Telenor Monthly Social Extreme (Updated 2024) – Monthly Social Offer Code, Details, Charges, and Validity

Imagine Scrolling Facebook without worrying about Data Limits. Yes, Telenor Monthly Social Extreme offer is here to make this a reality.

                                                 ٹیلی نار سوشل آفر سے پائیں ان لمیٹڈ واٹس اپ اور فیس بک وہ بھی پورا مہینہ

In today’s digital world, everyone wants to stay connected with his friends, family, and the world around them, and it is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Telenor, being the leading telecom operator, understands this need for constant social connectivity of its customers. So, it has introduced an incredible offer covering Facebook and WhatsApp to do socializing MORE SE BHI ZYADA by staying online and remain connected whole month with the best Monthly Social Extreme offer.

The operator understands the needs of its customers and that is why it offers the most affordable internet offers, such as the monthly Snapchat package or the exclusive Starz Play services, covered at PakTarrif.

But one thing that is important to talk about it with our readers is that you will face a balance loss while using the internet. So, you must first save your balance by activating the balance save service by dialing the code or other methods. This will allow you to enjoy your amazing offers tension free.

In this article, we have covered the details of the social offer’s validity, activation code, incentives, status checking, and terms & conditions.

Monthly Social Extreme Offer Details

What sets this Social Monthly Extreme apart from other offers?

It’s the focus on optimizing your social media experience as the offer solely dedicates data to Facebook and WhatsApp. By subscribing to this monthly social offer, the subscribers will get 8,000 MBs of exclusive data to use only on Facebook and WhatsApp. Now, you can enjoy these platforms to the fullest without worrying about data depletion. It’s the perfect solution given by the operator to those who find themselves constantly engaged in these social media platforms.

These 8 GBs of social data are accessible by activating the offer by any of the activation methods discussed below at the rate of Rs.130/- only inclusive of all taxes. But it is advisable to have a recharge of Rs.150/- in your sim to get this offer.

Telenor Monthly Social Extreme resources

The details of the monthly social offer are:

Monthly Social Extreme Monthly Social Extreme
  • 8 GB for Facebook and WhatsApp 
  • Dial *345*61#
  • Validity 30 Days

Offer Charges

  • This monthly Facebook and WhatsApp offer costs you only Rs.130/- including tax for 30 days.
  • You can avail of this best monthly social package by recharging your account with a load of Rs.150/- at least to bear any withholding charges.

How to Activate the Offer

  • Enjoy monthly socializing AB MORE SE BHI ZYADA by dialing the Social Extreme code *345*61# @ Rs.130/- only.

Telenor Monthly Social Extreme code

  • This social extreme offer is also available on Telenor app.
  • The offer subscription is available on the website. Search for this social offer name in the search bar and visit the official site. Fill in the blank there with your prepaid Telenor sim number and activate the offer by clicking on the activate button.

Telenor Monthly Social Extreme online activation

Status Check Code

  • To check the remaining resources of the offer, dial *123#. or,
  • One can check the remaining internet MBs of the Telenor sim by dialing the code *999#.

How to Deactivate the Offer

  • The offer is awarded for 30 days and it will deactivate on the midnight of the 30th day, starting from the day of subscription. So, there is no need of self-deactivating it.

Terms and Conditions

  • The monthly Facebook and WhatsApp offer is available in all 2G/3G and 4G areas.
  • The data speed will depend on many factors, like the types of the URLs that are accessed, time of the day (maybe busy hours), network service provider, and location, etc.
  • All Telenor GSM prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to this extreme social offer.
  • The offer will discontinue automatically after its validity.
  • The operator allows the multiple subscriptions of the offer within its validity, but the resources and validity of each subscription will stand independent of each other and can’t merge.
  • This monthly social offer is subject to change ‌at any time by the operator.
  • Once the utilization of data at the standard rates is started, then a reminder notification plus relevant offers will be sent to the user in order to avoid further deductions at standard rates.
  • The customers will be intimated of their 80% and 100% utility of the offer, so that the prompt action can be taken by the customers to avoid the standard rates.
  • In the case of resource consumption before the offer expires, a base rate of Rs 1/MB incl. tax will be applied till the package expires.
  • A supplementary package avoids accidental bearing of standard rates but can be availed off once a month
Supplementary Offer Supplementary Offer
  • 300 MBs of Data
  • Dial *503#
  • Validity 30 Days
  • There will be no Call setup charges applicable during this social offer.
  • Price and resources are variable based on location.


This social offer provides a gateway to unlimited connectivity on Facebook and WhatsApp with its generous 8 GBs of data exclusively allocated to these platforms. We know that you will not miss this extraordinary opportunity to increase your social media exposure. So, recharge your account with Rs.150/- load to say goodbye to data restrictions with monthly social extreme.

If you are thinking to reactivate your sim after reading this article, then you must also avail of the sim lagao offer first, that will provide you with free data and call resources for the next 2 months.

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