Telenor Balance Save Code (Updated 2024) and Balance Save Karnay Ka Tariqa – Balance Shock Offer Details, Charges, and Validity

Are you a Telenor network user facing a balance deduction while using the internet?

                                           تو نہ ہوں پریشان! کیونکہ ٹیلی نار دے رہا ہے بیلنس سیو سروس

Every other user complains that the operator is cutting his/her sim balance even if he/she is not making any calls or SMS. So, the problem is not that you are not making calls or sending SMS, but the reason behind these extra charges is the internet usage without activating Telenor Balance Save Service. One can start this service by dialing the Telenor balance save code from his/her sim or it can be activated from mobile settings. In either case, one can save his/her account balance by availing of this service.

Is your Telenor balance lost

Telenor, being a major contributor to Pakistan’s telecommunication system, brings amazing offers for its customers that can be searched out at our site – PakTarrif. You can find here all the recent offers and services offered by all the telecom networks operating in Pakistan.

The operator offers nationwide internet packages with affordable daily, weekly and monthly deals. After activating any of the offers, you will see that your balance is being deducted while you are using the internet even if you haven’t made any call or SMS. 

We know that you are here to find out those ways using which you can save your money in your sims. Don’t worry, we are here with a number of ways to save your money from extra cuttings after subscribing to any of the internet/data offers. In response to the customers’ complaints and problems faced by them, the operator has developed a number of solutions to this problem.

In this article, we will provide you with all the quick tips & tricks, and balance saving code and ways while enjoying your internet.

Telenor Balance Saver – ٹیلی نار بیلنس سیو کرنے کا طریقہ

For those who need to know Telenor ka balance save krny ka tareeka will get it here. You need to dial the balance saver code *345*82*143# to lock and save your balance.

This is the very first method to tell the operator that you don’t want to utilize your balance while using the internet or when your internet package expires. You can go for any of the following methods if this code doesn’t work for you. 

We have provided other options for our readers as well: you can call Telenor customer support “345” or you can dial the balance save code *7799# or activate the Balance shock Offer or either go for turning off the inactivated packages’ apps. In either case, you will get your Telenor sim balance saved.

Telenor Balance Save Code –Balance Lock Service

An offer that will prove to be a balance saver for you is the Telenor Balance Lock Service, where you can dial the balance save code *7799# to protect your mobile balance while using the data packages.

Telenor balance Save Code

Balance Lock Service Balance Lock Service
  • Balance Saver
  • Dial *7799#

How to Activate it?

To activate the balance lock offer, you must follow in the following instructions, listed below:

  • To start with, enter the code *7799# in the dialing pad.

Telenor balance save krny ka code

  • Then, you need to follow the instructions prompts appeared on the screen in order to confirm your subscriptions.
  • Yes, you have successfully subscribed to the offer.
  • Now you can use your internet packages without having any tension of losing the balance.

This is one of the quickest solutions to the balance lost problem given by the company.

Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan – Balance Save Call Method

If the above method does not work, then the operator has other solutions to this problem as well. You can make your balance save from any type of illegal or illogical deductions by calling on the company’s PayG blocker package provided number.

In this method, you actually need to dial the customer support service of the operator to get your problem fixed.

The details of this Telenor balance save call method are:

PayG Blocker Package PayG Blocker Package
  • Balance Save Offer
  • Call on 345

How to Activate it?

Follow the next given steps to activate the balance save offer by the Telenor customer support service:

  • Open your mobile dial pad to call the customer service
  • Dial the customer support service number 345 and press on the call button.

Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan - Balance Save Call Method

  • There you need to press “1” if you want to talk with the agent.
  • The agent will ask you about your problem. Tell him that you need balance save service activation.
  • You will receive a confirmation message after you agree with the general terms and conditions of the service.
  • Now use the internet without losing your balance.

Telenor Balance Shock Offer – An Alternative

Your mobile balance is lost when your internet package expires and you do not have any MBs left with you. Then your internet usage charges start deducting from your balance. If you have some other offer activated, no deductions will be made from your balance.

One such offer by the operator is the Telenor Balance Shock Bundle. If this balance shock offer is activated, then upon expiration of your main package, your balance will still be secured.

Telenor Balance Shock Offer

Balance Shock Offer Balance Shock Offer
  • 300 MBs Data
  • Dial *503#
  • Validity 30 Days

With this offer’s subscription, you are provided with 300 MBs for 30 days. These MBs are used only after the main package expires. The offer is available for Rs.5/- only.

How to Activate it?

  • To activate the offer, dial the balance shock offer code *503# from your dial pads. 
  • You will be awarded the balance shock kit resources after dialing the code that you can use for the next 30 days.

Mobile Settings for Telenor Balance Save

If you have tried all the above ways and still your balance is continuously losing, then the last option left with you is to block those apps that are the reason for losing the balance while using the internet.

For this, you need to go to your mobile settings to lock your balance. The simple and easy-to-go guide for this method is as follows:

  • Open up your Mobile Settings (whether android or iPhone).
  • There, go to the Network Settings.
  • By clicking on Mobile Data, a new list will appear right in front of you.
  • This list consists of all those apps that have access to your data.

Mobile Settings for Telenor Balance Save

  • Turn off or uncheck all those apps for whom you have no package activated right now.
  • Only turn on or check those apps whose package you are currently using.
  • Now you can use your internet and the network will not charge you anything in return for it.
  • This is the best and 100% useful trick for locking up your balance.

Terms and Conditions

There are several terms and conditions that one may need to observe while choosing any of the methods above for balance locking and saving.

These general terms and conditions are as follows:

  • These codes and taxes are subject to change at any time by the operator.
  • These balance saving offers are only for prepaid customers.
  • One must make sure that his/her sim card is biometric verified.
  • Government taxes will be applicable in any case.


We hope that your problem is resolved by using any of the provided balance save methods. Now you can use your internet packages without worrying about your unchecked or unused balance deductions. 

As the company has the right to withdraw or change the codes and offers any time, so if any of the above-mentioned codes or method doesn’t work for you, you can go for the other provided alternatives. 

If you have any queries regarding the topic of our discussion, feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to be helpful to you.

If you haven’t used your sim for the past 30 days, then you can avail yourself of the Telenor Sim Lagao offer by reactivating your sim and dialing the band sim offer code where you will be given free resources for the next 60 days.

What is the Telenor balance save code?

The balance save code to lock Telenor sim balance is *7799#.

How do I know if I am out of data?

Telenor always notify its customers that they are using data at standard rates, that means; their package has expired and they are using balance while using the internet.

Why does Telenor deduct my balance every time I include data?

If you haven't subscribed to any of the packages, then your balance will be deducted. So, you need to activate some offer prior to turning on the mobile data.

How can I Check my Telenor subscription package?

To check out the current status of your activated packages, dial the status checking code *123#. This is a free service that will notify you about your current activated packages.

How do I find Telenor Balance?

You can check your Telenor sim balance by dialing the balance check code *444#.


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