Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees (Updated 2024) – Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees Code and Details

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of telecommunication, everyone seeks connectivity and convenience in one frame. 

If you are the one, then we have this amazing, convenient, and affordable “Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees” for you. Imagine you have an entire month filled with endless conversations, hearty laughter, and staying connected with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

This Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees is designed to fulfill the communication needs of Telenor postpaid users, offering a budget-friendly solution for long and uninterrupted conversations. 

In this article, we will discuss the details related to this monthly call package, i.e., Telenor Any Network Voice Bundle 100, its activation code, charges, validity, eligibility, and terms and conditions.  

Dial the Telenor Call Forwarding Code to divert your calls when needed.

Telenor Any Network Voice Bundle 100 Details

Are you ready to get into a month that is filled with endless conversations across any network? 

Any Network Voice Bundle 100 will be your go-to choice in this case. It is actually your gateway to uninterrupted communication with friends and family throughout the month. Priced at just Rs.150/-, this bundle has in itself a pack of 110 free minutes to any network.

One of the standout features of this bundle is its cross-network connectivity. 

Whether it’s catching up with friends, coordinating with family, or discussing business matters, this package provides the flexibility to communicate without limits. With 110 free minutes to any network, you have the freedom to connect with friends and family, no matter which network they are on.

Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees - All Network voice bundle

That’s not all!

Activating this Monthly Call package is also a breeze. You just need to dial *345*821# from your Telenor number, and you’re all set. 

The details of the bundle are:

Telenor Any Network Voice Bundle Telenor Any Network Voice Bundle
  • 110 All Network Minutes
  • Dial *345*821#
  • Validity 30 Days

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Offer Charges

Telenor understands the value of every rupee, and that’s why the Any Network Voice Bundle 100 comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  • The bundle is priced at just Rs.100/- but the load required for its activation is Rs.150/- inclusive of taxes. This nominal charge opens the door to 110 free minutes on all networks.

Dial the Telenor Balance Check code to check your balance prior to dialing the offer activation code.


  • With a generous validity of 30 days, this voice bundle ensures that you have an entire month to utilize your free minutes.

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  • The Any Network Voice Bundle 100 is available for all Telenor postpaid users, whether they are new subscribers or existing customers.

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Activation Code

Activating the Any Network Voice Bundle 100 is an easy process. 

  • Simply dial the Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees code *345*821# from your Telenor number, and within moments, you’ll be set to enjoy 110 free minutes for a month.

Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees activation code

  • Another easy way to subscribe to the bundle is through their official website. Search for the offer’s name on your browser and click on the official website of Telenor. You need to enter your prepaid number there and the offer will be subscribed to.

Telenor Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees online activation

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Status Check Code

  • If you are curious about how many minutes you have left or when your bundle will expire. Then, dial the Telenor free minutes check code *222# to check the status of your bundle.

To look for the remaining MBs, try out the ways forHow to Check Telenor remaining MBs”.

Terms and Conditions

  • The mechanics and pricing of the offer are subject to change at any time by the operator.
  • The monthly call bundle will be renewed automatically.
  • Customers can subscribe to one bundle at a time. If a subscriber already has an active bundle, subscribing to a new one will replace the existing bundle subscription. 
  • The default rate comes into play when the subscriber doesn’t have an active bundle. In this case, the subscriber will be charged Rs.1.4/- per minute for on-net calls and Rs.1.5/- per minute for off-net calls.
  • The above call bundle is exclusively available for Telenor postpaid consumers.
  • To subscribe to the bundle, dial *345# or call 345. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Telenor franchise center for assistance and subscription services.


Now that we have covered the essential requirements and details of the bundle, we are sure that you’re well-equipped to make the most of this Any Network Voice Bundle 100. Enjoy this. affordable, cross-network conversation with the convenience and flexibility that this offer brings to your fingertips.

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