Ufone Weekly Snackvideo Offer (Updated 2024) – Weekly Snackvideo Package Code, Charges, and Details 

Are you the one who is always searching for the latest trends and viral videos? Then, imagine having ample SnackVideo data in your hand for a full week in a very reasonable amount. Your SnackVideo adventure is about to get to a whole new height with Ufone’s latest offer!

In today’s fast and busy world, platforms like SnackVideo have taken center stage to entertain people. From funny skits to informative clips, SnackVideo is where creativity meets fun. Recognizing the popularity of this platform, Ufone, has introduced the Ufone Weekly SnackVideo Offer. In this article, we will uncover all the juicy details about this offer, including its activation code, affordability, and offered data resources.

Being a reliable name in Pakistan’s telecom industry, Ufone has dedicatedly offered amazing Ufone internet packages to keep you connected effortlessly. Whether it’s calls, texts, or data, Ufone ensures you have access to seamless communication. With this Weekly Snackvideo Package, they have taken a step further to fulfill your digital entertainment cravings.

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Weekly Snackvideo Package Details

Get ready to uncover the amazing details of the SnackVideo Offer. This package is actually your gateway to a week filled with SnackVideo fun, and here are the details of everything you need to know:

Ufone Weekly Snackvideo Offer resources

4 GB of SnackVideo Data: This weekly package brings you a generous 4 GB of data dedicated exclusively to SnackVideo. This means watching, liking, sharing, and exploring endless videos without worrying about ending your regular data balance. It is a golden ticket to make you a SnackVideo sensation.

The details of the offer are:

Weekly SnackVideo Offer Weekly SnackVideo Offer
  • 4 GB Data for Snackvideo only
  • Dial *265#
  • Validity 7 Days

Data Usage Flexibility: The 4 GB of data you receive with this offer is exclusively for SnackVideo, so you can enjoy the platform without impacting your regular data balance. 

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Affordable Pricing 

Priced at just Rs.70/-, this package is incredibly affordable, considering the impressive data allowance it offers. Ufone has ensured that SnackVideo lovers can dive into their favorite content without breaking the bank. It is a treat for both of you – your wallet and your entertainment needs.

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Activation Code

Activating the Weekly SnackVideo Bundle is very easy. Simply dial the Ufone SnackVideo Package Code *265# from your Ufone number, and within moments, you’ll have 4 GB of SnackVideo data at your fingertips. 

Ufone Weekly Snackvideo Offer code

You can also search for the offer’s name and enter the sim number to activate the offer on the official site.

Ufone Weekly Snackvideo Offer online activation

Moreover, if you can’t remember your sim number, then dial the Ufone number check code to access your sim number easily.


Once you activate this offer, you get a full week of SnackVideo entertainment. From viral challenges to heartwarming stories, you have seven days to treat yourself in the SnackVideo world. 

Status Check Code

In order to keep track of your data usage, dial the Ufone status-checking code *706# and keep your advantage going.

Terms and Conditions

As with any package, there are some terms and conditions associated. 

  • This offer is exclusively available for Ufone Prepaid Customers.
  • Please note that this product is not auto-recursive. You’ll need to subscribe again if you wish to continue enjoying the offer.
  • Once your data bucket expires, additional usage will be charged based on your default mobile package rates.
  • All prices mentioned in the article are inclusive of taxes.
  • To keep track of your remaining resources in the bucket, dial *706# from your Ufone number.
  • Subscribers to this bucket will experience the maximum available speed for their data. However, actual internet speed may vary due to factors like location, time, device, web pages accessed, and the number of subscribers sharing the network.
  • In case you have consumed all of the offered data volume, your internet connection will remain active and be charged at the default tariff of Rs.2.75 + Tax per MB. This rate is applicable with a charging pulse of 512 kBs. Additionally, for every 25 MBs used, you’ll receive 150 MBs free until midnight.
  • If you subscribe to multiple packages and offers, each subscription will have its own charging priority. For specific details about the charging preference of your chosen offer, please reach out to Ufone customer care at 333 or email them at [email protected].


Until now, we have provided you with all the delicious details to make you ready to enjoy your SnackVideo adventure. So, activate it to explore trending videos, and become a part of the SnackVideo community.

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