Ufone Weekly YouTube Package Code, Details, and Charges (Updated 2024)

Are you a YouTube fan who is always in search of the latest videos and trends? 

Ufone always has something exciting just for you. So, get ready this time to explore the Ufone Weekly YouTube Package, to enjoy unlimited YouTube at an incredibly affordable rate. 

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re watching educational content, following your favorite vloggers, or simply enjoying some entertainment, YouTube keeps you connected and engaged. Obviously, for that, you need a data bundle providing you with Unlimited MBs to enjoy without any limitations. 

Recognizing the need for this, Ufone has introduced a Weekly YouTube Package, which is designed to fulfill your YouTube cravings. Other packages that you can subscribe to in order to avail of your favorite video streaming apps include: Ufone Weekly Internet Plus and Ufone Weekly Digital Offer.

In this article, we will get into the details of this offer, its resources, charges, validity, code, and other terms & conditions.

Weekly YouTube Package

Are you ready to dive into the minor but important details of the Weekly YouTube Offer? 

This pocket-friendly offering is tailored for the average person who loves to explore the world of YouTube without worrying about data limits. We have compiled a list of everything you need to know. 

Ufone Weekly YouTube Package resources

The details of the offer are:

Weekly YouTube Offer Weekly YouTube Offer
  • 5 GB Data for YouTube
  • Dial *5883#
  • Validity 7 Days

Offer Details

With this weekly package, you will get a handsome amount of 5 GB of data dedicated exclusively to YouTube. This data is your gateway to endless hours of video streaming. Now you can enjoy your favorite music, tutorials, vlogs, or any other type of content. 

Affordable Charges

This bundle comes at an affordable price of just Rs.120 for a duration of 7 days. Hence, it is proved that this package offers affordability and value for money. 

Dial the Ufone balance check code to check your sim recharge prior to activating any package.

Activation Code

Activating the Ufone Weekly Package is very easy. You just need to dial the Ufone Weekly Video YouTube Package code *5883# from your Ufone number, and you are all set to enjoy your week. Dial the Ufone number check code to check your sim number in case you forgot it. 

Ufone Weekly YouTube Package code

Exclusive YouTube

One of the standout features of this package is that it’s exclusively for YouTube. This means that the 5 GB of data you get can only be used for streaming and enjoying content on YouTube. 

You can also subscribe to the Ufone Threads Offer, Ufone WhatsApp Offer, Ufone Snapchat Offer, or Ufone Instagram Offer to enjoy your favorite social app along with YouTube.


For your full control, this package comes with a non-auto-renewal feature, so you may have full control over usage. If you wish to continue enjoying YouTube without interruption, you need to dial the code manually.

Checking Remaining Data

To keep track of your remaining YouTube data, simply dial the Ufone remaining MBs checking code *706# from your Ufone number. This code allows you to check your data usage.

Terms and Conditions 

  • This package is available for prepaid customers, and all taxes will apply.
  • There must be more balance than the required amount of Rs.120/- for activation. 
  • The package doesn’t auto-renew. So, you need to dial the code again to re-subscribe to it.

Weekly Video Offer 

Are you an enthusiast of video content, from YouTube to TikTok and SnackVideo? 

Then, this Ufone Weekly Video Package offers a fantastic combination of data, call minutes, and SMS for a delightful experience. 

Ufone Weekly YouTube Package - weekly video offer

Let’s get into the details of this package.

Weekly Video Offer Weekly Video Offer
  • 6 GB Data for YouTube, SnackVideo, & TikTok
  • 200 U-U & PTCL Minutes
  • 25 Off-Net Minutes
  • 200 SMS
  • Dial *4383#
  • Validity 7 Days

Offer Resources

This offer is all about enjoying video streaming apps. With 6 GB of data, you can engage yourself in endless hours of video streaming on YouTube, TikTok, or SnackVideo.

Abundant Ufone and PTCL Minutes

Listening to your loved ones’ voices and staying connected with them is easy with this package. You get 200 Ufone and PTCL minutes in this offer to chat and make plans without worrying about running out of call time.

All Network SMS

With 200 SMS included in this package, you can keep the conversation going through text messages as well. Whether you are sending quick updates or staying in touch with friends and family, these SMS keep you connected and informed.

Off-Net Minutes

This package ensures you stay connected with your loved ones who are using other telecom networks as it contains 25 off-net minutes.

Package Charges

This package is very affordable as it offers data, call minutes, and SMS for just Rs.180/-.

Activation Code

For activation, dial the Ufone Weekly Video offer code *4383# from your Ufone number, and you will be ready to enjoy this weekly offer.

Ufone Weekly YouTube Package - weekly video offer code

Dial the Ufone balance save code to save the sim balance from cutting while using the internet.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is available for all prepaid Ufone customers
  • To activate the package, make sure you have a balance of more than Rs.150/- 

In case you run short of balance, then request for Ufone advance balance.


We have covered these packages to help our readers subscribe to the best offer that suits their needs. Clearly seen from the above details, both of these packages are a combination of affordability and resources. So, without any tension, just recharge your account and enjoy the best offers offered by the operator. 

If you are interested in deactivating any Ufone package, then check for the code to deactivate All Ufone Packages.


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