Ufone Balance Save Code 2023 – Ufone Balance Save Krny Ka Tarika Aur Code

Again Balance Lost? Don’t Panic. We have the Ufone Balance Save Code!

Ufone has provided amazing internet bundles to its customers, and this problem arises when they use these bundles and they get shocked when their balance finishes up without even utilizing it. 

People are worried about why their balance gets lost while they use the internet on the packages already subscribed to. So, we have covered all the reasons, facts, causes, and methods to deal with this balance loss problem.

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                                  کیا آپ تیار ہیں اپنا بیلنس بچانے کے لئے؟                                                           

                                    Let’s dive into further details.

Why is Your Ufone Sim Balance Deducted?

The mobile network users claim that only one network, other than Ufone, offers a code for preventing their balance from being used up while using internet packages. But Ufone claims that:

“Ufone is already providing Balance Save service that only allows internet usage from the bundle and saves your mobile balance. Please dial *6611# free of cost to subscribe and follow the instructions to unsubscribe Ufone Balance Save service.”

So here comes the reason why the balance gets deducted, although people are not using it. Basically, it is because of the fact that whenever your activated package expires and you still use data MBs, then the network starts charging them from your balance. Hence, you lost your balance without making any calls.

But no worries, we are present here to sort out this problem by providing some simple tricks and codes.

Ufone Balance Save Method – یوفون بیلنس سیو کرنے کا طریقہ

Every person who is a Ufone user is worried that his/her sim balance is deducted without making any calls or SMS. You are surely here to know the Ufone balance save krny ka tarika. 

Well, for this you need a balance save code, dialing which you will be tension free and your balance will not be lost afterward. You can also go for calling customer service to activate the balance lock offer on your sim.

Any method that you follow will lead you to save your sim recharge while using the internet. 

Below here in this article, we have covered the ways to save your balance from finishing up. Furthermore, the unsubscription code and method are also listed here so that you can save it for later use when you need to deactivate the service. 

Ufone Balance Lock Code

For Ufone users, the operator has provided a code to make its customers exclude the balance-cutting problem while using up the internet package that they have already activated.

Ufone Balance Lock Code

For this, you need to dial up the balance lock code *3344# and then follow the next appeared instructions on the main screen to save up your balance from any kind of extra or illogical deductions.

If this code does not work for you, you can go for the other options as well, covered next in this article.

Ufone Balance Save Code

To save your balance in your sim account, you need to dial the balance save code *6611#. Dialing this code will instantly lock your balance and now you can use the internet packages without worrying about any balance lost on the expiration of the package.

Ufone Balance Save Code

How to Activate Ufone Balance Save Service from Code

In order to activate the service via code, follow the steps given next in this article:

  • Dial the recharge lock code *6611# from the dial pad of your mobile phone.
  • Follow the appeared instructions on the screen by pressing the OK button.
  • There you will get two options either to choose from “1 or 2”.
  • For a subscription to the offer, go clicking option “1”.

Activate Ufone Balance Save Service from Code

  • You will receive a confirmation text that the service is activated on your sim.

Balance Lock Service Code Charges

  • This service is available to all customers at the charge of Rs.0.05/-.

Ufone Balance Save Service via Call

The balance save service code provided above is a foolproof way of locking your sim balance but as the operator has the right to change the codes and taxes at any time, so might be possible that this first method fails sometimes. But our readers need not worry.

کیونکہ ہم لا رہے ہیں آپکے لئے یوفون بیلنس سیو کال سروس جہاں آپ بنا کسی بھی پریشانی کے یوفون کسٹمر سروس سے بذریعہ کال یہ سروس حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔

So, you just need to follow the below-described instructions to get your balance lock service activated without any worries. 

How to Activate the Balance Save Service via Call?

We have provided this simple and easy-to-follow guide here, following which you will easily get subscribed to the balance lock service:

  • Open your mobile dial pad and dial the customer service code 333 or call 033-11-333-100.

Activate the Balance Save Service via Call

  • Follow the steps that you will hear to connect to the agent.
  • Ask the agent to activate your balance save service on your sim.
  • The agent will activate the service after confirming the terms and conditions with you.
  • Then, you will receive a confirmation message that your balance save service is activated.
  • There you go. Now you can use the internet without worrying about the balance lost.

How to Deactivate Balance Save Service – Unsubscription Code

If you are no longer interested in activating this service and want to utilize your balance after the expiry of the packages, then you need to get unsubscribed from the service first. 

  • For this, dial the same service code *6611# from your mobile dial pads.
  • After dialing the code, two options will appear on the mobile screen from which you have to choose.
  • In order to deactivate this balance lock service, go for option “2”.
  • You will get a confirmation message from the operator that you have unsubscribed from the service.

Terms and Conditions

  • This balance-saving service will charge its user an amount of Rs.0.05/- every time a user subscribes to this service.
  • This service is for all prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • Every customer who activates the balance saver of his/her sim implies that he/she abides by all the rules and regulations imposed by the government and the company.
  • Only use those sims that are biometrically verified.


We are sure that after reading our article, your balance will now be saved from any extra or unwilling deductions and you will do prior settings to save it to enjoy your favorite subscribed internet packages. Just in case you face any problems, feel free to ask us. We will help you for sure.

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How to save Ufone balance?

You must dial the Ufone balance saver code *6611# to save your balance.

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