Zong Advance Code (Updated 2024) – Zong Advance Balance Code – Zong Advance Lene Ka Tarika – Zong Advance Loan Code

Have you ever been in a situation of running low on balance on your Zong prepaid sim? 

Then Don’t worry!

Zong has got you covered with its convenient and timely solution of giving its customers the Zong Advance Code, so that they may not worry about any situation they are stuck in. Whether you find yourself in an emergency or just running out of balance, this article will help you to request an advance via different ways and means to fulfill your needs in time.

So, whenever you run short of balance, just bookmark this article for your convenience as in this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Zong Advance Balance Code, providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to avail yourself of this convenient loan service. 

How to Get Zong Advance Balance

So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the world of Zong Advance together.

Zong Advance Lene Ka Tarika

We know that you are interested in knowing the Zong Advance Lene Ka Tarika (زونگ اڈوانس لینے کا طریقہ), and we are here to guide you through every step of requesting a loan. Whether you need a quick balance or are interested in a Super Advance Loan, Zong has a solution for all of your needs. 

Let’s together explore the different codes and methods to make the most out of your prepaid connection with Zong.

Zong Advance Balance Code

When your balance is less than Rs. 20/-, just pick up your phone and dial the Zong Advance Balance Code to start the magic. 

Dial the Zong Advance Code *911# to receive an instant advance of Rs.15/-. It is a simple code that you can dial any time when your current balance is running low and you want to avail of amazing Zong Internet Packages. So, this code is your key to staying connected anytime, anywhere, without any worries.

Zong Advance Balance Code

Zong Super Advance Loan

But what will you do if you need a bit more than just a single advance balance? 

There are times when your need is not fulfilled with a single loan, such as when you want to subscribe to the Zong Weekly Azaadi Offer, Zong Weekly Unlimited Call Offer, and the Zong Super Weekly Max Offer.

In such a case, dial the Zong Advance Loan Code twice, as:

  • Dial *911# and you will get a loan of Rs.30/-
  • Dial the Zong Advance Balance code again to get a balance of Rs.30/- more, i.e. a total of Rs.60/- with Rs.30/- per transaction

But remember, you can avail of this Super Loan if you recharge in the last 3 months is more than Rs.660/-.

Zong Double Advance Balance Code

The best part? 

It’s not just for high-recharge customers. You can still enjoy a loan of Rs.30/- even if your monthly recharge is below Rs.660/- in the last 3 months. For this, you will dial the Zong Loan Code twice through which you will receive a balance of Rs.30/- at the rate of Rs.15/- per transaction.

Eligibility and Service Details

  • Customers with a monthly recharge of above Rs.660/- in the last 3 months qualify for the Super Advance loan of Rs.60/- only.
  • For customers with a monthly recharge of below Rs.660/-, a loan of Rs.30/- is still available.
  • Each Zong customer can avail of 2 Advance Loan transactions per recharge.
  • The loan amount per transaction is Rs.15/- for low recharge customers and Rs.30/- for high recharge customers.
  • The service fee is Rs.4.5+tax per Advance Loan transaction for standard customers and Rs.8+tax for super advance customers.

Price and Charges

We have also listed the breakdown of the charges upon recharge for availing of Zong Advance and Super Advance services. Understanding the cost of availing of the convenience is really important as it gives you a sense of comfort that you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

Single Standard Advance Loan:

  • Advance Loan Amount: Rs.15/-
  • Service Charges: Rs.4.5+ Tax

Two Standard Advance Loans:

  • Advance Loan Amount: Rs.30/-
  • Service Charges: Rs.9.0+ Tax

Single Super Advance Loan:

  • Advance Loan Amount: Rs.30/-
  • Service Charges: Rs.8+Tax

Two Super Advance Loans:

  • Advance Loan Amount: Rs.60/-
  • Service Charges: Rs.16+Tax

This information helps make informed decisions and manage your balance with ease.

Moreover, you can save your balance by dialing the Zong Balance Save Code while using the mobile data.

Different Ways to Get Your Advance Loan

There are some other ways other than this Zong Loan Code to get your Zong Advance Loan. You can choose the one that suits you the best. 

Here are the details of those multiple ways of requesting a loan:

  • Zong Advance Code: Dial *911# and get an instant advance of Rs.15/-.
  • Zong Advance Balance Via SMS: Send a blank SMS to 6911 for your first or second Advance Loan.
  • Via Zong App: If you are interested in knowing about how to get an Advance via Zong app then follow this easy steps guide.

Here is the guide:

  • Open the My Zong App.
  • Navigate to the Loan Section usually located on the top right corner of the home page. 
  • Tap the “Get Loan” button, and you’re good to go. 
  • And if you want another round of loan, then no problem. Just tap the button again after receiving the first Advance Loan balance.


Zong is all about making your life easier and we have covered the ways, means, and details related to the most demanding question: “How to request a Zong advance loan?”

With the service offered by the telecom operator, customers can enjoy up to 2 Advance Loan transactions per recharge. So now that you are well equipped with the knowledge of getting or requesting a Zong Advance, staying connected is no longer a challenge for you.

You can also dial the Zong Free Internet Codes to get free data on your prepaid sim.

What is the Advance Loan amount?

The Advance Loan amount varies based on customer type. For Standard value customers, it's a total of Rs.30/-, providing Rs.15/- per loan transaction. High-Value customers can avail a total of Rs.60/- with Rs.30/- per loan transaction. Customers are allowed a maximum of 2 advance loan transactions on a single recharge.

What are the service charges of the Advance Loan?

Service charges differ for Low-value and super-advance customers. Low-value existing customers will bear service charges of Rs. 4.5+ tax per loan transaction, while Super advance customers will face Rs.8 + tax per transaction.

How to take Super Advance Loans?

To avail of Super Advance Loans, customers need to have performed a recharge of Rs.660/- in the past 3 months. Additionally, they must separately activate both Advance Loans through any available channel (USSD, SMS, IVR, MZA, etc.).

What is the payback amount of Zong advance loan?

The minimum recharge for Normal Advance Loan customers, for loan amounts of Rs.15/- or Rs.30/-, will be Rs.50/-. Super Advance Loan customers' minimum recharge depends on their outstanding loan amount. If the outstanding loan amount is Rs.30/-, the minimum recharge required is Rs.50/-. If it's Rs.60/-, the minimum balance recharge needed is Rs.100/-.

Who can avail Advance Loan?

Advance Loan facilities are available exclusively for prepaid users. Whether you're a frequent user or an occasional one, Zong offers this service to everyone with a prepaid connection.

How can I get Zong advance code?

To get the Zong advance, dial the Zong loan code *911# from your Zong prepaid mobile. This quick and convenient code instantly provides you with an advance of Rs.15/- when your balance is below Rs.20/-.

How to get a loan from the My Zong app?

If you prefer the Zong all to get a loan, simply download the app, go to the loan section on the home screen, and tap the "Get Loan" button.

What is the code for Zong Advance?

The Zong advance code is *911#.

How to borrow a balance from Zong?

Dial *911# to get an instant advance of Rs.15/- when your balance is below Rs.20/-.

Can I get a second Advance Loan through SMS?

Yes, you can!  To request a second Advance Loan via SMS, simply send a blank SMS to 6911. If you've already received the first Advance Loan balance, send another blank SMS to 6911 to get a second advance.

How do I get a second Advance Loan through the My Zong App?

Using the My Zong App, you can easily get a second Advance Loan. Go to the loan section again from the home screen, tap the "Get Loan" button, and you're good to go for another loan.

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