How to Top Up Daraz Wallet – How to Use Daraz Wallet Money

Are you tired of entering your card details every time you shop online? 

Or are you searching for a more convenient and secure way to make your online payments? 

Look no further. Daraz has the perfect solution for you the Daraz Wallet. This digital wallet is designed to simplify your payment process, making it not only easier but also safer and faster for you. With the Daraz Wallet, you can enjoy a great shopping experience and quick mobile top-ups. 

In this guide, we’ll guide you through the details of how to top up Daraz Wallet, whether you prefer using Easypaisa (Unblock EasyPaisa account in case you have blocked it), JazzCash, or your trusted bank account so that you can have the funds that you need for transactions. 

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - How to Use Daraz Wallet Money

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Let’s dive in and discover how to make your Daraz shopping experience even more convenient.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet

Utilizing the top up potential of your Daraz wallet is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to ensure your wallet is loaded and ready for transactions:

1. Sign In to Your Daraz Account

Begin by visiting the Daraz website and sign in with your credentials. Once logged in, go to the “Account” menu to access your wallet options.

2. Access Daraz Wallet

Within the “Account” menu, find and click on “Top Up” under the Daraz wallet section. You will be quickly redirected to the wallet management page.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - access daraz wallet

3. Initiate Deposit

On the wallet management page, you’ll find a “Deposit” button. Click on it to start the deposit process.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - initiate deposit

4. Specify Amount and Deposit Method

Enter the desired amount you wish to deposit into your Daraz wallet. Next, select your preferred deposit method from the available options. Once you have made your selections, confirm your choices by clicking the “Confirm” button.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - confirm deposit

5. Auto-Debit Agreement

To proceed, you’ll need to agree to an Auto-debit agreement. This is a necessary step for processing your deposit. In order to continue, simply click on the “Approve” button.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - Auto debit agreement

6. Request Approved

Upon clicking “Approve”, your Auto-debit request will be successfully approved. Confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - approve and OK

7. Link Your Easypaisa Account

Now, you have successfully linked your Easypaisa account with your Daraz wallet. To sum-up the whole procedure, click on the “Top Up Now” button.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - Top up now

8. Congratulations!

You have successfully deposited funds into your Daraz wallet. It will open the door to a world of convenient and hassle-free transactions. Click “Done” to complete the process.

How to Top Up Daraz Wallet - Done

With your Daraz wallet now loaded, you are all set to enjoy a seamless shopping experience and quick mobile top-ups. 

Happy Shopping Readers!

Daraz Wallet Basics – Making Your Shopping Easier

  • Exclusive Bonus Offers: Daraz Wallet isn’t just a convenient payment method; it also comes with exclusive bonus offers. By participating in these special promotions throughout the season, you can receive a bonus amount in your wallet. The best part is activating your Wallet immediately rewards you with a surprise bonus of up to Rs.200/-.

Daraz Wallet Basics - Making Your Shopping Easier

  • Never Miss Flash Sales: With Daraz Wallet, you will not have to worry about missing out on flash sales. It ensures you are always ready to grab those limited-time deals.
  • Faster Refunds: Processing refunds is very easy when you use Daraz Wallet.

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How to Activate Daraz Wallet

  • Access Wallet: To get started, tap on the Wallet icon located in the top-right corner of the Daraz online shopping app.
  • Log In: Simply log in to your existing Daraz account.
  • Activate & Deposit: Click on the “Activate & Deposit” option within the wallet section.
  • Verification: You will need to verify your phone number by entering the SMS code sent to your registered device.

How to Activate Daraz Wallet

How to Deposit in Daraz Wallet?

  • Click on the Deposit: Start by accessing your Daraz account and searching for the Daraz Wallet Section. You’ll find an option labeled “Deposit”. Click on it to perform further deposit steps.

How to Deposit in Daraz Wallet - click on the Deposit

  • Enter the Amount you want to Deposit: Next, you’ll need to specify the amount you wish to deposit into your Daraz Wallet. Enter the desired amount accurately.

How to Deposit in Daraz Wallet - Enter the desired amount

  • Select the Deposit method: Daraz offers various deposit methods for your convenience. Choose the deposit method that suits you best from the available options.

How to Deposit in Daraz Wallet - Select the payment method


  • Please keep in mind that there is a maximum deposit limit of Rs.50,000/- per transaction.
  • International Bank Cards are not currently available as a top-up option for your Daraz Wallet.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly deposit money into your Daraz Wallet, making your online shopping experience on Daraz even more convenient and enjoyable.

How to use Daraz Wallet Money?

How to use Daraz Wallet Money

  • Cart Selection: Once you have activated and deposited money into your Daraz wallet, simply add the products you wish to purchase to your cart.
  • Payment Method: During checkout, choose Daraz Wallet as your preferred payment method.
  • Top-Up Option: If your wallet balance is insufficient to cover the full cart amount, then no worries! You can conveniently top up your wallet right at the checkout to complete your purchase.

How to Refund Daraz Payment

How to Refund in Daraz Wallet

  • Balance Details: Go to the “Balance Details” section, which you can find on the main Wallet page.
  • Withdraw Refunds: Within the Refunds section, select “Withdraw Refunds”.
  • Bank Selection: Choose your preferred bank and provide the necessary account details where you’d like your refund to be deposited.
  • Email Verification: Verify your details through email.
  • Confirm Withdrawal: Once you’ve submitted your withdrawal request, your refund balance will be temporarily frozen in your wallet. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use this balance for any purchases after the withdrawal request.


Activate your Daraz Wallet today for a hassle-free shopping experience and make the most of the 11.11 sale! You can utilize the funds in your Daraz Wallet by simply selecting it as your payment method during checkout. And in case your wallet falls short of balance, you have the option to top it up during the checkout process. 

Can you withdraw money from Daraz wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Daraz wallet, but only the amount that has been refunded is eligible for withdrawal. The funds that have been deposited cannot be withdrawn. To withdraw, you'll need to enter your IBAN (24 Alphanumeric Characters) in the account number field.

What is Daraz wallet top-up?

Daraz wallet is a convenient, secure, and user-friendly digital payment method designed to enhance your online shopping experience at Daraz. With Daraz wallet, you can purchase from a vast selection of over a million products, instantly top up your mobile credit, and even buy games, gift cards, and vouchers.

How can I deposit money from Daraz wallet to Easypaisa or JazzCash?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly transfer money from your Daraz wallet to Easypaisa or JazzCash accounts, as they are not among the listed banks on Daraz. However, you have the option to transfer money from your Daraz wallet to your bank account and then proceed to transfer it to your Easypaisa or JazzCash accounts.

Is Daraz wallet safe?

Yes, Daraz takes safety and security seriously. The platform has implemented advanced security measures to protect your financial information and transactions. Additionally, Daraz has a strong purchase protection policy to safeguard customers against fraud.

What are the payment options for Daraz?

Daraz offers a variety of payment methods to accommodate your preferences. You can make payments using the following options:
  • Easypaisa Mobile Account.
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • HBL Direct Transfer.
  • Daraz Wallet.
  • JazzCash Mobile Account.
  • Easy Monthly Installments.
  • COD (Cash on Delivery).

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