Tello Talk Money App Fb Biography (Earn Money)

People of Pakistan must know about the first ever social media app created in Pakistan that is Tello Talk Money App. 

We see several different message apps in the market. But none of them is as famous as WhatsApp. However, after the introduction of WhatsApp’s new policies and its link to Facebook, people are not happy about it.

Although WhatsApp reassured its users about the privacy and security of their data, still people do not rely on WhatsApp as they used to do in the past. Users have migrated to other alternatives that at least provide better security and privacy to their users.

Tello Talk app developed by a Pakistani software developer is the result of this change. Since Pakistanis are also not happy with the new policies of WhatsApp, Tello Talk is here to save them from this dissatisfaction.

Tello Talk is a messenger application just like other chat apps that provides a number of features. It is a social media app through which you cannot only contact your friends, family, and relatives but can also make new friends just like other chat apps. Other features of Tello Talk include chat rooms, stories, entertainment content, news channels, Desi stickers, and many other things.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Tello Talk allows you to send and receive messages, and share pictures, videos, bookmarks, and local language interfaces. You will be surprised to know that on Tello Talk you can also un-send chats, hide chats, and even scan QR codes.

The process for transmitting data, photos, videos, and other files is precisely the same as that of WhatsApp and other chat apps. Moreover, the technique of chat is quite streamlined and time-efficient.

Tello Talk Money App Fb Biography

Tello Talk is also a money app, which means it also allows you to make money. is the official website of Tello Talk, where you can download this app both for Android and iPhone users. You can also learn more about the amazing features of Tello Talk on their website. is another website to download Tello Talk Money App completely free. is not live right now. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can download the app completely free from the Play Store.

To begin the download, double-check the security settings of your mobile phone, and also allow APK to be downloaded from unknown sources. Follow the given steps to download the app:

  1. Go to Play Store on your mobile phone and search for Tello Talk.
  2. Click on Tello Talk app and start installing the app on your phone.
  3. Once installation is complete, open the app.
  4. Follow the steps to create your account on Tello Talk.
  5. Log into your Tello Talk account and start earning from it.

How To Earn Money From Tello Talk Application?

Earn Money From Tello Talk

Tello Talk app lets you earn money in a variety of ways. These earning methods are described below:

  • Get ready to win cash prizes from the Facebook page of Tello Talk if you successfully win countless quizzes on the page.
  • When you create an account on Tello Talk app, you will receive 50 rupees.
  • You can also get balance for free by completing free easy loads, for example Telenor, Zong, Jazz, and Ufone.

Invite And Win

Using Tello Talk you can win money by inviting your family and friends. When you invite your family and friends to Tello Talk app, and they sign up for Tello Talk, you win rupees 10 on each signup.

Earn Money From Stories

Uploading stories on Tello Talk also allows you to earn money. You will receive money when other users on Tello Talk will watch your stories. This feature is just like Facebook and YouTube. But to earn money for your stories, you must have numerous views on your stories.

Features Of Tello Talk Chat Application

Features Of Tello Talk


Tello Talk Messaging app presents you Pakistan’s first integrated free music in the latest app that permits you to stream outstanding songs that match your mood. Tello Talk chat app allows you to create the finest music in your very own notifying application.

Desi Stickers

Tello Talk is committed to serving you on every local, national, and international event.  Tello Talk Messaging app has an emerging library of Desi stickers that are completely free. These Desi stickers will allow you to make your communication faster, and much more fun.

Live News Channels And Information Sources

The messenger application Tello Talk lets you watch the latest news and information from all over the globe. Similarly, you can watch any kind of information that you like, for example, funny jokes, recipes, daily truths about data, expenses, and several other things.

Hide Chat

The best thing about Tello Talk is that it allows you to hide your chat. Tello Talk values your privacy a lot and allows you to hide your chat. If you do not want someone to visit your chat, you can remove that person from your chat in an instant.

Video Broadcast

You can watch live videos of any kind that you like on Tello Talk. Whether it’s news, your favorite shows on TVor any funny video, Tello Talk has it all for you.

Option To Un-send Messages

When you first heard about the option to un-send messages on WhatsApp, what was your response? You were much relieved, right? You get the same option to un-send a message on Tello Talk as well. The Tello Talk app takes great care of its users and provides them with all the options they ever wished for.

Islamic Content

Another good thing about Tello Talk is the availability of Islamic content. This app provides several Islamic services like Qibla Finder and you can also search mosques nearby through this app. You can also watch and share Islamic content like Islamic lectures, videos, and other information.

Business Channels

Tello Talk Messaging app is the first ever app in Pakistan that allows everyone from businesspersons to vast companies to change their outdated SMS-based notifications to totally rebuilt, safe, and free collaborative media notifying, alerts.

Mobile Games

Tello Talk has another exciting feature for game lovers. You can play exciting and versatile games on this chat application. For example, Partake is an amazing game that is full of fun.


To conclude, Tello Talk is the first ever social media chat app created by Pakistani developers. It has almost all the features that you get on WhatsApp, Facebook, or YouTube. Moreover, it also provides you with multiple opportunities to earn money.

We should encourage such initiatives taken by our people by using their apps and by also convincing others. In this way, we can promote local talent and in the future, we may see Mark Zuckerberg in Pakistan.


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