Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer (Updated 2024) – 2 Hour Non Stop Offer Code, Details, and Charges


                                         انجوائے کرو نان سٹاپ کالنگ، نان سٹاپ فن، زونگ 2 آورز نان سٹاپ آفر کے ساتھ

Zong is the fastest 4G network in Pakistan that gives one of the amazing internet offers among all operators. The operator has a history of giving free call-forwarding and Google Maps services plus fantastic social and regional offers.

Continuing its history, it has introduced us to this wonderful and useful (as well) offer i.e., 2 Hour Non Stop Offer, that is non-stop in its offered volume plus unlimited calling incentives. Its activation makes you eligible to make unlimited calls to all Zong numbers and to utilize offered internet MBs. 

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer app activation

At PakTarrif you will get all the important details that you may require for your favorite daily, weekly, and monthly bundle’s activation.  

As far as this offer is concerned, it is a non-recursive one and awarded for 120 minutes. No extra cuttings and no reactivation until further subscription.

                                                               HAI NA MAZZY KI OFFER?

In this article, we have covered all the details regarding this 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer – its validity, recharge required, activation/deactivation codes, and terms & conditions.

2 Hour Non Stop Offer Details

With this 2-Hour Non-Stop offer, the subscribers will get the freedom to make unlimited calls to all Zong numbers plus they will enjoy the fastest 1GB Data for any 2 hours of your choice.

Well, you will get all these said incentives at a consumer price of Rs.14/- only

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer details

Now you can do unlimited downloading and calling without any break for the next 120 minutes.

The details of the offer are:

2 Hour Non Stop 2 Hour Non Stop
  • 1 GB of Data
  • Unlimited Zong Calls
  • Dial *3000#
  • Validity 2 Hours

Offer Charges

  • This is a very cheap offer as it is available for 2 hours for just Rs.14/- only. 

Activation Code

  • Dial *3000# or *5555# to activate this 2-hour offer.

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer activation code

  • Send “SUB SSB” to 744 to activate the offer.

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer activation

  • The offer is also available in Rs.10 shop on My Zong App.
  • To activate it via the site, search for the offer’s name and enter the number for which activation is required.

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer online activation

Status Code

  • Dial *102# to get the details of the remaining MBs @ Rs.0.10+tax per inquiry.
  • Download My Zong App to track the real-time utility of the offer.

Deactivation Code

  • Send “UNSUB SSB” to 744 for offer deactivation.

Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer deactivation code

  • You can deactivate the offer via My Zong app.


  • This offer is available for all Zong 4G prepaid customers.
  • The offer is a non-recursive one i.e., it is not automatically activated on expiry.
  • There will be no balance refund, if you deactivate the bundle.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the offer are allowed, and the resources will be overwritten.
  • There will be call setup charges of Rs.0.15/- during this offer.

Terms & Conditions

If applicable, then the company will charge the following below-mentioned percentages:

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% will apply on every recharge.
  • If applicable then, an FED of 19.5% will apply to usage.
  • If applicable, a Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% will apply to use (if applicable).


This is a good–to–go offer for those who direly need data for 1-2 hours. By subscribing to this offer, it is not required to activate any other expensive daily or weekly package. We have mentioned all the necessary details for this 2-hour offer. So, recharge your account balance with more than Rs.14/- for any withholding taxes, and enjoy free calls and internet MBs.

But if you need weekly bundles, then these below-mentioned bundles will do the favor for you.

Will this bundle be renewed automatically?

No, you have to subscribe to it again after the expiry.

How many free minutes are available in this offer?

The offer is valid for 120 minutes only from the time of subscription.

Are there any call setup charges?

Yes, the call set-up charges of Rs.0.15/- are applicable.

Can this bundle be subscribed again on the same day?

Yes, it can be resubscribed. If you already have a valid subscription to this 2 hours offer, then the existing incentives will be over-written on the new subscription.

What happens if 1 GB mobile internet volume finishes before the bundle expiry?

If you have another valid internet package activated, then that package will be used. But if you don’t have any other package activated, then the out-of-bundle rate for the data will be applicable, i.e., Rs.1+tax/MB until the expiry of this 2 hours non-stop offer.





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