Ufone Free Fire Package (Updated 2024) – Ufone Daily, Weekly, Monthly Free Fire Package Code, Details, and Charges 

If you are a gamer, then make your Free Fire experience the best one with the exclusive Free Fire Packages.

In a world where everyone wants affordable gaming packages to spend their free time, Ufone emerges as the ultimate solution for Free Fire lovers with a range of “Ufone Free Fire Package”. These aren’t just data plans like other Ufone Internet Packages; they are a door to an unparalleled gaming experience for you in your free time.

Whether you’re a daily gamer, prefer a weekly gaming challenge, or want to fulfill your monthly gaming quests, Ufone has tailored its packages to suit everyone according to his gaming style. 

Let us explore the codes, details, and charges that make these Free Fire Packages the ultimate choice for gamers.

It’s time to take your gaming to the next level with Ufone Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Free Fire Package.

Ufone Free Fire Package Details

We have covered here three exclusive packages for the Free Fire lovers. These packages are tailored for all the gaming enthusiasts who want to play on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These packages promise an unparalleled gaming experience with seamless connectivity with a host of other perks as well. 

Let’s discuss their details one by one.

Ufone Daily Free Fire Offer

For the avid Free Fire warriors who crave game on a daily basis, Ufone presents the Daily Free Fire Offer.

It is a gateway to uninterrupted gaming adventures. For just Rs.12/- including tax, this exclusive package brings you 750 MB of internet data, comprising 250 MB for regular usage and an additional 500 MB dedicated exclusively to Free Fire.

Ufone Free Fire Package - Ufone Daily Free Fire Package

This package ensures that your gaming excitement lasts for a full 24 hours, providing ample time to accomplish your in-game quests.

The details of the offer are:

Daily Free Fire Offer Daily Free Fire Offer
  • 750 MB Data including 250 MB Internet & 500 MB Free Fire
  • Dial *8080#
  • Validity 1 Day

Offer Charges

  • For the budget-conscious gamers, Ufone has this Daily Free Fire Offer at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs.12/- including tax .

In case you want to check your remaining balance so that you can subscribe to any bundle, then seek help from our guide about How to Check Ufone balance.


  • With this 24 hours package, gaming enthusiasts share a full 24 hours excitement.

If you are a PUBG lover, then we have an exclusive Ufone Daily PUBG Offer for you.

Activation Code

  • Activating the Daily Free Fire Offer is as simple as dialing the code *8080#. Upon dialing this code, you will instantly unlock a world filled with endless gaming possibilities.

Ufone Free Fire Package - Ufone Daily, Weekly, Monthly Free Fire Package code

  • Moreover, you can subscribe to it via the official Ufone website. 

Ufone Weekly Free Fire Offer

For those who desire extended gaming sessions, Ufone has a week-long gaming package – Ufone Weekly Free Fire Offer.

Priced at a load of Rs.60/- including tax, this exclusive offer provides a generous internet allocation of 5 GB, with 1 GB dedicated to regular usage and an impressive 4 GB exclusively reserved for Free Fire

Ufone Free Fire Package - Ufone Weekly, Free Fire Package

As it is valid for 7 days, it ensures that your gaming excitement lasts throughout the week.

The details of the offer are:

Weekly Free Fire Offer Weekly Free Fire Offer
  • 5 GB Data including 1 GB Internet & 4 GB Free Fire
  • Dial *8080#
  • Validity 7 Day

Offer Charges

  • For a mere Rs.60/- load, you can unlock the gateway to 5 GB of internet data for the whole week. This affordable charge ensures that your weekly gaming delight comes without breaking the bank.

To check your balance, dial the Ufone balance check code.


  • You can enjoy uninterrupted Free Fire gameplay for a full seven days with this weekly package. The data will be available for a validity of a week that ends at 11:59:59 PM on the 7th day.  

Activation Code

  • To activate the Weekly Free Fire Offer, dial the Ufone Free Fire Package code *8080#. 
  • Moreover, you can search for this package on your browser to activate it online via the official website. 

Ufone Free Fire Package - Ufone Daily, Weekly, Monthly Free Fire Package online activation

Dial the Ufone Number Check Code to get your sim number in case you didn’t remember it.

Ufone Monthly Free Fire Offer

An exclusive package designed for devoted Free Fire enthusiasts. So, prepare yourself for a month-long gaming delight with Ufone’s Monthly Free Fire Offer.

Priced at a load of Rs.100/- including tax, this offer brings an expansive internet allocation of 10 GB, ensuring that your gaming experience is not only seamless but also packed with thrilling adventures.

Ufone Free Fire Package - Ufone Monthly Free Fire Package

Valid for a generous 30 days, this monthly bundle is your ticket to a month filled with victories and rankings.

The details of the offer are:

Monthly Free Fire Offer Monthly Free Fire Offer
  • 10 GB Data 
  • Dial *8080#
  • Validity 30 Days

Offer Charges

  • Experience a month-long gaming with this bundle for just Rs.100/- load. This unbeatable price tag ensures that your gaming adventure doesn’t break the bank.

In case you ran short of balance, then get an advance balance by dialing the Ufone Loan Code.


  • You can conquer new levels and achieve gaming milestones for a full 30 days until midnight 11:59:59 PM of the 30th day with this monthly package.

Activation Code

  • You can activate this package by simply dialing the Ufone Free Fire Package code *8080#. Say goodbye to data restrictions and hello to a seamless gaming experience.

Terms and Conditions

  • The prices mentioned for these Free Fire Packages are all-inclusive of taxes.
  • The maximum available internet speed for bucket subscribers is provided, although actual speed may vary based on factors such as location, time, device specifications, web pages accessed, and the number of subscribers sharing the network.
  • Note that all WhatsApp calls will be deducted from your allocated data bucket resources, allowing you to manage your usage effectively.
  • Free Fire Packages are exclusively designed for prepaid customers.
  • Stay informed about your remaining resources within the buckets by simply dialing the Ufone remaining MBs check code *706#.
  • Each gaming session reserves a portion of your data volume to enhance your overall gaming experience.
  • Upon the expiry of your data bucket, subsequent gaming sessions will be charged separately at the default mobile package rate.
  • After exhausting the allocated volume in your offer, internet usage will remain active and will be charged at the default tariff of Rs.2.75 + Tax per MB. So, dial the Ufone balance save code to save your balance from accidental cuttings.

If you want to deactivate the offer, then dial the Ufone All Packages unsubscribe code to deactivate the bundle as per your requirements.


Now that you have gained details about all of the daily, weekly, or monthly Free Fire Ufone packages, you are well equipped with the data allocations, validity, charges, and activation codes of them. So, pick up your mobile phone and dial the Free Fire Package code *8080# to indulge yourself in the never ending charm of battle and victories.

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