Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer (Updated 2023) – Prepaid Data Roaming For KSA Details, Charges, Validity, & Activation Code


                                  اب رہیں دوران حج اپنوں سے رابطے میں یوفون حج ڈیٹا رومنگ آفر سے

Ufone, the third largest mobile operator is offering the no.1 Pakistan and Saudi Arabia Hajj Offer, with the mission of being the best travel companion for U. On knowing the cheapest rates that the package has, you will definitely want to activate the Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer during your stay for Hajj. 

Hajj Data Roaming Offer

The offer is designed such that the Hajis will have the best experience during their holy journey of pilgrimage. It has also launched its data roaming offers for Umrah as well as for UAE & Saudi Arabia prior to this offer.

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With this prepaid data roaming offer for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hajis can easily share photos and make audio/video calls to their friends and family in Pakistan to share their blessings with them virtually.

In this article, we have covered all the details regarding Hajj Data Roaming Offer; including the validity, offered buckets/incentives, charges, subscription code, and terms & conditions.

Hajj Data Roaming Offer Details

With your best data-roaming travel companion, you can remain in touch with your loved ones by activating this Ufone Hajj offer. The offer has three buckets with varied volumes so that everyone can easily subscribe to it according to his need. All three buckets are offered for 30 days with different data volumes and charges.

By subscribing to the prepaid data roaming offer for KSA, the pilgrims will get 5000 MB of data for their whole Hajj month for just Rs.2100/-. Also, there will be no WhatsApp blocking and this is the best-ever incentive given in this offer.

Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer details

The details of the Hajj offer are:

Bucket 1  Bucket 1
  • 5000 MBs of Data with no WhatsApp blocking
  • Dial *506#
  • Validity 30 Days

The details for the other two data roaming buckets are:

Bucket 2  Bucket 2
  • 2500 MBs of Data with no WhatsApp blocking
  • Dial *506#
  • Validity 30 Days
Bucket 3  Bucket 3
  • 1000 MBs of Data with no WhatsApp blocking
  • Dial *506#
  • Validity 30 Days

Offer Charges

  • This 5 GB Hajj data roaming offer is available to subscribe to at a consumer price of Rs.2100/-
  • Other buckets containing 2500 MBs and 1000 MBs are available at a consumer price of Rs.980/- and Rs.490/- respectively.

Subscription Code

  • Dial the USSD code *506# from anywhere in the world. A menu will appear from which you can easily subscribe to any bucket or offer.

Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer code

  • Dial Ufone Customer Helpline 333 (in Pakistan) to activate your data roaming bucket.
  • To activate the offer from outside Pakistan, dial Ufone IR Help Desk at +92-333-5100038 (outside Pakistan only). The standard charges for Ufone Voice outgoing roaming will apply.
  • One can subscribe to the offer by visiting the nearest Ufone franchise, Service Centre, or OSS (PTCL Joint Shop).
  • Online activation of the three buckets is also available at Ufone’s official site. Subscription via the site requires a confirmation SMS from the customer. This SMS sending is free from Pakistan, but Standard SMS roaming charges will apply outside Pakistan. (Click on the picture for online subscription)

Ufone Hajj Data Roaming Offer online activation

Status Inquiry

  • Dial *706# to get the details of your remaining data MBs.
  • One can also track real-time usage of MBs by “My Ufone App”.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Hajj offer is a limited-time offer.
  • The offer is valid for Ufone prepaid customers only. 
  • All prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes.
  • After consuming the given data MBs and the expiry of the IR data bucket, the data roaming will be shifted to the standard rates.
  • This is an IR data bundle and cannot be auto-renewed. So, one has to redial the code for activation.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the IR data buckets are allowed. Also, the volume will be accumulated plus the validity will be set as per the last subscribed bundle.
  • If a customer unsubscribes this data roaming bundle, he or she can still use the volume offered till the expiry.
  • Only use Biometric verified SIMs – PTA.


The offer is specifically designed for Hajis for the Holy month of Hajj. This is a limited-time offer, so grab it if you are going to perform a pilgrimage. The offer is available at a very reasonable price, including taxes, but we will suggest that you recharge your sim with more than the required amount for any withholding charges.

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