Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB (Updated 2024) – Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees

In a time when communication lives on instant messages, having a reliable and affordable WhatsApp package is no doubt a blessing.

Telenor recognizes the need and importance of staying connected with enough data to remain connected throughout the month without fearing data loss. That’s why it has given a game changer “Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly” for those who enjoy unlimited chats, calls, and media sharing on WhatsApp. 

We all know that WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily interactions and there is a dire need for such affordable and user-friendly packages to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Among these super Telenor Internet Packages, the “Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB”, is an affordable and comprehensive solution.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB - Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 25 Rupees

We will cover two packages in this article so that you can choose whatever suits best according to your needs. Whether you’re a student sharing study material, a professional coordinating work tasks, or simply someone who loves staying in touch with friends and family, these packages offer an ample data allowance for your WhatsApp needs. It ensures that you can send messages, make calls, share photos, videos, and documents without the worry of data exhaustion.

In this article, we will cover the details related to this 4000MB WhatsApp Package and the Telenor WhatsApp Package 25 Rupees, their ease of activation, charges, and other terms and conditions.

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Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Details

Recognizing that WhatsApp has become more than just a messaging app, we are covering 2 amazing and affordable packages for you to share moments, coordinate your plans, and to stay connected. With these Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages, users have the opportunity to experience seamless communication without worrying about running out of data. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Monthly WhatsApp Package 25 Rupees

To keep a huge user base amused and connected, Telenor has introduced the Monthly WhatsApp Package at an affordable rate of 25 Rupees. This budget-friendly offer not only caters to WhatsApp enthusiasts but also aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of Telenor users.

This monthly bundle provides a generous data allowance of 4GB for WhatsApp activities, making it an ideal choice for users who rely heavily on this messaging app. One can use these 4000 MBs entirely for WhatsApp only. 

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB - Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees details

To enjoy this offer, users need to ensure a balance of at least Rs.30/- in their account, although the package is available at the minimum cost of only Rs.25/-. This is because you don’t have to face any problem while subscribing to the bundle due to changing govt. taxes. It is worth noting that the activation process is also very simple, which are discussing next. 

The details of the bundle are:

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package
  • 4 GB Data for WhatsApp
  • Dial *247#
  • Validity 30 Days

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees 

Telenor has made activation simple and easier with “My Telenor App”. With the latest enhancements in the “My Telenor App Offers”, users can activate the Monthly 4GB WhatsApp package in easy steps. 

You can follow these simple steps to activate this bundle:

  • Download and install the “My Telenor App”.
  • Go to the internet section within the app.
  • Locate the Monthly WhatsApp package.
  • Click on the “Activate” button.
  • The 4GB WhatsApp package is now at your fingertips.

If you want a quick short code for activation, you can go dialing the 25 Rupees Monthly WhatsApp Package code *247# and you are all set for your monthly enjoyment. 

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB - Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 25 Rupees code


  • Users can enjoy these 4000 MBs of WhatsApp for a span of 30 days.

To enjoy calls on a daily basis, subscribe to the Telenor 1 Day Call Package to make unlimited calls throughout the day.

2. Monthly Social Pack Plus

But if you are a WhatsApp enthusiast and a Facebook warrior too, then we have another package for you.

With this Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus, a comprehensive package is designed to increase your social experience. 

Priced at Rs.85/- including taxes, this monthly social package is tailored for those who want both social platforms at the same time.

With this bundle activation, you get an impressive data allocation of 4,000 MB dedicated exclusively to Facebook and WhatsApp. Whether you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or staying connected with friends on WhatsApp, this package ensures you have the data resources to stay engaged.

But that’s not all!

Expressing yourself becomes more dynamic with the inclusion of 1000 SMS in this package. Whether you’re sharing thoughts, updates, or simply reaching out to friends and family, the generous SMS allocation ensures you never run out of ways to communicate.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB details - Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees

The details of the bundle are:

Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus
  • 4 GB Data For WhatsApp and Facebook
  • 1000 SMS
  • Dial *660#
  • Validity 30 Days


  • The Monthly Social Pack Plus comes with a generous validity period of 30 days, providing subscribers with an uninterrupted social experience throughout the month.

Activation Code

  • Activating this feature-packed monthly social package is very easy. Simply dial the Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package 4000 MB code *660# to unlock More Se Zyada socializing.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB code - Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees

  • To quickly activate the offer on your prepaid number, you can enter your sim number on their official website. Just search the offer name on your browser and go to the official site to activate the offer. 

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB online activation- Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly Code 25 Rupees details

Status Check Code

Terms and Conditions

  • Resources and their validity from multiple subscriptions remain independent of each other. They will not merge, providing subscribers with distinct and separate allocations based on their subscriptions.
  • This package offers the flexibility of multiple subscriptions within its validity period. Subscribers can opt for the Monthly Social Pack Plus more than once during its validity.
  • Accessing another application or website may incur charges at the base rate, even if some data resources from the price plan/offer remain unused.
  • Packages are subject to change at any time.
  • Intimate messages regarding resource usage will be sent at 80% and 100% of consumption
  • A supplementary package is available to deal with accidental standard rate charging. Priced at Rs.6/-, it offers 300 MBs and can be used only once a month through the code *503#.
  • This data package is available in 2G/3G/4G network providing areas.
  • Data speed is subject to variation based on factors such as the type of phone, URLs accessed, busy hour logistics, network service provider, and location.
  • If the resources deplete before the package expires, customers will be charged Rs.1/MB, inclusive of tax, until the package’s expiration.
  • All Telenor GSM Prepaid customers are eligible for this offer. 
  • This package will not be automatically renewed once it expires.
  • Prices and resources may vary based on geographic location.


To beat inflation while providing the best value, these two monthly WhatsApp packages ensure affordability and provision of ample data resources to the customers. We have covered the details for these bundles and you have the right to freely activate any of the above bundles according to your needs. 

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