Zong Advance Balance Code 2023 – How to Get Zong Advance Balance

Staying connected is the need of the day and having access to your mobile balance at any time is essential. 

Zong understands the value of unlimited and uninterrupted communication. That is why it has introduced a Zong Advance Balance code at the time of need. It is a lifeline for you in the moments when you need to make an important call or send an urgent message, and your balance is running low. 

In this article, we will dive into the ways and means of requesting Zong Advance to never run short of balance. You can also check your Zong remaining MBs to keep track of your data usage.

Advance Balance is more than just an emergency fund. It is a bridge that connects you to your loved ones and your professional commitments when you need it the most. It is your safety net that never leaves you stranded with broken communications.

How to Get Advance on Zong

There are certain ways using which you can request a loan or advance recharge on your sim. It’s just like opening up a door for you at times of need. Depending on the different requirements of the users, Zong has offered different ways of loan requesting.

Zong Advance Zong Advance
  • Get Loan of Rs.30/-
  • Dial *911#
  • Valid Until Utility

Note: If you want a one-time loan, then you need to go through the described processes one time.

Let’s discover those ways and means:

Through Code

You can get an advance balance on your Zong sim with a simple code. It serves as an efficient way of getting a loan without any hassle. 

Follow the steps below to have it:

  • On your prepaid Zong sim, dial the Zong Advance Balance Code *911#.
  • Then, wait for the service confirmation message that will assure you about your successful loan request.
  • You will have a Rs.30/- advance balance on your sim after the confirmation text. 

Zong Advance Balance Code

Now enjoy instant credit and rejoin your interrupted connections.

Zong has also given another amazing code, i.e., Zong balance save code to secure your balance while using data. Moreover, you can dial the Zong all packages unsubscribe code to save your balance.

Through SMS

If you are the one who loves sending texts, then meet your convenience by choosing the SMS method to get the Advance Loan. 

Follow these steps for using this service:

  • Open up the messaging app on your phone.
  • Send a blank SMS to 6911.
  • After an instant, you will receive an SMS from the operator rewarding you with the advance loan. 

Remember, it may incur some message-sending charges at times.

Through Zong App

If you are a technology lover, then the My Zong App will be a go-to solution for you. It provides you with a digital gateway to your Zong Advance Loan. 

Here is how to get your advance credit:

  • Download the “My Zong App” from the Google Play Store or App Store, if you have not it already.
  • Log in to the app using your credentials, such as your phone number and password. 
  • On the home screen of the app, go to the loan section in the top right corner. 
  • You will see something like “Get Loan” or “Get Rs.30”. Tap on it to initiate the process.

It is important to keep in mind that you can avail of the advance loan twice before your next successful recharge.

Charges and Repayment Details

At the time of repayment of the loan on the next recharge, Zong ensures ease for its customers. The operator incurs a charge of Rs.3.5+tax that will be deducted on the next recharge with the advance balance amount.

Zong Super Advance Loan

If you want a double loan, ‌then this Zong Super Advance Loan feature comes to your rescue. This feature provides you with instant credit that can be used for calls, SMS, or data MBs. This service offers you the opportunity to get an advance loan of Rs.60/- i.e. twice.  

Super Advance Super Advance
  • Get Double Loan of Rs.60/-
  • Dial *911# twice
  • Valid Until Utility

Eligibility For Requesting Double Advance 

The eligibility criteria for the Super Advance Loan are as follows:

  • High-Recharge Customer: If your monthly recharge amount in the last three months is greater than Rs.660/-, then you are eligible to get Rs.60/- loan. Each transaction will incur a fee of Rs.30/- per recharge.
  • Low-Recharge Customer: Even if your monthly recharge amount falls below Rs.660/-, you are eligible for a loan of Rs.30/-. It will cost you a transaction fee of Rs.15/- per recharge.

Each Zong customer can avail themselves of up to 2 Advance Loan transactions per recharge. Depending on your eligibility and preference, you can receive a loan amount of Rs.15/- or Rs.30/- per transaction. It is all about your needs.

How to Request a Double Loan

In order to get a double advance on your sim, you can go for the ways mentioned below:

Via Code

  • Dial Zong Advance Loan code *911# from your Zong sim.
  • After receiving the first loan balance, dial *911# again if you need a 2nd loan.

Zong Double Advance Balance Code

Through SMS

  • Send a blank SMS to 6911 to initiate the request for your first loan.
  • Once you have received the first loan, send another blank SMS to 6911 for your 2nd loan.

Via Zong App

  • Download the “My Zong App” and access the loan section on the home screen.
  • Tap the “Get Loan” button to request your first advance.
  • After receiving the first advance balance, tap the “Get Loan” button again for your 2nd advance balance.

Service Charges

For standard customers, the Advance Service Fee is Rs.4.5 + tax per Advance Loan transaction. For those who opt for the Super Advance Loan, the fee is Rs.8 + tax per transaction. 

If you have read our article for this long, then we also regard you. For this, we are sharing the Zong Free Internet codes for you.


We have outlined different ways of requesting an advance in your sim. Whether you choose the code, SMS, or app method, taking a loan on Zong is very easy. Plus, the double advance feature shows the network’s dedication to providing you with flexibility and options. 

So, get your deactivated sim back to enjoy amazing features and offers such as the Zong sim lagao offer.

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