WhatsApp Blue Text: How to Write Blue Text in WhatsApp

Every one of us uses WhatsApp, but have you ever used WhatsApp Blue Text? I am going to teach you how to write blue text in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a social instant messaging application that lets people interact with their friends and families. By default, there is only black text available to send and receive messages in WhatsApp. But sometimes, we want to use different colours and fonts for a change. If you also think about it sometimes, then let’s do it. Today, I will share two discrete methods to write blue text in WhatsApp. Although the latest version of WhatsApp allows you to write text in Bold and Italics but in Black colour only.

WhatsApp messaging application is used all over the world by millions of users but using the same text color and font sometimes gets boring. Although WhatsApp has several intriguing features such as stickers, GIFs and emoji. But it does not hurt to send and receive messages in colourful texts.

If you are interested in trying new colours for your text in WhatsApp, then I got news for you. There are some third-party apps available in the Play Store that let you change your text to other colours such as Blue. Let’s discuss the methods to try it out.

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How To Write WhatsApp Blue Text?

We are going to discuss two different methods to write WhatsApp text in Blue text. Let’s discuss these methods one by one:

Write WhatsApp Blue Text Through Text Font Converter App

if you want to write WhatsApp blue text through The text-converting app, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Play Store on your phone and download the application Blue Text Keyboard.

download Blue Text Keyboard

  • Open this app and then write the text whose color you want to change.

write the text

  • After writing the text, tap on it. A new window will open, tap on Copy.

tap on Copy

  • After copying, paste it into the WhatsApp chat and press send.

paste it into WhatsApp chat and send

Write WhatsApp Blue By Changing Keyboard

If you want to write WhatsApp messages in colorful text by changing the keyboard, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Play Store on your smartphone and download the app Blue Text Keyboard.

download Blue Text Keyboard

  • Open the Blue Text Keyboard app and then tap on the keyboard icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the option to Enable Keyboard.

Tap on Enable Keyboard

  • After that, select the Blue Text Keyboard.

select the Blue Text Keyboard

  • After that, open WhatsApp, open a chat and change the keyboard.

change the keyboard

  • Now type your message and press Send.

Type message and press Send

How To Change The Color Of WhatsApp Status Text?

If you want to change the color of the text of your WhatsApp status, then you can follow the same methods given above. You can use either the Blue Keyboard app or the Font Converter app to write your WhatsApp status in blue text. The only difference is that instead of going to WhatsApp chat, you will go to WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp app provides you with the choice of changing the colour of the background when posting a status. When you convert your text into Blue using the app, do not forget to change the colour of the background before posting.

Another Hack To Change The WhatsApp Text Color

Do you want to know another hack to change the color of the text in your WhatsApp messages? I am going to share an amazing hack that does not require you to install any application.

  • To use this hack, go to flag emoji in your WhatsApp chat.
  • Type the emoji whose first letter is the letter you want to use in your message.
  • After that, hit backspace, and you will see the flag emoji is converted to the blue bold letter.
  • Use this method to write all the letters of your text.


In this article, I provided you with two methods that you can use to change the colour of your text in WhatsApp chats from black to blue. You can use any method that you like and send messages to your friends and families in funky blue font.


How to change the colour of your text in WhatsApp?

You can change the colour of your text in the WhatsApp application, you can use other apps such as Font Converter apps and Colorful Keyboard apps.

How do you write fancy text on WhatsApp?

  • Open a chat in the WhatsApp application and type your text.
  • Now tap and hold the text to select it.
  • After selecting the text, tap on the three vertical dots.
  • Select the font that you want to use from the list of available options: italic, bold, monospaced and strike-through.
  • When selected, the font of your text will change automatically.

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