Telenor 7 Day Hybrid Offer (Updated 2024) – Weekly Hybrid Package Code, Details, Charges, and Validity

Are you looking for an affordable way to enjoy internet, calls, and messages for an entire week? 

Well, Telenor has just the right solution for all of your needs in the form of this “Telenor 7 Day Hybrid Offer” which is the perfect blend of convenience and value.

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is looking for cheap and convenient ways of staying connected for a longer time. Whether it’s keeping up with friends and family, staying informed, or simply enjoying your favorite online content, a reliable mobile network is a must. Understanding this need of people, Telenor is providing hassle-free solutions to make communication easier and more affordable for its customers.

Recently, it has offered its latest weekly hybrid offer. This package is designed to provide you with the best communication solution for an entire week at a budget-friendly price. 

Another weekly offer, Telenor Weekly Easycard 300 is among the top offerings of the operator.

In this article, we will check out the details of the Telenor Weekly offer – its activation code, package charges, resources offered, eligibility, and terms & conditions.

7 Day Hybrid Offer Details

With the 7 Day Hybrid Package, you get a generous allocation of 3000 MBs of internet data for surfing, streaming, and staying connected online. Whether you are browsing social media, watching videos, or simply checking emails, this package ensures you have enough data to keep you connected throughout the week.

For the call enthusiasts, this offer includes 1500 on-net minutes, which allows you to make calls to your friends and family. With these 1500 minutes, you can call all Telenor numbers plus the PTCL numbers without any additional charges. So, stay connected and catch up with your lovelies to share moments with them.

If you are interested in the hourly call package, then Telenor 2 Hour Call Package will be the best choice for you. For 3-day package, catch up on Telenor 3 Day Call Package for 50 Rupees.

But you can also connect with your loved ones and business partners or colleagues by sending text messages during this package. This package includes a 1500 SMS bundle to send morning greetings, have a quick update about the day, or have casual chats without breaking the bank. 

In addition to the on-net minutes, you also get 80 off-net minutes, which enables you to make calls to friends and family on other networks. This flexibility allows you to remain in touch with everyone you need to, regardless of their sim network.

Telenor 7 Day Hybrid Offer resources

But guess what its price is?

All these incredible benefits come at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs 87/- including tax for an entire week. It is an excellent way to enjoy your weekly communication without bearing high costs.

However, please note that a minimum balance of Rs.100/- is required in your account to activate this package.

The details of the weekly offer are:

7 Day Hybrid Offer 7 Day Hybrid Offer
  • 3000 MBs Data 
  • 1500 On-Net Minutes 
  • 80 Off-Net Minutes
  • 1500 SMS
  • Dial *345*79#
  • Validity 7 Days

Offer Charges

  • The offer comes at a wallet-friendly cost of just Rs.87/- for a week. This provides you with a handsome amount of data, minutes, and SMS, giving you the right value for your money.
  • But remember, this package requires you to have a load of Rs.100/- for subscribing to the offer. So, check Telenor balance prior to dialing the activation code. 


  • This offer is valid for seven days from the moment of activation. You can enjoy 3 GB of data, 1500 on-net minutes, 1500 SMS, and 80 off-net minutes throughout the week.


The weekly offer is available to a specific group of users based on their network tenure:

  • This offer is exclusively open to users who have recently joined the Telenor network, specifically those who have joined within the last 90 days.

Those who haven’t used their sim for the last 60 days, can enjoy free internet and call resources with Telenor sim lagao offer for the next 2 months.

Activation Code

  • To subscribe to this fantastic offer, dial the Telenor 7 Day Hybrid offer code *345*79# from your Telenor mobile number. Make sure you have a minimum account balance of Rs.100/- before activating the package.

Telenor 7 Day Hybrid Offer code

  • You can also go to the official site and enter your number there to subscribe to the offer.

Dial the Telenor balance save code to secure your sim balance from deductions during mobile data usage.

Status Check Code

  • If you want to keep track of your package usage, simply dial *222#. By using this code, you can check Telenor remaining package, including the data, minutes, and SMS.

Deactivation Code

  • There is no need to unsubscribe from this offer, as it is a non-recursive one. You have to dial the code every time you want to resubscribe to the offer. 

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer does not have an auto-renewal feature, so you have the control to decide if you want to subscribe to it again after it expires.
  • There are no call setup charges with this package.
  • To monitor your remaining free resources, you can easily dial *123# at no additional cost. This code allows you to keep tabs on your data, minutes, and SMS usage.
  • Customers opting for this package through recharge, load, or a retailer will enjoy an extension of their existing recharge validity, offering a potential extension of up to 90 days. This means you not only benefit from this offer, but also receive extended validity.
  • The offer is accessible nationwide, and available to all prepaid customers.
  • The package prices are inclusive of taxes plus no hidden charges.
  • After the offer exhausts or expires, standard tariffs for off-net/on-net calls and data will be charged.
  • Subscribing to this offer multiple times during its validity is permitted, and each subsequent re-subscription adds to your previous resources.
  • The offer comes with a default 7-day validity, and each time you re-subscribe, it extends the validity by an additional 7 days from the moment of re-subscription. 


The weekly offer is a well-rounded communication package that offers abundant data, on-net minutes, SMS, and off-net calling options, all at an affordable price. We have covered all the details needed for this offer activation. So, if you are new to this network, then you can easily enjoy this bundle within the first 90 days. But make sure you have a minimum balance of Rs.100/- prior to dialing the code.

If you are the one who travels a lot or is busy with his meetings and still don’t want to miss any of his important calls, then Telenor Call Forwarding code will be his go-to friend in any case.

How can the amount be reimbursed?

Once the bundle is subscribed to, refunds, or reimbursements are not possible.

How can I check the remaining resources?

  • To monitor your remaining MBs, use the code *999#.
  • To inquire about your remaining Minutes, dial *222#.
  • If you want to check your remaining SMS, use *111#.
  • For your remaining Balance, please dial *444#.
To ascertain your remaining Offer Resources, you can use the code *123#.

How will the offer unsubscribe?

The offer will automatically deactivate once the validity period concludes.

What will the charge be once the offer expires?

Following the offer's exhaustion or expiration, standard charges for off-net/on-net calls and data, under your specific price plan, will be levied.

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