Telenor Number Check Code (Updated 2024) – How to Check Telenor Number Without Balance – Free Ways to Check Telenor Sim Number

Have you lost track of your Telenor SIM number? 

 تو پریشان ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں، کیونکہ ہم لائے ہیں آپکے لئے وہ تمام  طریقے جن سے آپ با آسانی اپنا ٹیلی نارنمبر حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔

Don’t worry, remain here with us and say goodbye to the frustration of not knowing your own number. We have covered some of the free ways to check the Telenor number by using the Telenor Number Check Code, plus some other authentic methods as well. So, let’s dive into the step-by-step process to unveil your lost Telenor identity with us.

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In this current article, we will get you through the various methods of checking the Telenor sim number if you have forgotten yours or if you have found any unknown lost sim. You can get it through the number checking code, via SMS/call, official website, or helpline. Any method that you want to go for, you can check its details in our article.

Telenor Number Check Code

Telenor cares for its customers and that is why it has given a free Telenor number check code for its customers dialing which they can very easily get that sim number. 

Telenor Number Check Code

  • Open the mobile dialer on your mobile gadget.
  • Dial the free Telenor number checking code *8888#.
  • A pop-up notification will appear on your mobile screen showing your sim number.
  • You can save this number for the future.

How to Check Telenor Number via SMS

Another code with the same response. 

Yes, you can either use the above method or this current method to receive the sim number shortly via SMS from the company. For this,

  • Open the regular text messaging app on your phone.
  • You don’t need to type any message there. 
  • Just send a blank SMS to 7421, and see the magic.
  • You will receive a message in which you will get the sim number.

You can also use this automatic response-generating code to call the operator to get the sim number (discussed next).

How to Check Telenor Number via Call

Free yourself from SMS sending (if you don’t like it) and make a simple call to the operator with the number provided next to get your Telenor sim number. This is a free method to check the number, so if you have found a sim unknown to you, you can still check its number with this call method.

How to Check Telenor Number via Call

The simple steps in this call method are:

  • Open the mobile dialer and dial the number checking auto-response number 7421.
  • The call will automatically disconnect after a few seconds and you will receive a message shortly.
  • The reply message that you will receive includes the number of that Telenor sim.

You can check the sim number multiple times with this auto-response generating call number. These above-discussed three methods or codes will give you the sim number details of any sim, whether your own or any ones else, free of cost. But you can use the methods below-mentioned according to your requirements and queries. 

How to Check Telenor Number via Telenor App

This method is only applicable if you have already signed up in the mobile app. Because new signup needs to enter the sim number before logging in to the home page where the number and other details are displayed, try this method only if you have already activated your Telenor app.

One can follow the below given easy and simple steps to know his/her Telenor Sim ka number ٹیلی نار سم کا نمبر جاننے کا طرہقہ for free:

  • Download and install the Telenor App from the Play Store or App Store (in the case of Apple iPhone).
  • Open the app and you will be redirected to the home page of the app (in case you have already made an account on the app).
  • Your sim number will be displayed on the top of the homepage of the app.

Remember this method will not cost any balance but you can only see the number if you have already logged into the account otherwise, you just need the number to sign up first. 

In some cases, the app automatically detects your number so you can try your luck here.

How to Check Details of Telenor Number via Website

If you want to check the number of that sim that was registered in your name, then you can know your sim number by following this simple website method. 

The simple and easy-to-go guide is:

  • Go to the official website of Telenor and scroll to the bottom.
  • There you will find a dark box showing you the title Telenor Customer Care.
  • Click on the customer care box and a new window will open that will take you to the chat page with the representative.

How to Check Details of Telenor Number via Website

  • Start the chat with the representative by filling in the mandatory blanks there.
  • He/she will ask you about some of your credentials, such as your name, your CNIC, and the IMSI number (that you will find on the Telenor sim card).
  • The representative will provide you with the details of that Telenor sim number only that is registered in your name and CNIC.

So, if you have found a lost sim and now you want to check the owner’s name, then you can check out the below method.

How to Check Telenor Sim Owner Name

If you have found an unknown Telenor sim and now you want to know its details such as the owner’s name or the sim number, then you must insert it into your mobile phone and follow the following steps to check the owner’s name.

  • Insert the sim on your mobile phone and activate it.
  • Don’t worry about the balance as this method doesn’t require balance.
  • Now open the messaging app on the phone and send a blank SMS to 667.
  • You will get the owner’s name of that particular Telenor sim within a few seconds.

If you have tried all the above methods and, unfortunately, they failed, then last but not least, this next method will surely help you to sort out your problem. You can check the wholesome details of your Telenor sim with this next method. 

How to Check Telenor Number via Telenor Helpline

So, if you have scrolled down enough, it can be because you have tried all the above methods and those were not worth it. But this will not be the case for sure, or maybe the codes will be changed by the company, as it has the exclusive right to change any taxes or codes at any time. But don’t worry, codes may change, but not us. We have brought for you the most authentic way of checking the sim number and other details.

How to Check Telenor Number via helpline

Follow the steps and get your queries done:

  • In order to go for this Helpline method, you need some mandatory credentials such as Your Name, Your CNIC, and the IMSI number printed on the back side of the Telenor sim card.
  • Collect this information beforehand so that you don’t need to hold the call to search for it during the call.
  • Once you are done with the information, pick up your phone and dial the Telenor customer helpline service on 345.
  • Follow the instructions carefully to connect with the operator.
  • Provide the operator with the required information that he/she will ask you.
  • After this, he’ll tell you about your Sim number. Save it there so that you will not forget it in the future.

This method will charge you some basic call tariffs. If you are not inclined to bear these call charges, then you can chat for free with the Telenor representative only if you have internet via the official website (discussed above).

If you have subscribed to any internet package, chances are that you may lose your balance while using the internet, so dial the balance save code to secure your account balance.

Terms and Conditions

  • The sim number can only be checked for the active sim; for the inactive sim, the methods may not work.
  • Telenor has the exclusive right to change the codes at any time. So don’t worry if any of the code doesn’t work. You can try other methods.
  • By calling the helpline 345, you can check the Telenor Sim Owner’s name, Telenor Number registered address, location of the number, and Telenor Sim.


As recently mentioned, codes can be changed by the company at any time, so the preferred method is by calling the helpline on 345 and all of your queries will be answered (whether it’s your number or a lost number). 

And if you have found your number and activated it after so long, then you must dial the sim lagao offer code to get free internet and on-net minutes for the next 2 months for free.

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