Telenor Starzplay Subscription and Unsubscription – Starzplay Charges Details

Starzplay, being a very famous and efficient live video streaming platform, provides access to a wide range of TV shows, movies, plays, and documentaries as well. Its customers, once activated by this offer, may not want to unsubscribe again. The only reason for its deactivation could be its cost, as one may only use it some of the time, but its subscription will cost you daily, weekly, or monthly.

Here Paktarrif brought easy Telenor Starzplay subscription and unsubscription methods and codes for its readers so they may not get bothered by Starzplay app charges.

Starzplay Subscription Details

Telenor charges you a reasonable Starzplay subscription on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The details are as follows:

Daily Starzplay Daily Starzplay
  • Validity 1 Day
Weekly Starzplay Weekly Starzplay
  • Validity 7 Days
Monthly Starzplay Monthly Starzplay
  • Validity 30 Days

telenor starzplay

The subscription and un-subscription methods are discussed further in this article. 

How to Subscribe Telenor Starzplay 

If you want to enjoy the amazing watchlist at Starzplay then follow these simple steps to activate your Telenor Starzplay subscription:

  • Open the Starzplay app on your mobile phone or on your browser.
  • Click on the “sign-up” option.
  • Enter your Telenor sim number and set a strong password.
  • Select any option from daily, weekly, or monthly validity options (A 7-day free trial is given on new subscriptions).
  • A confirmation message is sent to your sim in which a “CODE” is present. 
  • You will enter the sent code on the online portal. 
  • The charges will be deducted automatically until the user is subscribed to Starzplay by Cinepax.

telenor starzplay subscription

How to Unsubscribe Telenor Starzplay 

If you wish to unsubscribe from Telenor Starzplay to avoid further balance cuttings, then follow the deactivation steps below:

  • Sign in to the Starzplay app on your phone or through your browser.
  • Open “Settings” and then click on “Payments”.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Your Strazplay activation is now canceled and no further balance will be deducted.

Terms and Conditions

  • FED fees are 0% in Gilgit Baltistan and 19.5% in the rest of Pakistan.
  • After you register for the Service, your subscription will automatically renew for additional periods around each renewal date, unless you decide to cancel your Subscription.
  • For prepaid users, subscription fees are paid in advance. For post-paid customers, they appear on the final bill. 

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How do I change my password?

Follow the instructions on the screen after going to Settings>Profile. If you can't remember your password, click on "forgot password" on the login page and follow the directions.

How to delete a registered device on Starzplay?

To view all the registered devices associated with your account, log in and choose Settings>Devices. To uninstall the selected device, click the corresponding Delete icon. Every 30 days, you are permitted to delete one registered device.

How to remove TV shows and movies from “My List”?

Select the "My List" option if you are on the title description page. Depending on whether the title has been added or removed, it will alter to reflect this. If you are on the MOBILE APP's My List page:
  • Press Edit.
  • Decide which title(s) to delete.
  • Tap to delete.
If you are on the My List page in BROWSER:
  • Click over the title to delete.
  • Press Delete.

How to fix the error “ Email already exists”?

This indicates that the email address associated with the account already exists. If you can't remember your password, click on "forgot password" on the login page and follow the steps. A link to reset your password will be sent to you through email, and it will expire after two hours. You should check your spam folder if you don't receive it.

How to keep my Starzplay account secure?

Subscribers are advised to use strong passwords, change them frequently, and never share them with anybody.  Also, you should keep your device secure and contact to Starzplay immediately via our Contact us page if you see any unusual activity on your account.

How to share my activity on Starzplay with my friends and family?

Simply select a social networking channel by clicking the Share icon. Here you can discuss what you're seeing and what you think about it.

How to reactivate the Starzplay account?

You can reactivate your account by providing a valid payment method under Settings after logging in with your current account details.

How to deactivate my Starzplay account?

To deactivate your account, log in using your current account information and go to Settings>Payment where you can easily deactivate it.

How to signup for Starzplay account?

The only options for signing up are a browser or a mobile app. Simply follow the on-screen directions to set up your payment method and create an account. After registering, you can log in on any device connected.

How to reset the forgotten password?

  • Go to
  •  Press the "Forget Password" link.
  • Complete the procedures to change your password.

How to remove titles from my Watch list?

You can quickly remove titles from your Watch List:
  • Sign into your account on
  • Click on the "Watchlist" tab next to "Settings".
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the title you want to delete and click the trash can icon that appears.

How to set parental controls?

You will be asked to choose your initial Parental Control setting throughout the sign-up process. Once you've signed up, you can modify this whenever you want using the Settings menu.  

How to control how much data Starzplay uses?

You can manually choose the streaming quality in Settings to save data. Or even better, locate some WiFi.

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