Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer (Updated 2024) – Mega Discount up to Rs.500 on Ufone Wi-Fi Device Reactivation

The Wake-Up Call for All Dormant Ufone Users! 

The Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer has arrived to reignite your connection with an irresistible incentive. Get ready to experience an exclusive Rs.500 discount on each of the monthly packages upon reactivation of the device. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to reconnect and enjoy a seamless internet experience. 

Remember, this offer can only be activated for those devices that were previously in use and have now been deactivated for the last 60 days. If you’re unsure of your Ufone number, no worries! Learn how to check your Ufone number easily and stay connected effortlessly with this incredible offer.

Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer resources

Ufone believes in rewarding loyalty, and the Blaze Reactivation Offer is a testament to this commitment. By reactivating your Ufone connection, you not only acquire access to incredible discounts but also to other amazing internet offers

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Another discounted offer with mega offerings is the Ufone Weekly Digital Offer, which is now available at an exclusive discounted price. You can check other discounted offers at PakTarrif.

So unlock a world of convenience and connectivity without breaking the bank. In this article, we have covered the packages’ plan, actual/discounted prices, activation code, and procedure to get back to your Ufone Charji device.

Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer Details

The Ufone Device Reactivation Offer aims to provide a warm welcome to all those who have been disconnected from the network. Whether you were occupied with other responsibilities or simply took a break from your Charji device, Ufone understands and is ready to accommodate your return with exclusive rewards.

Upon reactivation, you can avail yourself of a generous Rs.500 discount on each of the 3 exciting monthly packages offered for the WiFi device. This means that you get to enjoy more for less on the data resources offered. 

So, if you have not used your Blaze 4G Device for the last 60 days, then reactivate it now and get a mega discount of Rs.500 on each monthly offer.

The details of the reactivation offer’s mega discount are:

Ufone Blaze 4G 120 GB Ufone Blaze 4G 120 GB
  • 120 GB of Data including 60 GB from 1 AM to 1 PM
  • Dial *7073#
  • Validity 30 Days
Ufone Blaze 4G 200 GB Ufone Blaze 4G 200 GB
  • 200 GB of Data including 100 GB from 1 AM to 1 PM
  • Dial *7074#
  • Validity 30 Days
Ufone Blaze 4G 300 GB Ufone Blaze 4G 300 GB
  • 300 GB of Data including 150 GB from 1 AM to 1 PM
  • Dial *7075#
  • Validity 30 Days

Ufone Blaze Monthly Package Current Charges

With this discounted offer, the new/current charges of the 3 monthly bundles are as follows:

  • Previously, the Ufone Blaze 120 GB package was priced at Rs.2199/-. However, with the exciting new reactivation offer, you can now enjoy this package at a discounted price of Rs.1699/- only. 
  • The Ufone Blaze 200 GB bundle was Rs.2499/- and now, after the discount, it is Rs.2199/- only.
  • Likewise, the Ufone Blaze 300 GB bundle stands at the price of Rs.2499/- only that was previously Rs.2999/-.

Ufone Blaze Reactivation Offer discounts

So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to reconnect at unbeatable rates.

 How to Activate the Blaze Reactivation Offer?

  • Activate your deactivated Blaze device for the last 60 days.
  • Dial the USSD *3045# from your blaze number (customer number provided at the time of activation).
  • Hit “1” to subscribe to the MBB Bundles.
  • Now reply with “4” to activate the Blaze Reactivation Offer.
  • Here, you will get the monthly packages. You can activate any bundle from 120 GB, 200 GB, and 300 GB of your choice.
  • You will get a Rs. 500/- discount on reactivating the Ufone Charji device via Blaze Reactivation Offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • To subscribe to these fantastic offers, you have two convenient options – visit Ufone Retailers or use the Self-Service Menu by dialing *3045# from your Ufone Registered alternate mobile number. Follow the simple steps for offer activation: Choose option 1 for “Subscribe MBB Bundle”, then select option 4 for “Blaze Reactivation Offers (120GBs/200GBs/300GBs)”.
  • Enjoy the benefits of each bundle for a generous 30-day period, ensuring ample time to make the most of your high-speed internet. Plus, you’ll have access to 50% of the bundle volume during 1 AM – 1 PM.
  • With the Blaze Reactivation Offers, if you re-subscribe before the bundle expiry, any remaining resources will accumulate and roll over to the next validity.


The Ufone Blaze Reactivation Bundle is a remarkable initiative to welcome back valued customers who have been away for the last 60 days. With an exclusive Rs.500 discount on each of its 3 packages, Ufone goes the extra mile to ensure your return is worthwhile. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to reconnect and enjoy the discounts that Ufone offers. 


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