Zong 1 Day Call Package (Updated 2024) – Zong 1 Day Call Package Code, Charges, and Details

One-day packages are always a source of quick connection, whether you subscribe to the Zong One Day Internet Package or the Zong 1 Day Call Package. 

If you are here reading this, then you must be looking for an affordable and convenient one-day call package from Zong. Whether you want to catch up with your friends or family, Zong has got you covered with this package.

In this article, we will check into the details of the Zong to Zong Call Package including the Zong 1 Day Call Package code, charges, and all the resources it is offering to its subscribers. 

Zong 1 Day Call Package

With the Zong Daily Voice Offer, you can make unlimited calls without worrying about excessive charges. 

For just Rs.5/- including tax, you can enjoy 20 Zong minutes to catch up with friends, family, or colleagues without any restrictions.

Zong 1 Day Call Package code

You can have a quick chat during your lunch break or a conversation before bedtime with this 24-hour call package. Plus, the activation process is also very easy. 

The details of the Zong call package are:

Zong 1 Day Call Package Zong 1 Day Call Package
  • 20 Zong Minutes
  • Dial *45#
  • Validity 1 Day

Offer Charges

  • The Zong Daily Voice Offer comes at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs.5/- including tax which makes it accessible to everyone.

Zong 1 Day Call Package Code

  • You can activate the daily call package by simply dialing the Zong 1 Day Call Package Code *45# from your Zong prepaid number. You will be subscribed to the package instantly.
  • Moreover, you can also activate this bundle via the official Zong website where you need to enter your prepaid number.

And if you don’t remember your number, then you can get it via the Zong number check code.


  • As the name suggests, the Daily Voice bundle is available for a validity of one day. You can enjoy the Zong to Zong call package till 23:59:59 PM midnight on the same day of subscription.


  • This offer is available to all Zong prepaid customers whether they are a frequent caller or the occasional one.

How to Check Zong Remaining Minutes


This is one of the best calling packages by Zong that customers can enjoy daily for just Rs.5/-. Just pick up your phone, check Zong balance, and activate the bundle.

You can also get the details regarding the Zong Device Packages if you want it for you.

Is the offer Auto-recursive?

No, the Zong Daily Call Package is not auto-recursive, so it will not automatically renew after its validity expires. You have to redial the activation code if you wish to continue it.

Can the offer be subscribed more than once in a day?

No, the bundle can only be subscribed to once in a day.

Who can subscribe to the offer?

The Daily Voice Offer is available to nationwide prepaid GSM customers of Zong. 

Does the offer include call Set-up charges?

No, there are no call set-up charges associated with the Daily Voice Offer. It means when you make calls using this package, you'll only be charged the standard rate for the duration of your call without any additional fees for call set-up.

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