Ufone Free Minutes Code (Updated 2024) – Ufone Free Minutes Packages

Remember when talking on the phone with someone special could make your day? Well, guess what? You can still enjoy those heartwarming conversations, and it won’t cost you.

In today’s world, where texting is the norm, we sometimes forget the joy of a good old-fashioned phone call. But Ufone, known for keeping people connected, wants to bring back that magic. That’s why it has come up with a special Ufone Free Minutes Code that gives you free talk time, and it’s making everyone smile in 2023.

In this article, we will guide you through all the Ufone Internet Packages, share their codes, and show you how to make the most of these offers.

Ufone Free Minutes Code Details

Ufone offers several straightforward ways for you to earn these free minutes. Let’s explore these methods one by one in detail:

Ufone’s Loyalty Program – Ufone U-Top

Ufone’s U-Top program is your ticket to a treasure of free minutes. It’s a loyalty program that rewards you for your loyalty to the network. To start earning free minutes through U-Top, follow these simple steps:

  • To kick-start your journey to free minutes, dial the Ufone Free Minutes Code *225# from your prepaid sim card.
  • Every time you recharge your balance or make a bill payment, you’ll get points. The more you recharge, the more points you collect.

Promotional Packages

Aside from the U-Top loyalty program, Ufone frequently gives promotional packages. These packages are designed to offer you free minutes, SMS, and data for a limited time. The specific code to activate these packages is typically mentioned in the promotional offer details. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy additional free minutes while staying within your budget.

Please keep in mind that these promotional offers are subject to terms and conditions, and may have a limited duration. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these exciting promotions as they come and go.

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer

This is a special promotion designed to welcome back customers who haven’t used their Ufone sim cards for more than 30 days. This offer not only provides free data but also offers free minutes and SMS. It’s a fantastic way to rejoin the Ufone family. 

Ufone Sim Lagao offer resources

Here’s what you can get after reactivating your sim:

  • Internet Data: Upon reactivation, you’ll receive 8000 MB of internet data in 2 cycles.
  • On-Net Minutes: The most important offering of this package is the 6000 U2U and PTCL Minutes that are awarded in pieces of 100 minutes daily.
  • SMS: It also includes 6000 SMS, which allows you to remain connected via text messages.
  • Activation Code: To activate the Ufone Sim Lagao Offer, dial the Ufone Sim Lagao offer code *5000# from your prepaid sim card.
Sim Lagao Offer Sim Lagao Offer
  • 8 GB Data
  • 6000 On-Net Minutes
  • 6000 SMS
  • Dial *5000#
  • Validity 60 Days

If you have lost your sim number, then dial the Ufone number check code to get your sim number in easy steps.

Ufone Power Hour Offer

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to stay connected for a shorter duration, Ufone 1 Hour Call Package is a perfect choice. This package offers a bundle of resources that you can enjoy within one hour of activation. 

Ufone Power Hour Offer - Ufone 1 Hour Call Package resources

Here are the complete details for the 1 hour power bundle:

  • Internet Data: You’ll receive 60 MB of internet data, allowing you to browse, chat, and stay updated online.
  • On-Net Minutes: It provides you with 60 minutes for Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls. Connect with your friends and family without worrying about call charges.
  • SMS: The package also includes 60 SMS, enabling you to send text messages to your loved ones.
  • Activation Code: To activate the package, simply dial the Ufone 1 Hour Call Package code *99# from your Ufone prepaid sim card.
Power Hour Power Hour
  • 60 MB Internet
  • 60 On-Net Minutes for U-U & PTCL 
  • 60 SMS
  • Dial *99#
  • Validity 1 Hour

This is the best choice for those moments when you need a burst of connectivity and don’t want to commit to a long-term package. Whether it’s a short business call or catching up with a friend, this package ensures you have the resources you need, right when you need them.

Ufone Nayi Sim Offer

Are you a new Ufone customer who is eager to explore the world of connectivity? 

Ufone has a special treat for you with the Ufone Nayi Sim Offer. This offer is designed to make your initial experience with Ufone enjoyable and cost-effective. 

Ufone Nayi Sim Offer details

Here’s what you get after purchasing a new sim:

  • Data Bundle: By simply dialing the activation code *1000#, new customers will receive a generous data bundle of 4 GB. This includes 1 GB for WhatsApp and another 1 GB for Facebook, allowing you to stay connected on your favorite social platforms.
  • Ufone Free Minutes: The offer also includes 1000 minutes for Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls, ensuring you can chat with your friends and family without any worries.
  • Eligibility: To take advantage of this free offer, customers must avail it within 30 days of their BVS (Biometric Verification System) registration.
Nayi Sim Offer Nayi Sim Offer
  • 4 GB of Data including 1 GB for Facebook + 1 GB for WhatsApp
  • 1000 On-Net Minutes
  • Dial *1000#
  • Validity 7 Days

It’s a fantastic way for new customers to experience the Ufone network without any charges.

