Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan – Latest Ways of Tracking a Mobile Number (2023)

In this era of technology, where people are getting more and more socialized and civilized but along with these advancements people are also facing some problems because of an increment in the unknown number of calls or security issues. There could be any reason you want to trace mobile number in Pakistan whether with name, address, or CNIC even if you have lost your phone then you can trace your phone as well.

Now in 2023, this is very easy to trace a mobile number or your mobile phone and even the network that a suspicious caller is using. Here we have provided some methods that you can use and track mobile numbers and details.

How to Trace a Mobile Number in Pakistan

The support of internet phone directory services makes it simple to find a phone number. This service is being offered for the networks operating and registered in Pakistan. All Pakistani phone numbers are fully available in the databases of online phone directories. They are regularly updating their system to assist their clients by giving them accurate and up-to-date information. Simply input the mobile number you wish to trace into the website search box, and you’ll be able to find out all the details about that person quickly.

Best Free Mobile Number tracker in 2023

trace mobile number in Pakistan

A phone number lookup- NumLooker is just an automated way of finding all details associated with a phone number; just like phone directories in the past. The service activates and searches its database, which has several publicly available records on phone numbers, as soon as you input the number into the search bar on NumLooker and click “Search Now”. The results are sent in a matter of minutes. Names, ages, social media accounts, cities, states, the area code where the number was registered, and much more can be retrieved from the NumLooker search results completely free.

Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

If you are concerned about your loved ones related to security purposes and want to track them to get in touch anonymously, then submit their phone numbers to Mobile Number Tracker- FindandTrace and stay up-to-date with their current location.

Mobile Number Tracker by FindandTrace is linked with google Maps which helps you trace the mobile number’s exact location on the map with location, SIM card owner details, and IP address for free. The best thing about this free software is that you can track mobile number even in neighboring countries as well.

trace mobile number in Pakistan

How to Know the Number of Registered Sims

If you want the details of the Ufone, Jazz, Zong, and Telenor sim issued against your CNIC, then send a blank message to 667 and get details of the active sims on your CNIC.

There are a lot of other ways of tracing or tracking mobile number details but we have provided you with some handy and reliable methods which you can use easily and quickly.

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