  • The contestant whose all four pieces complete the path first is the winner.
  • Ludo Star provides the opportunity to win real money. This money can be from a few rupees to thousands of rupees. The amount of cash earned depends on the number of matches of the players.
  • The contestants of Ludo Star can download the game from the Play Store. After paying small fees, the players can enter different competitions to earn money.

Gamee Prizes

  • If you do not want in-game currency, vouchers, and bitcoin and want to earn in dollars through gaming, Gamee Prizes is the best online earning game for you.
  • It has about more than seventy games to select from. It also has the option of spinning the wheel that you can spin to win the cash prize.
  • To win more cash, refer this game to your friends.
  • You should also try to be on the top of the leaderboard and win tickets as much as possible. The more the tickets, the greater the chance to earn dollars.
  • Game Prizes is rated 4.2/5 and it displays ads. However, there is no need to sign up to play this game.

Big Time Cash

  • Another gaming app that provides the opportunity for online earning in Pakistan is Big Time Cash. This game is addictive, and some people find it hard to leave the game.

online earning games that pay real money

  • This game is rated 4.4/5 on the Play Store. Moreover, the users can also earn if they watch ads on this gaming platform.
  • Big Time Cash is one of the top real online earning games in Pakistan. This game does not require you to invest any money, and the developers of this game claim that people have earned thousands of dollars through this game.
  • Recently, this gaming app has undergone an update that improved the performance of the game.


  • Zareklmay is a very interesting gaming app where users win cash prizes by spending time on the platform and performing numerous activities.
  • The rating of this game is 4.2/5. There are plenty of ways to earn online from this platform.
  • You can play games, fill out surveys, watch videos, and subscribe to newsletters to earn cash prizes. You need to have at least 25 dollars to withdraw money from this app.
  • The withdrawal options are PayPal, bank transfer, and Payoneer. PayPal is not available in Pakistan, but you can use other options to withdraw money. If you want to earn money through games in Pakistan, you must try this game.

Bitcoin Pop – Get Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Pop – Get Bitcoin is another gaming app created by the developers at Bling.
  • It is just like any other bubble shooting game, but the best thing about this game is that you can also win cash by playing it.
  • The in-game currency of this game is bling points. By creating an account on, you can convert your bling points to bitcoins. You can convert your bitcoins to real cash money.
  • The rating of this app is 4.6/5 on the Play Store. However, earning through this game does have one condition, and that is to sign up before playing.
  • The good thing is, you do not need any investment to play this game. But you need a play for a very long time to have enough points that can convert to real money.


The above-mentioned gaming apps are real money-earning apps. But you cannot earn a lot of money by playing these games. Moreover, you need to spend a lot of time on these gaming platforms to earn just a few points. If you have some skills, it’s better to earn through freelancing. If you do not have any skills, you can do a Facebook marketing course and earn a handsome amount. However, if you want to choose the gaming field, it’s better to choose wisely and beware of scams.

If you have any queries, let me know in the comments.


Which is the top 1 earning app in Pakistan?

The top-earning apps in Pakistan are:
  • Markaz App
  • Daraz App
  • Bitcoin Blocks
  • Ludo Star

Which game is the best to earn money?

Some of the best-earning games are:
  • Dream11
  • Bitcoin Blocks
  • Junglee Rummy
  • Game Prizes
  • Zupee
  • Zareklmay

Which is the real app to earn money?

Some of the real money-earning apps are:
  • Swagbucks
  • Rummy Cycle
  • Zupee
  • Earn Easy

Is a real app or a fake one? is absolutely an authentic and real site to earn real money.

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