Daily Free Minutes Packages

For many of us, daily communication is essential. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, having some free minutes each day can make a significant difference. 

Here are some of the popular daily packages offering free minutes:

1. Super Recharge Offer

This package is perfect for those who require a comprehensive daily package.

  • It offers 300 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 700 SMS, and 100 MB of free internet data for two days.
  • To activate this package, all you need to do is dial *300# and the offer will be activated at the rate of Rs.70/- for two days.
Super Recharge Offer Super Recharge Offer
  • 100 MB Data
  • 300 On-Net Minutes
  • 20 Off-Net Minutes 
  • 700 SMS
  • Dial *300#
  • Validity 2 Days

2. Super Minutes Offer

If you’re looking for a quick top-up of minutes, the Ufone Super Minutes Offer has you covered.

Ufone Super Minutes Offer resources- Ufone Weekly Call Package Details

  • It provides 190 All Network Minutes for 7 days, ensuring you stay connected.
  • To activate this package, simply dial *210# @ Rs.190/- load for 7 days from your Ufone prepaid SIM card.
Super Minutes Offer Super Minutes Offer
  • 190 All Network Minutes
  • Dial *210#
  • Validity 7 Days

3. Daily Pakistan Offer

This package is tailored for those who want a balanced mix of minutes and data.

  • It includes 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes and 10 MB of internet data for one day.
  • To activate this package, dial the Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer code *888# at the rate of Rs.21/- including tax, and *8880# to deactivate it from your Ufone prepaid SIM card.
Daily Pakistan Offer Daily Pakistan Offer
  • 10 MB Data
  • 100 On-Net Minutes
  • Dial *888#
  • Validity 1 Days

Dial the Ufone balance save code to secure your balance in any way while using mobile data.

24-Hour Free Minutes to Any Network

For some, the need to stay connected transcends network boundaries. Ufone understands this and offers packages that provide free minutes to any network around the clock. Here are some noteworthy packages in this category:

Ufone Super Card 849

The Ufone Super Card Max is a popular choice for those seeking extended connectivity without worrying about minute-by-minute charges.

Ufone Super Card Max

  • With this card, you receive 5000 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 350 off-net minutes, 4500 SMS, and a substantial 10 GB of internet data for 30 days.
  • This all-in-one package is designed to cater to your communication needs without the hassle of daily activations.
Super Card Max Super Card Max
  • 10 GB Data
  • Unlimited On-Net Minutes
  • 350 Free Off-Net Minutes
  • Unlimited SMS 
  • Dial *629#
  • Validity 30 Days

Ufone Super Card 1299

If you need even more minutes and data, the Ufone Super Card Gold has got you covered.

Ufone Super Card Gold details

  • It includes 7500 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 600 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, and a generous 30 GB of internet data for 30 days.
  • This package provides you with ample talk time and data to stay connected throughout the month.
Super Card Gold Super Card Gold
  • 30 GB Internet
  • Unlimited On-Net Minutes
  • 600 Off-Net Minutes
  • Unlimited SMS 
  • Dial *900#
  • Dial *3*2# to activate it for a loved one
  • Validity 30 Days

These 24-hour free-minute packages from Ufone are ideal for those who make frequent and extended calls to any network. 

More Ways to Get Free Minutes on Ufone

Ufone values its customers and offers various ways to earn free minutes. 

Here are some options to consider to get free minutes on Ufone:

  • Ufone Loyalty Program: It is known as Ufone U-Top, which rewards customers for their loyalty. By dialing *225# and following the on-screen instructions, you can earn points for every recharge or bill payment. These points can be used for free Ufone SMS, minutes, and internet data.
  • Promotional Packages: Ufone occasionally introduces promotional packages that include free minutes, SMS, and data. To activate these packages, dial the specific code mentioned in the promotional offer details. Keep an eye out for these limited-time offers to enjoy extra benefits.
  • Account Creation Bonus: When you create a personal account on Ufone Self-Care, you can receive a bonus of 10 free on-net minutes. This account allows you to manage various services, including viewing call details, changing your tariff plan, and subscribing to Value Added Services (VAS).
  • Best Call Offer: It is perfect for those looking for extended talk time at an affordable rate. For just Rs.8.5/- (including taxes), you can enjoy unlimited Ufone to Ufone and PTCL minutes for 2 hours. To activate this offer, dial *343# or use the My Ufone app.

These additional options provide flexibility and choice when it comes to earning and using free minutes on Ufone. Whether you prefer loyalty rewards, limited-time promotions, or affordable talk time, Ufone has something for everyone in any case.


We have covered every possible package and promotional offer that can provide you with Free Minutes on Ufone. As soon as we get to know more about these offers, we will extend our list.

Dial the Ufone status check code to check the consumption and remaining free minutes and other resources.


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